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Ask Dr. Bunny. Letting life live you? Kathy Murphy, guest.

Kathy Murphy, life coach, writer, inspirational speaker, and owner of The Rising Tide, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss letting life live you, and what that actually means.  Kathy shares the story of how she came to realize that listening to her inner voice had much better results than trying to direct & control things – and it was such a beautiful unfolding!

Kathy tells us how she helps her clients call upon the ‘greater energy of the world’ to achieve their goals with ease and grace, instead of struggle and stress.

This is such a delightfully uplifting interview. Tune in and prepare to be inspired!

About Kathy Murphy:

Unfortunately, too many women leaders fail to recognize that for us to be an effective leader of others in our work and life, we must first be our most powerful self-leader.

I understand you have tried several types of self-help programs. You have tried meditation to help you find peace and deal with stress, worry, and anxiety. You have also found there is never enough time or energy to do all that your circumstances require, let alone get any time for yourself.

If this describes where you’re currently at, as a leader of your business, or business you work for, please know there is hope…

There is a way to do life differently, think different, see different and navigate with ease and grace. It is your true nature.

As an Energetic life coach, I am passionate about waking women up to new choices and possibilities that they already have inside. I love empowering women to overcome the greatest challenges that are preventing them from working so hard at work and home, to seeing a way for them to be a more powerful leader in their own lives and as a result leading their employees and family in a whole new way.

Over the past four years and a lifetime of being just like you, working hard, and doing it all, I have perfected a totally different way to help women stop managing thoughts, and recognize them for what they are. Your thoughts shape who you are. You can work hard at it to change them, or you can see for yourself how we create our life experiences and a better life you desire shows up immediately. When you realize who you really are, not who you think you are, you become your most powerful self-leader. Everyone you lead steps up and does the same for themselves by your leadership.

My name is Kathy Murphy and my desire is to provide you with an easy way to become your most powerful self-leader. I have a movement and business called The Rising Tide. I am a certified health/life/NLP coach, author, singer, songwriter, surfer, inspirational speaker, and mom. I have previous experience as a peace officer/firefighter/supervisor/manager/ and spent 9 years in a political position. I have survived and thrived through cancer, lyme disease, RA, loss of family, loss of job, divorce, and anxiety. It is my life’s purpose to help you to Rise and Thrive.

For those willing to see something new, there is hope. And the fact that you are reading this tells me there’s something inside of you telling you there’s more. Fortunately for you, there is. I would love to connect with you!

Find Kathy Murphy on LinkedIn: and Instagram:

Also visit her website:

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Freedom From Diabesity? Diane Achatz, guest.

Diane Achatz, Transformational Health & Life Coach, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss her unique approach to helping her clients with Diabetes. Diane shares her personal story of how she has been affected by Type 2 Diabetes, first with her family members, and then with herself. Once she was diagnosed, she began making small changes in her life that made a huge difference!

Diane tells us about her journey to becoming a health coach and the true joy she gets from helping others.

So, what is Diabesity?  If you are diabetic and overweight or obese, you suffer from Diabesity. Diane empowers people to find freedom from diabesity, with simple habit changes to help them lower blood glucose levels and improve their A1C.

This is a truly inspirational interview with a remarkable woman.  Don’t miss it!

About Diane Achatz:

After the diabetes diagnosis, I started to track everything I ate, and carefully monitored carbohydrates. I joined an online diet and healthy living community, attended diabetes education classes and learned everything I could about living with my conditions, and improving my health.

I stretched myself out of my comfort zone and signed up for Zumba classes and began a weight training program in addition to walking and using an elliptical trainer and vertical climber at home.

The important thing to remember is that you’re never too old to make the small, manageable lifestyle changes that bring you to your health and fitness goals.  If not now, when?

When I was able to improve my health to the point that my doctor actually told me he was proud of me, I knew I could help others improve too!

I believe whole, clean food and exercise is the best medicine!  In addition to keeping my blood sugar levels stable, regular exercise in the form of weight training and cardio helps me manage weight and Fibromyalgia.

It took a lot to convince me that exercise would help with Fibromyalgia symptoms.  It hurt to exercise and besides, I was always so tired!  Now I’m a believer!  I want to reach out to everyone suffering from excess weight, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and other health concerns and assure them that if I can do it, anyone can do it.

I especially love that helping transform others enables me to transform as well.  That synergy is a beautiful thing!

Special note from Diane:  I have a booking link listed, and anyone who would like to book a free strategy call can schedule at

Contact Diane Achatz Transformational Health & Life Coach, Renewed Vitality Health & Fitness Coaching at (484) 633-4319 or e-mail:
Also visit: | Skype: Diane Achatz

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Raising the bar to the next level? Rosandra Esquivel, guest.

Rosandra Esquivel, owner of The HR Firm, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss raising the bar & taking your career to the next level.  In addition to having a very successful business, Rosandra is currently studying to become an attorney.  She shares her reasons for wanting to become an attorney, and explains how it will help her current clients even more.

Rosandra tells us how “some day I’ll go to law school” finally became “today I’m going to law school”! She also shares how life has changed for her since she’s become a law student (in addition to continuing to run her full-time business).

Rosandra explains how Covid-19 has changed her HR business, how she manages to balance business and family during this unprecedented time, and what keeps her going forward.

This is an amazing story you don’t want to miss!

About The HR Firm:

We help you grow your business by keeping you compliant!

Many companies don’t recognize the vital role that Human Resources plays until a crisis occurs. They are not aware of the complexities, rules and compliance issues that arise  when employees are involved. The road may be paved with good intentions but many well-meaning employers are snared by regulations they are not aware of. Good intentions will not save you from the demanding and regulated environment in which we do business today. Having strong HR programs in place will.

Many companies also lack the necessary HR staff or experience required  to accomplish their goals. The HR Firm will provide you with the HR capabilities, experience and knowledge needed to achieve success for your business and your employees.

We look forward to working with you!

We are a full-service Human Resource company that provides small to mid-size businesses the opportunity to be compliant with State and Federal laws without having the cost associated with maintaining a full-time professional on staff.  Our team of seasoned HR professionals stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving Employment law world by attending national conferences, expanding their professional certifications and being involved in our community which translates to extensive hands-on experience.

Our mission is to support your company’s efforts to increase its productivity, contain costs, ensure compliance with government regulations and develop a strategy to reduce the risk and liability associated with managing your workforce.  Our services enable you to immediately address your needs and issues related to Human Resources through outsourcing.

We are not a temp agency, payroll provider or third party administrator. We are Human Resource experts who provide very real and effective advice, knowledge and tools to allow you to maximize your workforce to reach your goals. We stand ready to be of service.

What we do:

Our approach focuses on the key principles of Human Resources, which means we have solutions to just about any human resources related situation your company may encounter. Let us present a customized proposal of services geared to solve current challenges and head off future pitfalls. With over 15 years of experience, chances are we have – been there, done that, as well.

We help you …

  • Ensure Compliance
  • Develop Leadership
  • Contain Labor Cost
  • Retain Key Employees
  • Strategically Plan Your Business Future

Contact Rosandra Esquivel by (805) 816-8896 or e-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. Sound Healing? Pure Love Holistic Arts? Devon Sophia, guest.

Devon Sophia, artist, teacher, and holistic healing practitioner, joins Dr. Bunny for an incredibly fascinating conversation about sound healing, energy medicine, and Pure Love Holistic Arts.

Devon Sophia shares the story of her background, working in many different capacities as a teacher and tutor. She also explains that during difficult times in her own personal life, she found that energy work and sound healing were extremely helpful, and how she is now able to see students on a soul level.

Devon Sophia explains Chakra alignment, toning circles, having a Heaven-on-Earth connection, and what her goal is when working with her students.  We are also treated to some toning during this wonderful interview – such a special experience!

Tune in and prepare to be inspired!

About Devon Sophia:

Devon Sophia Delaney is a creative artist, teacher, and holistic healing practitioner. Devon Sophia is a nurturing, growing, ever evolving, and enriching educator. She is an intuitive receiver and messenger of divine feminine wisdom. A certified Reiki master, her healing practices also include vocal sound toning, meditation, affirmative prayer, and divination arts.  Devon holds a Master’s degree in Education which she combines with her healing modalities to create a powerful curriculum for Holistic Education.

Starseed Tutoring:

Starseed tutoring is offering an alternative to traditional tutoring by honoring the multi-dimensional holistic perspective of the whole child. The Starseed is any individual that feels a connection to the stars.  These may be Crystal Children, Indigos, Rainbow Children, and those with other connections to the stars.

Starseed tutoring honors the natural development of the child, including the physical brain development, as well as intuition, imagination, and inspiration.  By creating space to receive intuition, nurture creative imagination, and share inspiration in the natural world, children are more likely to easily live in alignment with their soul’s calling.  Integrating my awareness of this holistic perspective, as well as my wealth of experience teaching and learning from children in a myriad of educational environments from general to specialized to alterative forms of education, I am prepared to serve the highest and best good for your child and family.

Areas of Service in Starseed Tutoring: 

* K-5 Academic Teaching (reading, writing and math)

* Identifying Academic levels and core needs through Informal classroom-based assessments that will support the holistic development of the child on a soul level

* Share understanding and support of awakening intuition

* Bring inspiration from the natural world into the classroom

* Encourage the pure imagination and creativity of the child

* Collaborate with families on the best holistic learning plan for their Starseed child

* Foster magic, hope and love, and stories of happily ever after

Find Devon Sophia on Facebook:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. Innovative senior living? Linda Ankney, guest.

Linda Ankney, Community Relations Specialist at The Artesian of Ojai, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss innovative senior living.  She tells us what inspired the creation of the Artesian of Ojai, and what truly sets it apart from the “big box” senior communities.

Linda explains how the caregivers at The Artesian, (or guides, as they are called), guide the elders through the day with whatever help they may need.  The guides also stay with the house so that they can really build relationships, know their lives and stories.

Being a Community Relations Specialist at The Artesian has been Linda’s dream job!  So much care and love has been put into creating this beautiful community and it is easy to see why Linda loves working there.

Tune in to learn more about what makes The Artesian of Ojai so special!

About the Artesian of Ojai:

Assisted Living… Memory Support… Just Like Home…

Welcome to The Artesian of Ojai, a new concept in senior living apartments in Ojai, CA. We named our senior living community The Artesian because of Ojai’s long relationship with health-enhancing water. Committed to the wellbeing of our residents, we offer a variety of activities to promote the physical, social, spiritual, creative, and intellectual wellness of every resident. Around-the-clock staffing is available to cater to each resident’s needs. Whether you need companionship, a nutritious snack, or medical care, you are never very far from a helping pair of hands. Our carefully cultivated caregiver-resident relationships are based on trust and integrity. Check out our spacious floor plans to get a glimpse of our studio and one-bedroom apartments that are designed to feel just like home. Best of all, our all-inclusive rate structure keeps our senior living costs as low as possible.

The Artesian of Ojai was created to meet the demands of today’s active and engaged seniors. Our community includes four Spanish colonial homes surrounding a therapeutic pool with outdoor gathering areas, sustainably landscaped gardens, state-of-the-art technology and a Wellness Center. Residents stay physically and mentally active with fitness classes, nature walks in the Ojai Preserve, music therapy, art classes, and organized social events of every kind. Personalized service from our experienced, caring staff enhances independence while nurturing purposeful living. Our highly trained caregivers assist with everything from personal grooming and bathing to engagement in an activity, meal preparation, and the administration of medication. You’ll never have to worry about lifting a finger again for laundry, housekeeping, or yard maintenance at the Artesian of Ojai!

Contact Linda Ankney at The Artesian of Ojai at 805-798-9305, or e-mail:

Also visit:

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or e-mail:
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SNAP! Unhypnotizing Hypnotherapy. Attention? Intention? Get a handle on your thoughts!

Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, founder of the International Hypnosis Federation, joins Dr. Bunny at HypnoThoughts Live 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada, to discuss attention, intention, hypnosis, and so much more!

Due to Covid-19, HypnoThoughts Live was a bit different this year, but both Dr. Bunny and Shelley enjoyed it immensely. Shelley tells us why she feels like she’s with her best friends when she’s at HypnoThoughts Live.

Shelley also shares her tips on how to wade thru all the data that is being pushed at us right now.  She says we need to not only pay attention, we also need to have intention.  Shelley explains exactly what that means, and how to get a handle on your thoughts.

Join us for an informative, uplifting, and fun interview!

About the International Hypnosis Federation:

Since 1994, the IHF has promoted acceptance of the diverse inter-discipline use of hypnosis with a broad range of applications. We are unique among organizations because our members and those interested in self-improvement and mind mastery often choose additionally specialty recognition and join our various related hypnosis divisions: integrative and stand-alone medical and dental work, mindfulness, neuro-linguistics (NLP}, coaching, guided imagery, motivation, conflict resolution, art therapy, spiritual counseling, entertainment and research. We offer referrals, professional certification training, workshops, conferences and networking opportunities for practitioners and the public. We encourage interaction with other disciplines, clinicians and researchers who use hypnosis in their work.


Your professional hypnotist evokes a natural mind state where you easily take on beneficial suggestions and ideas and do away with limiting or hurtful attitudes and behaviors.

With hypnosis and self-hypnosis, you’re motivated to achieve worthwhile results, make contact with your wisest self and tap your full potentials and talents.

Researchers prove again and again that hypnosis benefits people mentally, emotionally, energetically, physically and neurologically. (For a comprehensive fifty-page document of scientific studies call 310-541-4844 or email your request to:


To select a qualified hypnosis practitioner take heed: A professional hypnotist, hypnotherapist, hypno-coach, hypno-counselor and wellness provider has training and experience in hypnosis to help you achieve your specific goals and interests.

Just because someone is licensed or credentialed in another discipline (I.e. medicine, therapy, dentistry, psychology, mindfulness, social work, or nursing) does not mean they have studied hypnosis or are capable of using it as an adjunct to their other work. Only a small percentage of licensed helpers take time to be certified in hypnosis

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypno-Counseling and Hypnosis-Coaching are stand-alone certified professions. Professional Hypnotists generally have hundreds of hours of training in hypnosis.

To reduce confusion ask yourself, “Does this practitioner have the expertise in hypnosis to help me reach my goals?” And “Is there a sense of rapport with them?”

Members of the International Hypnosis Federation adhere to a fine code of ethics (available for your review at and regulations of their places of practice. If you have further questions regarding whom to consult for your well-being, feel free to call IHF at 310 541-4844.

Contact Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas at 310-541-4844 or e-mail:
Also visit:

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or e-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. Life Stories? Bill Frank, guest.

Bill Frank joins Dr. Bunny to discuss a very special project he is doing called the Life Story Program, at Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice.

Being on hospice care means that a person generally has six months, or less, to live.  These patients have a lifetime of stories to share, and those stories are incredibly important to their families, friends, and future generations, so Bill works with hospice patients to write their life stories for posterity.

Bill takes us through the process that he uses to capture these stories, and tells us about some interesting patients he has spoken with. He also shares info about the “5 Wishes worksheet” that Livingston Memorial has available, which is very helpful to people who are on hospice, as well as those who are not, and how it can add so much value to people’s lives.

Ventura County Museum of History is always looking for life stories, so life stories can be donated to their audio collection, if the person so desires.  This is wonderful for future generations to learn more about what life was like during a certain time period – the Depression, 9/11, Covid, etc.  It truly enhances the fabric of our county to have these kinds of personal stories from the people who lived here, as well as a very special gift for someone’s family.

Tune in for a wonderful interview, full of great information!

Learn more about the Life Stories on the Livingston Memorial website:

Contact Bill Frank by e-mail at

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or e-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. Lessons From The Len Master? Ron Zayas, guest.

Ron Zayas, author and co-founder of the Orange County-based 360 Business Group, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss his new book, Lessons From The Len Master.

Ron tells us about the inspiration to write this wonderful book, and how his father’s wisdom has been so influential in his life and business.

The book, geared toward adults who are in the beginning or middle stages of their business careers, offers insightful and humorous life lessons to promote personal and professional business development.

In Lessons From the Len Master Ron wraps sage advice from his Cuban father in short, funny stories that anyone can relate to. The book is ideal for CEOs, marketers, salespersons or anyone looking to expand their career options and increase their personal success.

360BC Group, launched by Zayas as 360 Business Consulting in 2004, has evolved into a family of companies serving Fortune 500, startup and civic organizations. The company has created websites and significant technology for major municipalities, counties and state entities, along with some of the largest global companies and organizations.

Zayas continues to serve as the company’s CEO, while also sharing his entrepreneurial experience through seminars, speaking engagements and business consultations.

“I’ve been delighted by the response to the book thus far, especially from women and minorities who have told me how it has helped them advance in their careers and successfully negotiate for a raise or promotion they have always deserved but never received,” Zayas said.

Tune in and learn why Ron feels that life is like a chess game – and so much more!

A great interview, full of inspiration & wisdom!

About Ron Zayas:

With more than 25 years experience in starting and managing businesses, Ron brings his humor, unique approach to ethical business practices and hands-on experience to helping people manage, negotiate, lead and be better. His popular seminars offer a full range of presentations on such topics as increasing sales, effective negotiation, and making franchises more successful. If you would like to see how Ron could help you or your organization, visit one of these pages:

Strengthen Your Inbox / View Our Seminars / Buy a Book

Contact Ron Zayas at

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. Enjoying life during this crazy time? Bill Michalek, guest

Bill Michalek, owner of Byte Candy Engineering, joins Dr. Bunny for a fun discussion about loving life and carving out special moments, even during this crazy time in the world.

Dr. Bunny and her husband, Greg, met Bill while having lunch at a restaurant in Camarillo, CA.  What struck Dr. Bunny right away was the fact that Bill seemed to be enjoying the moment he was in while dining alone.  She noticed him savoring his meal with a glass of wine, singing to the music that was playing, and truly seizing a moment in time.  During this Covid-19 pandemic, it can be hard to find joy and focus on the positive things in life, but Bill shares his perspective on why it is so important to do so.

Tune in for a positive and uplifting interview that will leave you focusing on the beauty in life – something we can all benefit from!  Thanks, Bill!!

About Byte Candy Engineering:

Software – Systems – Project Engineering

> Defense And Commercial
> Real-Time Embedded Control Experts
> Data Acquisition,Reduction and Analysis Experts
> Windows – Linux – VxWorks – Green Hill
> Experienced working in CMMI L3 Environment
> Experienced in DO178B Avionics Development

Data Analysis

Extensive experience in data acquisition, reduction and analysis systems and software, particularly in the RF world. Jammers, cancellers, telemetry to name a few.

Real Time Systems

Embedded Control, real-time, hard deadline software. rugged and reliable. Worked on the CIED in this armored hummer.

Project Engineering

Expert at spec’ing, scoping, scheduling, driving and budgeting small, medium and large programs.

Contact Bill Michalek at:

  • Address : 1824 Golden Oak St, Newbury Park, CA, 91320, United States
  • Office Phone Number : (805) 377-1913
  • Email

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. Lower mortgage rate AND pay off debt – without increasing monthly payment? Marianne Caprino, guest

Marianne Caprino, Mortgage Loan Originator at The Money Store, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss valuable info on current loan rates, and so much more!

Marianne explains why now is a great time to check into refinancing.  She has helped many clients not only refinance and lower their mortgage rates, but also pay off their debt at the same time – without causing them to spend any more on their monthly mortgage payment!

There are benefits to getting a loan with The Money Store and Marianne tells us how it differs from a getting a loan from a bank.

Marianne is passionate about helping people, and it is very clear how much she loves what she does.

This interview is full of excellent info that may help you save thousands of dollars!  Don’t miss it!

About The Money Store:

MLD Mortgage Inc., dba  The Money Store ® is a Full Service Mortgage Banker headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey, and is licensed in 48 states across the country.

Our focus is to provide highly competitive, responsible mortgage loans to everyday homeowners. For over 40 years, The Money Store® name has been synonymous with mortgage lending and meeting the home-financing needs of homeowners with low rates and exceptional customer service. As a Full Service Mortgage Banker, we can offer a wider range of mortgage programs to suit almost every borrower’s situation.

While the majority of lenders use technology in place of customer service, our philosophy is to use technology to support our staff, ultimately improving the customer experience. This is one of the many reasons why customers, Real Estate Agents and homebuilders in communities throughout America are making The Money Store their lender of choice!

Contact Marianne Caprino, Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS #1829876:

MLD Mortgage Inc. dba The Money Store®
NMLS #1019
500 E. Esplanade Drive, Suite 104
Oxnard, CA 93036
Branch NMLS #1834006
Direct: (805) 246-7519
Mobile: 805-340-6659
Fax: (805) 475 7631

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:
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