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Ask Dr. Bunny. A White African American Latina? Simone Kvalheim, guest.

Simone Kvalheim joins Dr. Bunny for an extremely interesting conversation about her journey from Zimbabwe to America, and so much more!

Simone shares the story of how she originally started in medical school, but failed to be able to do an autopsy in the first year. This failure was very difficult for her, but it led her to search for a different career path.  She eventually signed up to become a trainee buyer for a chain of stores.

The interesting thing is that Simone hated sewing, but she was still drawn to being a buyer.  What really struck home for her was that, as a trainee buyer, she was able to travel all over the world.  And travel the world she did!  For seven years, Simone lived in Cape Town, South Africa, and traveled between Cape Town and the rest of the world!  She became a senior buyer and absolutely loved it!

Simone also shares the very personal story of how she discovered the truth about why she looks so different than her four sisters, as well as what brought her to America.

So what does it mean when Simone calls herself a White African American Latina?  Well, simply put, Simone’s father was from England, she was born in Zimbabwe, her mother is from Spain, and Simone is very honored and blessed to live in the United States.  There you have it!

Simone is such a lovely person and a true inspiration.  Tune in for a great interview!

Simone Kvalheim is the Director of LifeWave, a company that produces patented, proprietary wellness products to deliver more energy, better sleep, reduced stress, sharper mental focus, and an overall feeling of youthful vitality.  If you’d like to learn more about LifeWave, contact Simone Kvalheim at (760) 953-9484 (text preferred) and please write “Dr. Bunny” in the text so she knows you heard the information on this show.

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Coping skills during COVID-19? Teresa Crocker-Chavez, guest

Teresa Crocker-Chavez joins Dr. Bunny for a lively discussion about moving from California to Texas right before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and her coping skills during this unprecedented time in the world.

Teresa is a longtime friend of Dr. Bunny’s, as well as a fellow hypnotherapist. She and her husband, Ruben, became empty nesters, so they sold their house in southern California earlier this year and moved to San Antonio, Texas, at the end of February. They had a great time exploring their new location when they first got there, with all its great attractions – then COVID-19 put a screeching halt to that.  If Teresa had known she’d be quarantined for 2 1/2 months, she definitely would’ve spent every second of the first two weeks enjoying San Antonio & saved the unpacking for quarantine (but who knew??).

Can you imagine being in a new state, a new house and new neighborhood, and not being able to make any new social connections?  It’s pretty difficult to feel part of your new community when you’re in quarantine, but Teresa and Ruben found ways to do that (like donating part of their stimulus checks to the local food bank).

Teresa shares some great stories about how this pandemic has affected her and her family, how they have coped during this challenging time, and the tools that she has used to help herself through some dark moments.

This is truly an uplifting and interesting interview you don’t want to miss!

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Art as a form of communication? Gerald Zwers, guest.

Artist Gerald Zwers joins Dr. Bunny to discuss art and so much more. Gerald is an incredibly versatile artist, and a wonderful human. He generally does several hundred pieces of art each year, and one year he did over a thousand!

Gerald gets into the spirituality of each piece of art and he explains that he sees art as his ‘hammer’, or his tool for building. He also sees his art as a form of communication, from one spirit to another. It’s not technique driven for him, as much as communication driven.

Gerald is fascinated by all the different forms & facets of art, and how we encapsulate knowledge & ideas.

Gerald also discusses the way that the Covid-19 quarantine has affected the art world, as well as his own world, and the things he has done to adjust during this unprecedented time. It truly has been a time of learning, re-configuring and re-invention for all.  The quarantine came with a whole set of new challenges, but it has also been a magical time and Gerald shares what the silver lining has been for him.

This interview is so enlightening and uplifting. It will have you looking at the world in a different way.  Listen in and prepare to be inspired!

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Ask Dr. Bunny. How has COVID-19 changed daily life? Ryan Eberhardt, guest

Ryan Eberhardt joins Dr. Bunny to discuss the ways that the COVID-19 has changed his daily life. Ryan, his lovely wife, and their two children are Dr. Bunny’s neighbors. Dr. Bunny has wanted to interview Ryan for a very long time, but he’s been so busy!  Well, COVID-19 didn’t necessarily stop Ryan from being busy, he’s just been busy doing different things – and you won’t believe what he’s been doing.

The week before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Ryan and his wife had the kitchen and flooring in their home torn out.  Ryan was on a business trip to Minnesota & when he arrived home, everyone who had been working on their house could no longer work due to COVID-19.  That left Ryan and his family with no oven, no stove, no bathroom, no floors, no kitchen – nothing!  So, Ryan went to Home Depot and got everything he needed to do the renovation himself!  He watched YouTube videos on electrical, drywall, how to lay hardwood floors, etc.  And, one piece at a time, he’s been putting the house back together himself!  What an awesome story!

Ryan manages professional education and global training activities for surgeons and other health care technicians. His work covers a range of heart (cardiovascular) and blood vessel (endovascular) devices and diagnostics.  For example, he trains surgeons how to use advanced devices that treat aneurysms and heart disease.

Ryan is very involved with his family and community, as well as being quite the athlete.  Last year he participated in Ironman and shares that incredible story.  Tune in for a great interview with an exceptional man who just can’t sit still!

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Overcoming life’s challenges? Joanne Wotawa, guest.

Joanne Wotawa joins Dr. Bunny to discuss overcoming life’s challenges.  Joanne was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and today she shares her journey from that diagnosis to health, and the challenges and blessings along the way.

We all face big challenges at some point in life, whether it is cancer, COVID-19, family issues, or a myriad of other possibilities, and we need to discover tools to work through those times. Tune in and hear how Joanne made it through her cancer diagnosis and treatment, and why her mantra each day is “Let go, let God”.

Joanne is a real estate agent and she also tells us how the real estate business is doing right now with the COVID-19 crisis, as well as the many steps that are being taken to protect  buyers and sellers during this unprecedented time.

A wonderful interview with great information!

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Dr. Bunny and Joanne spoke about Joanne’s husband, John, who owns California Superior Mortgage. If you are in the market for residential real estate financing, contact John Wotawa at (805) 630-6610 or on Facebook:

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Ask Dr. Bunny. How did Lifewave help you? Diane Molinaro, guest.

Diane Molinaro joins Dr. Bunny to discuss Lifewave and the amazing results that Diane has had with the Lifewave patches.
Diane had been on the anti-depressant, anti-anxiety medication Lexapro for a number of years and had never been able to wean off of it, even slowly, until she began using the Lifewave patches.
Diane is in the beauty industry, as a permanent makeup artist, and shares the reason why she had started on Lexapro after having a procedure that went completely awry.  Although Lexapro initially helped her, she didn’t want to be on the medication for the rest of her life. However, weaning off Lexapro was much, much more difficult than she could have ever imagined.
Diane’s story is nothing short of amazing.  Tune in to hear how Lifewave helped Diane immensely – an interview you don’t want to miss!
About Diane Molinaro:

Diane is passionate, artistically gifted, educated, highly skilled, professional and experienced in the Permanent Cosmetics industry since 2003 and has over 9,000 completed procedures.

Diane Molinaro is nationally recognized as a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) at the Master Level.

Currently serving clients in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel and surrounding areas of Orange County ,Ca and beyond.

Continuing Education plays a large part in her “High Standards”, partaking in 20-50 hrs annually of CEU’s (continuing education units) in Permanent Cosmetics related classes.

Enabled with artistic talent, high quality pigments and precise skills, she produces natural looking eyebrows, eyelash enhancements, eyeliner, blended lip line and complete lip color. She also has extensive knowledge and skills in paramedical procedures, scar camouflage and areola recreation after breast cancer reconstruction. She also excels in color correction, reshaping and pigment lightening and removal.

Physician referred by numerous doctors, plastic and cosmetic surgeons, as well as ophthalmologists, for their patients’ permanent cosmetics needs. She maintains high volume referral base from her clients as well as cosmetologists, aestheticians and other professionals in the beauty arena.

OSHA certified in Blood Borne Pathogen Standard and Infection Control with yearly renewal.

Orange County, Ca. Board of Health Qualified and Permit of Operation renewed annually.

Diane successfully completed the highly acclaimed and comprehensive exam, by the SPCP, in 2008.

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Love, Music and Angels? Colleen Chanel, guest.

Colleen Chanel, award-winning song stylist, author, (and so much more!), joins Dr. Bunny on the phone from Canada for a beautiful and uplifting discussion about music, love, and inspiration!

Dr. Bunny has been following Colleen on Facebook for quite awhile and always finds Colleen’s posts wonderfully uplifting. During this time of uncertainty in the world, it is especially important to find inspiration and lift your spirits, so Dr. Bunny asked Colleen to join us today and share her story.

Colleen recently got married and she tells us how a last minute trip to the Caribbean was actually the beginning of a very beautiful love story, and angels pointed the way!

This is such an uplifting story, filled with love and even music, as Colleen sings Amazing Grace to us.  You don’t want to miss this delightful interview!

About Colleen Chanel:

Colleen Chanel is an International Award Winning Continental SongStylist, World Class Entertainer, Transformational Concept Song Writer, Recording Artist, Actress, Global Keynote Performer/Speaker MBA, CoCreative LifeStylization Coach, Inspirational Author, Certified Esoteric Healing Facilitator, Certified Angel Reader, Certified Love Master and Illuminating Divine Singing Oracle.

Colleen Chanel has graced the International Stage as well as the Global Entertainment Business for over 25 years. This gifted chanteuse has been honored throughout the world with numerous awards in music, performance and multimedia entertainment while being acknowledged and sought after in the metaphysical, conscious business, keynote performance, healing and humanitarian communities.

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Ask Dr. Bunny. A Professional Mentor? Jim Cathcart, guest

Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE, Professional Mentor, incredible musician, and bestselling author of 20 books, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss motivation, inspiration, and what being a professional mentor is all about.

Talking with Jim, it’s clear to see why he has been so successful. He is filled to the brim with positive energy – yes, even during this Covid-19 crisis!  Jim is one of the most award winning professional speakers in the world and he has devoted his time to helping others succeed. In 2019 he spent 71 days inside China doing lecture tours and has spoken in 21 cities there. Jim’s TEDx video “How to Believe in Yourself” is in their Top 1% with over 2 million views.
But recently, Jim said “I am no longer a professional speaker, I’m a professional mentor”!  How did he come to that decision? What does that mean, and how can it help YOU?
Jim’s own life reflects the truth that he walks his talk: Jim does 100 pushups every day (hasn’t missed a day in over 1,200 days), runs mountain trails 3 days a week, plays guitar professionally, and has ridden his motorcycle all around the world. He’s been married to Paula Cathcart for 50 years, as of 2020!
Tune in to learn more – and get inspired!
More about Jim Cathcart:
A TV interviewer said, “Jim Cathcart is what ‘Fonzie’ would have been if he’d gone to business school.” (Millennials are asking, “Who is Fonzie?”) Jim was an insurance agent for many years, an Army officer and a bill collector who, while in his twenties, had to repossess log trucks in the mountains of northern Arkansas. From this varied background he decided in 1972 to become an authority on the subject of motivation and through decades of dedication, study and hard work, he made it happen.
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Ask Dr. Bunny. How do you create, maintain and cultivate relationships? Ed Blumenstock, guest.

Ed Blumenstock joins Dr. Bunny to discuss relationships.  Dr. Bunny met Ed when she joined Toastmasters, and was really touched by the way he instantly made her feel so welcomed.

As she’s gotten to know Ed, she has noticed that he seems to have a natural knack for creating, cultivating and maintaining relationships – what a gift! – and she wanted to know more about how he does that so well.

Ed tells us how a career in sales has been instrumental in his way of interacting with people.  In sales, you must be much more concerned about your client than you are yourself.

Ed believes in the Dr. Seuss philosophy of “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”!

Tune in as Ed shares some thoughts, insights, and stories.  A true delight, especially during this unprecedented time in our country. Prepare to be inspired!

And just for fun, here’s a link to the beautiful song that Ed and Dr. Bunny mentioned, “Dance Me To the End of Love” by Leonard Cohen:

About Toastmasters (where Dr. Bunny and Ed met):

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. Headquartered in Englewood, Colo., the organization’s membership exceeds 358,000 in more than 16,800 clubs in 143 countries. Since 1924, Toastmasters International has helped people from diverse backgrounds become more confident speakers, communicators, and leaders.

If you’d like to learn more about Toastmasters go to:

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Important Tax, Stimulus, and Loan info during Covid-19! Linda Wall, guest.

Linda Wall joins Dr. Bunny to discuss the multitude of changes & assistance from the federal and state government, during this Covid-19 crisis.

Linda is a Tax Preparer, Enrolled Agent, and the President of Evans Tax & Business Services, Inc. in Ventura, CA.  She shares very important information regarding the new due dates for filing your 2019 taxes, as well as what extensions have been put into place for filing estimated payments, and so much more.

Linda tells us about the stimulus payments that will be available, and shares the details of who will be eligible for a that payment.  She also lets us know some incredibly helpful information about the loans that may be available to businesses.

This interview is packed with vital information during this unprecedented time!

Thank you, Linda, for sharing your incredible knowledge with our listeners!

About Evans Tax & Business Services, Inc. 

Evans Tax & Business Services, Inc., is a full-service tax preparation , planning and representation firm serving clients through-out Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.  We are dedicated in providing our clients with expert services to minimize both the current and future tax liabilities. We utilize our unique, low-pressure approach to personal and business tax preparation services.  Also, this website is designed to become a helpful resource tool to you, our valued clients and visitors.

We have an excellent client-retention rate, and we are extremely proud of the high-quality services that our firm provides.

As you browse through our Website, you will see not only have we highlighted background information on our firm and the services we provide, but have also included useful resources such as in formative articles (in our Newsletter section) and interactive financial calculators (in our Resources section).

Contact Linda Wall:

Linda Wall EA – Enrolled Agent
Enrolled Agent/tax preparer and President ·Ventura, California
Email  –
Phone – 805-340-8822

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