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Ask Dr. Bunny. Thought Shift? Denise Bean-White, guest.

Denise Bean-White, CEO and President of Consortium Media Services, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss thought shift and so much more!

Denise shares what she and her company are doing with thought shift, which is an outgrowth of Consortium Media.  Consortium Media is a balanced media plan company so they have lots of different ways to touch the marketplace. If you have a corporation or business that wants to know how to take the step to re-enter into this new time – whether it’s post-Covid, or just going forward in a unique and different way, right now is a great time to re-think where you’re going with your business. Consortium Media is about doing that effectively.

Denise tells us about thought shift and how a special addition she adds, called cultural brand strategy, can help your business step forward and reach people during this unique and unprecedented time.

Denise also shares a very special story about working with a large foster family agency 16 years ago that taught her so much, and truly touched her heart.

Tune in for a very informative, uplifting & interesting interview!

About Denise Bean-White:

As the company founder and leader, Denise’s innovative cultural brand work has successfully helped local, regional, national and international brands resonate with all generations by developing consistent messaging that reaches today’s complex and multifaceted consumers.

The secret to her forward-thinking brand strategy work is her unparalleled passion for ancient cultures. As the company founder and leader, her Thoughtshift cultural brand work has successfully helped local, regional, national and international brands by developing innovative marketing strategies that resonate with all generations

With more than 35 years of experience in newspaper, radio, network television and brand strategy background, her unique perspective provides an in-depth creation of messaging and brand personalities that build and communicate corporate identities, while utilizing trend analysis and her 5 Pillars of Marketing Success to deliver cost-effective results.

The corporate philosophy of Consortium Media is to do well in the world by doing good works, and Denise’s passion to spark change inspired her to develop a deepened focus in social change and behavior shift work in children’s issues - including foster family recruitment, children trafficking, tobacco prevention programs, and developing mentoring programs for youth in need. Denise helped pioneer positive changes in language use and perception of foster care as it transitions to resource parenting. She has been innovative in helping change the thought process around foster care and adoption, debunking myths and misunderstandings about becoming a resource for youth.

As a certified Women-Owned Small Business (WSBA), Consortium Media has the dedication and experience needed for local and government contracts. Denise has sewn the fabric of CM’s culture to be woven with a deep commitment to helping non-profits and youth, bringing light and information to the public around social change. She donates countless professional service hours to raise awareness for causes that speak to her heart, with a specialty in linking charities and corporations together for cultural brand alignment programs that build capacity and success for all.

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Setting goals? Victoria M. Gallagher, guest.

Happy New Year!

In our first show of the new year, Victoria M. Gallagher, Hypnotist, Life Coach, International Speaker, and Bestselling Author, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss not only setting goals, but how to figure out exactly what we want our goals to be!

Bringing your desires to fruition requires a certain amount of clarity and focus. Do you know what you want? Are you clear on what your goals actually are?

Victoria tells us about her own goals, and shares the categories that most people’s goals fall into, as well as how setting goals can help us bring balance to our lives.

Learn what “Begin with the end in mind” means, and why it can be an important place to start.

Tune in for a motivating and uplifting discussion! What a great way to start 2021!

About Victoria Gallagher:

Victoria Gallagher is a worldwide leader in Hypnotherapy, a best-selling author, international speaker, life success coach, and renowned authority on the law of attraction. As founder of, Victoria creates effective self-help and meditative recordings, delivered through her online courses, audio programs, and live seminars. For over 20 years, Victoria has dedicated her life to empowering people all over the world to successfully live a life of liberty, that is aligned with their dreams.

Victoria Gallagher’s book, Practical Law of Attraction, launched on February 4, 2018 and quickly rose the charts to become a #1 Best Seller on Amazon in 8 categories within hours! Order on Amazon: or order a signed copy here:

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Ask Dr. Bunny. The Four Agreements? Lisa Crofton, guest.

Lisa Crofton, Intuitive Strategist, Coach and Mentor, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss The Four Agreements – what they are, who wrote them, why they are so important, and how they may help in YOUR life!

If you’ve never heard of the book The Four Agreements, written by Don Miguel Luis, you’re about to learn some very interesting, and helpful information, and a new way of dealing with challenges in life.  And if you have heard of The Four Agreements, you’re sure to learn more as Dr. Bunny and Lisa share some wonderful facts about the principles that have changed the lives of many.

Tune in and hear why both Dr. Bunny and Lisa Crofton use The Four Agreements with their clients, and how this may help you!

You can find The Four Agreements on Amazon:   From Amazon: In The Four Agreements, bestselling author don Miguel Ruiz reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, The Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love.

About Lisa Crofton:

As a Consultant, Mentor and Intuitive Strategist specializing in Intuitive and Empathic Intelligences, I offer my personal clients and workforce development students the benefit of my training combined with transformational wisdom, and intuitive guidance; drawn from my own soul’s understanding. I mean to inspire and guide others to discover and recognize their own internal guidance.

Empowering your own wisdom-filled voice, inherent healing abilities and authentic ways of being, leads you straight to the form and direction of your own aligned path, leadership role, or family influence.

I’ve always enjoyed the gift of being able to see the divine spark in others. It shines right out of you even if you can’t see it… yet.

In the private experience, as we create an inspiring coaching partnership, you and I work to find your special gifts and unique path to satisfied contentment. In the workforce setting, we’ll work to evaporate the separation between your humanity and your work life. During the process you’ll find your way to unwavering clarity, a rock-solid confidence and the ability to lead your own path and work experience!

It all starts with rediscovering your innate inner wisdom…

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Ask Dr. Bunny. An interview with Santa? Santa and Mrs. Claus, guests!

Santa and Mrs. Claus join Dr. Bunny from the North Pole for a very special show! Santa is quite busy at this time of the year, but he’s taking time out to talk with Dr. Bunny and let us all know how things are going at the North Pole.

Grab hot cocoa and cookies, and tune in for a magical interview with two very special guests!

Some fun history about Santa (from Wikipedia):

Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, or simply Santa, is a legendary character originating in Western Christian culture who is said to bring gifts to the homes of well-behaved children on the night of Christmas Eve (24 December) or during the early morning hours of Christmas Day (25 December) and coal to naughty kids. The modern character of Santa Claus was based on traditions surrounding the historical Saint Nicholas (a fourth-century Greek bishop and gift-giver of Myra), the British figure of Father Christmas, and the Dutch figure of Sinterklaas (himself also based on Saint Nicholas).

Contact Santa and Mrs. Claus through two very special people: Buzz and Lynn Noe at (805) 366-0342

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Follow the Loser? Dennis Madden, guest.

Dennis Madden, author, CEO at ATRA, and founder of Leon’s Good Stuff BBQ Sauce, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss his new book: “Follow the Loser – How Abject Failures Can Lead A Revolution“.

Dennis explains how he started this project seven years ago, not intending to actually write a book about it. His research had led him to ask the question “How did these leaders manage to dazzle so many people with their level of ineptitude?”. He began to realize they all used similar techniques. Dennis believes that once the reader can spot these techniques, they will be able to easily see when these techniques are being used.

This is an absolutely fascinating and important subject – and an interview you don’t want to miss!

Buy your copy of “Follow The Loser” now at:

About Dennis Madden:

Dennis Madden, along with his wife, Jennifer, lives in Southern California. Dennis spent most of his career in the automotive business, specifically the automatic transmission rebuilding industry. He’s worked as a rebuilder, trainer, speaker, author, and, finally, the CEO of the largest trade association in the industry.

His hobbies include BBQ, music, and gardening. As an avid history buff and political junkie, he began researching world leaders for fun eight years ago. After about three years (and a pile of research material), he collected his notes, which began the formation of this book.

Interested in great BBQ sauce to complement your cooking?  Check out Leon’s Good Stuff!

About ATRA:

Founded in 1954, the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) is an international trade association for the professional automatic transmission repair industry.

Located in Oxnard, CA, ATRA has over 2,000 members worldwide. Our membership consists of more than 2000 repair specialists, students, schools, and suppliers, all supporting the training, research and improvements for transmission repair.

Every ATRA Rebuilder Member must adhere to ATRA’s Code of Ethics…ATRA’s standards for providing honest, professional service. So, when you take your car to an ATRA Rebuilder Member, you’re assured of polite, professional service, at an honest price.

And not just automatic transmission repair: most ATRA members also provide diagnostic and repair service for manual transmissions, clutches, differentials, driveshafts, drive axles, and transfer cases.

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Alzheimer’s? Can anything help? Rick Kvalheim, guest.

Rick Kvalheim joins Dr. Bunny to discuss a very personal story about his father’s Alzheimer’s – and how he found something that helped!

Rick tells us how quickly Alzheimer’s set in with his father, a fact that was shocking, to say the least. Doctors suggested that Rick’s father be put in a mental health facility.  However, after a quick trip to the facility, Rick knew that was not an option. He and his wife, Simone, found a special home where his father would be comfortable while they researched treatments that might help him.

Rick and Simone met a doctor who told them about a man who had been studying Alzheimer’s for 30 years and had developed a treatment protocol.  So, they went to a workshop – and they liked what they heard.  The treatment was based on nutrition, exercise and supplementation and they felt there was hope.  However, when they took Rick’s dad to the consultation, he failed the tests.  The end result was that they were told Rick’s father was too far gone and could not be helped. Wrong answer!

Rick had read The End of Alzheimer’s by Dale Bredesen, and began to take it to heart. He learned many very important things, including the fact that there are 3 types of Alzheimer’s: inflammatory, toxic or trophic.  The journey to heal Rick’s father began and it is nothing short of amazing!

Tune in to learn how Rick’s father came back!! This is an incredible story you don’t want to miss!

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Ask Dr. Bunny. From Paris to Arizona? Following your dreams? Nathalie Ekobo, guest.

Nathalie Ekobo, MBA, MA, TFSM, a.k.a. ‘The Psychic with an MBA’ Intuitive Business Coach, joins Dr. Bunny for a fun and interesting talk about following your dreams!
Nathalie shares the story of growing up in France and what led her to sunshine-filled Arizona. During a drive with a friend on a cold & rainy night in Paris, Nathalie realized that just talking about Scottsdale & Phoenix brought her a feeling of warmth and inspiration. She told her friend about a dream she had had when she was 15 years old – to open a French cafe in Arizona.  Amazingly, it turns out that her friend also had that dream!  So, on that cold, rainy night in Paris, the two friends began the journey to make their dream a reality!
But although Nathalie’s dream did come true and she had an award-winning cafe in Arizona, there was a major stumbling block years later when her visa renewal was denied. As Nathalie’s world felt like it was falling apart, she realized that she needed to apply the simple, but powerful, words: “There is a bigger gift into this“.
Tune in an hear how Nathalie helped herself, and her husband, remove the obstacles and cleared the pathway for success – and how she helps others do the same!
A truly fascinating and inspirational interview!

About Nathalie Ekobo:

Hi, I’m Nathalie Ekobo. Like you, I am a highly sensitive entrepreneur. Dedicated to help you remove obstacles and activate more business blessings so you can fulfill your purpose with more ease, and enjoy profitability, impact, and freedom.

My mission is to help you live the life you truly desire. To do so, I created a unique system mixing deep coaching, business consulting, energy activation, removal of programs on the subconscious and soul levels, and intuitive guidance.

In these times of upheaval, the world needs your gifts. Along with your compassion, intuition, and innovation.
The world needs conscious HSP leaders and entrepreneurs like you.

That’s why your time is NOW.

You CAN reach new heights with more ease and be a Happy HSP™!

Are YOU an ‘HSP’ Woman in business? Find out now! Take the 3-min test:

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Happier, Healthier, and Better Every Day? Dorit Brauer, guest.

Dorit Brauer, award-winning author, artist, owner of Live Your Best Life, LLC, and founder of the Brauer Institute for Holistic Medicine, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss a myriad of wonderfully uplifting things – including her mantra “Happier, healthier, and better every day”!

Dorit shares the amazing story of her journey to find out what she really wanted to do with her life, which started with a solo backpacking trip in Brazil, then a move to Tel Aviv! She also tells us what led her to holistic medicine, generational healing (you can rise above 7 generations of trauma!), the journey within, and so much more!

Tune in and hear how this amazing woman who truly lives life to the fullest, and how she helps others to live their best life, too!

About Dorit Brauer:

Dorit Brauer is the author of the award winning book Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes – A Spiritual Adventure Into Life’s Labyrinth chronicling her modern day pilgrimage in which she embarks onto a 7,430 mile solo motorcycle adventure across the US. On her journey, Dorit recounts poetic life stories spanning her youth on a dairy farm in Germany, a 10-week solo-backpacking trip in Brazil, the turmoil of living in Tel Aviv, to her most recent chronicles in the United States. As Dorit travels cross-country from labyrinth to labyrinth, these stories are woven together intricately to provide insights allowing the reader to reflect on their own spiritual journey.

She is the owner and founder of the Brauer Institute for Holistic Medicine in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

British author Sig Lonegren, says Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes – A Spiritual Adventure Into Life’s Labyrinth feels like a gentle overview of alternative thinking wrapped in a “Travels with Charley” (Steinbeck) package.

Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes – A Spiritual Adventure Into Life’s Labyrinth has been praised as “Life-changing” and “The best book you’ll ever read.” Please view book-reviews and road-trip pictures at

The title of the book, ‘Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes,’ comes from a mantra of Dorit’s youth, embedded into her mind by her father. Born from very traditional parents with their own expectations, Dorit had the courage to make her own path. She pursued everything she wasn’t supposed to do and found adventure and true fulfillment in life.

She is living her best life and through her example inspires everyone else to listen to their inner yearnings and follow the voice of their hearts.

Contact Dorit Brauer at and on YouTube:

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Part 2 – Kidney Dialysis? Kidney Transplants? Susan Vanderburgh, guest.

Susan Vanderburgh joins Dr. Bunny to continue their discussion on her husband’s kidney transplants and dialysis, as well as being his caregiver.

Susan goes in-depth about the challenges that came with not only being a full-time caregiver, but also being the sole breadwinner, and a full-time business woman (on top of being a mother of 5!), when her husband started dialysis. She soon figured out that in order to be a full-time caregiver, she had to let go of certain things that she’d always wanted to do – a very difficult realization.

Caregiving is a job that has no downtime. There are no days off, no ‘I feel like doing something else today’ days.  A caregiver is always ‘on’ – and the stress is unimaginable.

Adding to the stress of caregiving, is the stress of staying financially afloat. Susan realized, from the years when she was trying to build a business, that credit has always been a top priority. And whether you’re trying to get a loan from the bank, or from a private investor, if you don’t have good credit, no one will give you a loan.  She had seen this firsthand, with her background in business, as well as from personal experience.

So, Susan started two programs using the knowledge that she had gained from being a collection specialist at a national bank, as well as her time as a loan consultant who helped clients repair their credit.  One program is for business professionals (for the credit side), and the other program is specialized for caregivers who can call Susan for emotional support, as well as credit help.

Susan’s unique background gives her not only the extensive knowledge of repairing & building credit, but also allows her to help someone in a caregiving situation avoid a drop in their credit score, so that they will be more able to get a loan or credit cards, if/when they need them.

Susan is such a wealth of information and a true inspiration to all!  This is an interview you don’t want to miss!

Contact Susan Vanderburgh by E-mail (preferred): or call (760) 443-4143

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Kidney Dialysis? Kidney Transplants? Part 1. Susan Vanderburgh, guest.

Susan Vanderburgh joins Dr. Bunny to discuss her husband’s kidney transplants and dialysis, as well as being his advocate.

Susan shares the story of meeting her handsome husband while attending college in San Francisco, and how their journey began. He was a cellular molecular biology major and Susan was a business major. Although their majors were very different, they ended up having quite a few elective courses together (fate!). He looked very healthy and fit, and she had no idea that he had already had two kidney transplants, having been born with bad kidneys.

Although Susan started out knowing nothing about kidney transplants or dialysis, she has become her husband’s advocate and is a wealth of information on this subject.  She is part of 10 different support groups for dialysis patients and potential organ donors, which helped her learn how to search for a donor.

Susan put her marketing skills & persistence to work, and this year she was able to find a live kidney donor for her husband. In June, he had his third kidney transplant.

Tune in and learn more about this important topic – and be prepared to be inspired by this incredible woman!

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