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Ask Dr. Bunny. What’s the latest in eye surgery? Dr. Paul Dougherty

Paul Dougherty

Paul Dougherty

Dr. Paul Dougherty joins Dr. Bunny to discuss the fascinating topic of laser eye surgery! It is absolutely amazing to learn how advanced eye surgery has become, and how much it can help us when we need it! Tune in as Dr. Dougherty shares some very interesting info we all need to know!

About Dr. Paul Dougherty: Paul J. Dougherty MD, medical director at Dougherty Laser Vision, is among the nation’s most experienced laser and lens-based vision correction surgeons. In addition to serving as medical director of Dougherty Laser Vision (with offices in Westlake Village, Camarillo, San Luis Obispo and Beverly Hills, California) Dr. Dougherty is an assistant clinical instructor of ophthalmology at the Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine. He has served as a principal investigator for multiple FDA clinical trials including CATz topography-guided LASIK, Visian ICL for both myopia and hyperopia, Raindrop Implant for presbyopia and the Tetraflex Accommodating and Softec HD IOLs.

Dr. Dougherty graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Summa Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania – the nation’s oldest university. He then graduated first in his class at the UCLA School of Medicine and completed his residency at UCLA’s Jules Stein Eye Institute, where he performed award-winning research on the then nascent field of laser vision correction. He next studied corneal and refractive surgery as a fellow at the Phillips Eye Institute in Minneapolis where he trained under Richard Lindstrom M.D.

Dr. Dougherty was one of the few surgeons in the United States to perform laser vision correction on an investigational basis prior to FDA approval in 1995. Since then, he has personally performed more than 30,000 vision correction procedures. In 1997, he also became one of the first eye surgeons in the nation to have LASIK surgery performed on his own eyes. He was recently presented with the Staar Surgical Green Jacket Award as one of the leading implanters of the Visan ICL in the US.

An outspoken advocate and educator, Dr. Dougherty routinely lectures and teaches the latest techniques to other surgeons. He has served on the editorial board of the Journal of Refractive Surgery, and authored the recently published consumer guide titled “See For Yourself: The Eye-Opening Guide to Permanent Vision Correction.” Dr. Dougherty has been featured in national news media including “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “The Doctors,” “CBS Early Show,” People Magazine, “E! Entertainment News” “The NBC Today Show” and USA Today.

Dr. Dougherty has been honored for his many philanthropic efforts including the Andrew Dougherty Vision Foundation – a 501c3 nonprofit organization he founded to provide pro-bono vision correction surgery. The organization targets homeless individuals in the U.S. and disadvantaged patients worldwide in regions devastated by war and natural disasters. It also trains local surgeons in those regions to carry on the Foundation’s mission by teaching them the lastest cataract and refractive surgery techniques. Its most recent mission was to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to provide vital cataract surgery to scores of needy patients. This ambitious effort was the subject of a story on ABC’s “Nightline.”

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Ask Dr. Bunny. What’s in the mind of an Alzheimer’s patient? Zoe Murdock, guest.

Zoe Murdock

Zoe Murdock

Author Zoe Murdock joins Dr. Bunny to discuss her most recent book “Man In The Mirror – A man finding himself as he loses himself to Alzheimer’s”. This book is a work of fiction, inspired by her father who had Alzheimer’s. Tune in and hear the reasons why Zoe chose to write this as a novel, and the things she learned along the way. A fascinating interview!

More about “Man In The Mirror – a man finding himself as he loses himself to Alzheimer’s: What goes on in the mind of a person as they succumb to Alzheimer’s disease? Man in the Mirror is a novel about a man succumbing to Alzheimer’s, but it is so much more than that—it’s the story of a man’s life.

Aaron Young seems to be a simple working man, but as the disease begins to take away his short-term memory, the memories from his more distant past grow strong and his complexity is revealed. More than anything, he wants to be free and live his life in a natural way, like he imagined it would be when he was young. If only he could recapture the deep significance of his experience in India during World War II when he flew on dangerous missions “over the hump” from India to China. Even with the war going on, it was the only time in his life when he felt free and at peace with himself.

Although Aaron is surrounded by those who love him and want to take care of him, whenever he gets the chance, he takes off to the red rock desert of southern Utah where life is simple, and he doesn’t have to worry about someone caging him in.

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Painting with a focus on Customer Service? Justin Engelbach, guest.

Justin Engelbach and his lovely family

Justin Engelbach and his lovely family

Justin Engelbach, owner of Fresh Coat Painters in Santa Barbara, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss how he got into the painting industry, what the highlights of his business are, and how he makes customer service his number one priority.

Justin has had a fascinating life so far. He’s lived in many diverse places, loves experiencing new cultures, built high rises in Los Angeles, taught English in Japan (where he met his lovely wife, Michele!), and now owns his own thriving painting business that is very customer service oriented.  Listen in and prepare to be inspired!

About Justin Engelbach and Fresh Coat Painting of Santa Barbara:
After graduating from the University of Northern Iowa in 2003 with Construction Management and Business Management degrees, Justin followed his passion for traveling and headed west to San Diego. He worked as a Project Engineer for Douglas E. Barnhart, Inc. (now Balfour Beatty Construction US) where he completed elementary school, middle school, and high school renovations plus a ground-up 25,000 sqft new elementary school, all for the Ramona Unified School District in Ramona, CA.

Following a two-year English teaching position in Japan, Justin moved to San Francisco in 2006 and began working for Howard S. Wright (now Balfour Beatty Construction US). Justin worked as a Project Engineer and Project Manager on multiple projects while in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, most notably a 800 guest room renovation of the Hyatt Burlingame SFO, a 400 guest room renovation of the Marriott Union Square, a ground-up public works parking structure for the city of Vallejo, and a 23-story residential high rise in Hollywood. In between management positions for different projects, Justin was heavily involved in pre-construction services, conceptual estimating, and hard-bid estimating.

In September, 2013, Justin left Balfour Beatty to start his own company, Fresh Coat of Santa Barbara. Justin said this of his new en-devour…

“The approach to customer service in Japan just blew us away. From the minute you request a service, or walk into a store or restaurant, everything is centered around the customer. Having been involved with construction for the past 15 years, we researched trade industries that notoriously struggle with customer service. It was through our research that we noticed a large separation between the painting industry and quality customer service. It is this separation which provided us with a perfect opportunity to marry my construction management experience with the service expectations we strive to provide our clientele.”

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Kimberly Yates of Virginia is our WINNER!

Kimberly Yates of Virginia is our WINNER!

Today is the day we announce the WINNER of our Mercury Broadcasting $100 giveaway… Drumroll please… CONGRATULATIONS KIMBERLY YATES from Virginia!! WINNER of the $100 GIVEAWAY!!

Kimberly, please e-mail me, Dr. Bunny Vreeland, at and give me your mailing address so I can send you the $100 check!

We would love to see a pic of you with the check when you get it so we can post on Mercury Broadcasting Facebook page!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered!  Mercury Broadcasting appreciates everyone’s questions!

Ask Dr. Bunny. Where do an author’s ideas come from? James Gray, guest.

James Gray

James Gray

Author James Gray joins Dr. Bunny to discuss his 3 books, including his latest one “Tales Told”.  Listen in as James describes some of the interesting situations he’s found himself in – including spending an afternoon in the rain with 3 hookers…. oops!  I mean high class Call Girls!  Ideas come from everywhere!  A fun & interesting interview!

More about James Gray’s current book “Tales Told”:

Mysteries, romance, futuristic tales, comedy, teen angst and part memoir where the names have been changed to protect the . . . well, you be the judge. Reminisce the wild teens and travel back in time to the era of black-and-white Saturday cinema, and tales of the awkwardness of growing up.

Filled with sweet reminiscences and the funny awkward moments between friends, Tales Told brings you back to when relationships were simpler, and the hilarity of innocence was everywhere.

James Francis Gray, author of ‘Kali Is Your Code Name’ and ‘Gumshoe’, is back with his witty humor and wry observation. Filled with the hijinx of adolescence, the awkwardness of first loves, and the sweetness of fond childhood memories. Come back to 1950’s Massachusetts. You’ve already come to know the romp of Kali, and the sleuthing John Peterman, Esquire, of Gumshoe.

Here, in his first anthology, we see a bit more of the personal side of James Francis Gray in stories that are sure to bring back fond memories of the local neighborhood.

Enjoy reliving classic movies, the warmth of family and friendship, and trying to get to know the girl next door, as James shares a bit of his more personal side.

Buy “Tales Told” e-book on Amazon at:*Version*=1&*entries*=0#nav-subnav

Buy “Tales Told” Nook book on Barnes and Noble:

Buy hard copies of James Gray’s books at these Ventura, CA locations:

Bank of Books
748 E. Main St.
James F. Gray Printing
2261 Palma Dr. #2
Gems and Glitter Boutique
2690 Loma Vista Rd.
The December Store and More
1599 Spinnaker Drive, Suite 105
Tatiana’s Coffee & Tea
2470 E. Main St.

Contact James Gray at (805) 290-3359
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Ask Dr. Bunny. From Brain Tumor to Cupcakes? Guinevere Heath, guest.

One of Guinevere's beautiful creations!

One of Guinevere’s beautiful creations!

Guinevere Heath joins Dr. Bunny to discuss how she dealt with having a brain tumor, cut 30 inches off of her beautiful hair, had surgery, healed — and started a cupcake business! This is a beautiful story of a woman who realized she had the right to find her passion and go for it! She’s following her heart, has a lovely family, she makes AMAZING cupcakes, and so much more!!

About CupCake’s Sweets For You:
Fresh baked sweets of all kinds – cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, and so much more. I also make diaper motorcycles, diaper cakes, diaper cradles and fun Holiday sweets for your kids or you to take to school/work. This is my passion and I want to share it with you.

Contact Guinevere Heath at (805) 258-2873 or E-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. Starting another career in your 70’s? Hazel Palache, guest.

Hazel Palache

Hazel Palache

Hazel Palache, Hypnotherapist and Certified Results Coach, joins Dr. Bunny to share her story of how and why she started another business in her 70’s! Hazel is a true example of inspiration!

About Hazel Palache:
I’m a woman entrepreneur, 74 years old, going on 30, with a great sense of humor and, 25 years experience in the field of personal, spiritual and professional development.  I’m a certified master clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, stress management counselor and a certified coach.  I’m also a Mom, Sister and Friend.  I know your time is valuable and although I don’t want to give you a long winded bio,  it wouldn’t be fair to you if I didn’t share something about who I am:

I was born into a very traditional family in London, UK during world war two.  My Father was a compulsive gambler and rage-aholic and my Mother was a battered wife. I had a sister 3 years younger and as children we lived lives of fear and negativity and we certainly didn’t disobey our parents.   As girls we were expected to get married and procreate, so college wasn’t even an option for either of us.   At 19 I got married, had two children and my name became wife and mother!
My husband and I with our two children moved to the US in 1979.  At that time I was 37.  After living here for six years I was beginning to discover things about myself that had been lying dormant for all those years. One of the things I realized was that I didn’t say ‘Yes’ to myself only to other people and, the word No wasn’t part of my vocabulary.   At the age of 42 having been married for 25 years I filed for divorce.

I Discovered My Own Strength

It’s amazing what you can do when you are highly motivated.  That was the scariest thing I had ever done but it led me to finding strengths I didn’t know I had.

I discovered I was an entrepreneur at heart.    I was very fascinated with how the mind actually works.   With my earlier training in psychology,  I went to school at night and after a year of training, in 1990 I received my certification as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist.    Whether they were in the entertainment industry or not, or they couldn’t maintain healthy relationships, were in pain because of their childhood, their marriage was having a problem or because they wanted to change a behavior, I had the honor of helping many dozens of people to overcome fears, doubts, negative mind chatter and much more.   My practice was successful, I loved my clients and every day was a blessing.

Life sometimes gets in the way!  In 1991 a driver jumped a red light and my car was totaled.  Although I didn’t know it at the time, that accident was going to impact my health in different ways for the rest of my life!   I was left with 3 herniated cervical discs that created terrible daily migraine headaches. In 1994 I was diagnosed with Fybromialgia.   I gradually realized that working in my practice was not going to be possible for my health, plus I wouldn’t be doing clients any favors if I couldn’t concentrate fully on their needs.  I wanted to stay in the personal development field but had to find another avenue.
In 1996 coaching was barely in existence but, after doing some research I knew that if I got certified as a coach I could work with clients by phone, which was an answer to my prayers.  This would also allow me to help women nationally and internationally.   In 1997 I received my coaching certification and while I was closing my private practice I started working with coaching clients on the phone.  I was re-inventing myself again by allowing an old door to close! I opened a new one and found the key to continuing to do what I loved.

Contact Hazel Palache at (818) 981-9885 or E-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. What is a higher level of doing business? Darrell Gooden, guest.

Darrell GoodenDarrell Gooden, Certified Adizes Associate with the Adizes Institute, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss how he helps businesses acheive a higher level of doing business, and so much more! Darrell explains the profoundly different methodology of the Adizes Institute and how it can help small, medium and large businesses. An extremely informative interview!

About Adizes Institute:
Adizes enables ordinary people to transform the management of their organizations and produce extraordinary, sustainable results. Our work with all clients is guided by a strong belief in these values:
Mutual Trust & Respect
We believe that a strong and pervasive culture of mutual trust and mutal respect is what makes a business strong and allows it to become a dominant competitor over the long term. This kind of culture is what underlies the ability to consistently WOW customers, attract and retain exceptional talent, and generate superior financial returns. The reason is simple; when employees really know how to work well together and harness their conflicts constructively, minimal energy is wasted on infighting and internal politics, which allows them to devote maximum energy to competing in the marketplace. This kind of culture is an organization’s greatest asset. It is what customers are really buying, and the competitive advantage that is the most difficult to copy.

Collaborative Change
We believe that in every organization, in every market, in every country of the world, coping with a high rate of change in a complex and uncertain world is leadership’s #1 challenge. The ability to change faster, better and more economically than competitors is therefore the leading predictor of any organization’s long term success. Developing this capability to change is something best done “with” not “to” an organization. Trying to change people is hard. Instead, we focus on changing the environment; which unleashes the talents and productivity of people.

Constructive Conflict
We believe that meaningful change necessarily creates conflict. Harnessing conflict constructively creates the nuclear energy that drives superior performance.

Being Customer Driven
We believe that the primary purpose of every organization is to WOW customers profitably and deliver compelling value to them. Some organizations believe that making money is their primary purpose, which is a confusion of ends and means.

Complementary Teams
We believe that none of us is as smart as all of us. Close-knit complementary teams who work well together are the ultimate competitive weapon.

Decisive Leadership
We believe that the purpose of teamwork is to help leaders make better decisions than they would on their own.Management-by-committee or consensus decision making is not how decisions are made in high-performing organizations.

Transformation may not be easy, but we believe it must be simple. If people don’t understand something, they can’t implement it.

Shared Rewards
We believe that superior long term performance is realized by tying the achievement of results to shared monetary and non-monetary rewards.
By practicing these values, Adizes enables ordinary people to change the culture of their organization and produce extraordinary and sustainable results.

Contact Darrell Gooden at (805) 565-2901 or E-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. What is Win/Win? Greg Etherton, guest.

Greg Etherton

Greg Etherton

Greg Etherton joins Dr. Bunny for Part 2 of his fun & inspiring interview. In this segment they discuss how he got to the Win/Win in his life – and how you can, too! It is obvious that Greg has a zest for life!  It’s so much fun to hear about his travels and how he inspires others through his teachings! This is an interview you don’t want to miss!

About Greg’s book “Pay Yourself First – Become RICH with TIME & MONEY”: Greg’s claim to fame is that from 22 – 39 when he did work, he took on odd jobs for only half the year.
The other half was spent studying language, cultures and personal development by discovering foreign countries.
He mastered MONEY and TIME, something we rarely get to embrace together!

After over five years of what he calls in the book, “Retirement Practice” (spending his time doing everything he has ever dreamed of and more) Greg is now coming out to teach others how they can experience such “luxury” in their life thanks to his book “Pay Yourself First” ~Become RICH with Time & Money.

“It does not matter what you are doing right now to trade your TIME for MONEY, you can make a couple of minor changes to have a better and more confident future enjoying more of both as you go.

MONEY is not everything! But the lack of it can keep you from enjoying the important stuff like the affairs of the heart, the treasures of the Spirit or the other interests that may fill your precious TIME.

MONEY problems cause too much stress and keep a lot of people from enjoying the rest. If you are simply surviving payday to payday, the simple solutions in this book will help immensely to enhance your quality of life and even to enjoy more TIME. If you are not afraid of success, start now! You deserve it!  Purchase “Pay Yourself First” on Amazon:

About Greg’s book “Protonic Speaking – Powerfully Express Your Potential”: Have you ever heard of a “Positive Mental Cleanse”? For whatever reason you choose to wash you body – like cleaning, refreshing and invigorating – it’s just as reasonable to “bathe your brain”. This intuitively lucid little book is written in the affirmatively positive to inspire and promote a “Mental Cleanse”. “Protonic Speaking” teaches you how to express your words, images and thoughts in the most precise, positive way to get exactly what you truly desire.  Purchase “Protonic Speaking – Powerfully Express Your Potential” on Amazon at:

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Setting your intention for the life you want? Greg Etherton, guest.

Greg Etherton

Greg Etherton

Greg Etherton joins Dr. Bunny to discuss how he set his intention – and travelled the world on his own terms. Find out what “practice retirement’ is and learn how ‘Saving is sexy’!! An inspiring interview with a very fascinating man!

Purchase Greg’s book “Pay Yourself First – Become RICH with TIME and MONEY!” on Amazon:

Purchase Greg’s book “Protonic Speaking – Powerfully Express Your Potential” on Amazon at:

About Greg Etherton:
Peace In Love, is the core of Greg Etherton aka Lucralover’s teachings. Thanks to being  a curious world traveller, he has discovered how to cultivate the Inner Peace most are looking for.  As a teacher + leader by example, he likes exploring human potential. Greg does this by writing books, teaching personally, and discovering great Energies wherever he goes. His materiel claim to fame is that from 22 – 39 he only worked half the year and then when he did work, he took on odd jobs. The other months were spent studying languages, cultures and personal development by discovering foreign countries as his assets accrued.

Now after several years off (something he calls “Retirement Practice”), spending his time doing thing he had only dreamed of and more, Greg is coming back to “active life” to teach others how they too can experience such “Peace & Luxury” in their life. He mastered MONEY and TIME, something we rarely get to embrace together and he can teach it to YOU, thanks to his book “Pay Yourself First” ~ Become RICH with Time & Money. More importantly, he has found the Inner Peace that makes everything else so much simpler to enjoy. Study  the book “Protonic Speaking ~ Powerfully Express your Potential” and you will be thankful you did.  The beatles said, “Money can’t buy you love”, but Lucralover says you need cash to keep it” Materially this is true, but there is also an Energetic equation that most miss. Let Greg guide you to your Greatness and to a life so beautiful that you will be filled with GRATITUDE.

Purchase “Pay Yourself First – Become RICH with TIME and MONEY!” on Amazon:

Purchase “Protonic Speaking – Powerfully Express Your Potential” on Amazon at:

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