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Ask Dr. Bunny. Free legal advice for senior citizens? Miles Lang, guest.

Miles Lang

Attorney Miles Lang joins Dr. Bunny to discuss Grey Law, a non-profit which provides free legal advice and resources to the senior citizens of Ventura County. There are many unique issues that seniors face and it can be challenging to find honest answers – Grey Law is here to help.

Common concerns for seniors include:

  • ​Public Benefits/Social Security,
  • Long-Term Care Planning,
  • Medi-Cal Eligibility,
  • Powers of Attorney,
  • Advanced Healthcare Directives,
  • Debts/Creditor Intervention, and
  • Landlord Tenant Issues

Tune in and learn more about this valuable service!

About Miles Lang:

Miles Lang is a fifth-generation Ventura County business owner. He grew up in the Ojai and Ventura areas and completed his undergraduate degree at University of California, Santa Barbara. He was active in many local organizations as a youth and has been awarded honors of Eagle Scout by the Ventura County Council, Boy Scouts of America, and of Chevalier by the International Order of DeMolay. He is currently a member of the Sacred Heart Council #10067 of the Knights of Columbus.

Miles attended Ventura College of Law and Pepperdine University School of Law, and has been an attorney since 1997. He is licensed to practice in all courts in California, the United States District Court for the Central District of California, and the Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit. He has served as Judge Pro Tem for the Ventura County Superior Court since 2009.

Miles has assisted many non-profit organizations as both board member, chairman, and as an independent consultant. In addition to his Juris Doctor degree, he has earned a Certificate in Grant-Writing from Notre Dame University, Mendoza College of Business, and a Certificate in Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management from Pepperdine University.

Contact Miles Lang at Bonaventure Law Group (805) 622-7576

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Ask Dr. Bunny. What is ATRA? Dennis Madden, guest.

Dennis Madden, CEO of ATRA (Mercury Broadcasting’s beloved Title Sponsor!), joins Dr. Bunny to discuss ATRA, Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association.  ATRA is a non-profit association dedicated to the transmission rebuilding industry.  ATRA does research and failure analysis for automatic transmissions, and brings that information to their members.

Dennis shares great information about ATRA, and tells us what makes ATRA unique.  When it comes to supporting transmission shop owners, doing the research that helps them do their job, ATRA is the place to come to!

Dennis also tells us about a fun and tasty hobby – Leon’s Good Stuff BBQ Sauce.  Leon’s Good Stuff is an award-winning barbecue sauce that you’ve got to try:  Dennis has won awards with other recipes, as well, and most recently his interest is in canned meat!

Dennis looks ahead and shares his ideas for what’s next when he gets to “dabble”!

Tune in for a fun, delicious and informative interview with one of our very favorite guests!

Leon’s Good Stuff BBQ Sauce can be found in Ventura at We Olive, 294 E Main St B, Ventura, CA 93001, and online at:

About ATRA:

Founded in 1954, the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) is an international trade association for the professional automatic transmission repair industry.

Located in Oxnard, CA, ATRA has over 2,000 members worldwide. Our membership consists of more than 2000 repair specialists, students, schools, and suppliers, all supporting the training, research and improvements for transmission repair.

Every ATRA Rebuilder Member must adhere to ATRA’s Code of Ethics…ATRA’s standards for providing honest, professional service. So, when you take your car to an ATRA Rebuilder Member, you’re assured of polite, professional service, at an honest price.

And not just automatic transmission repair: most ATRA members also provide diagnostic and repair service for manual transmissions, clutches, differentials, driveshafts, drive axles, and transfer cases.

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Bullying? The Windham family, guests.

The Windham family – Elizabeth, Isabel, Nicholas and William, and their parents, Travis and Cassie – join Dr. Bunny in Las Vegas, Nevada, to discuss bullying.

Bullying has come to the forefront in the news lately and has caused devastating outcomes for some young people.  At the very least, bullying has caused hurt feelings and emotional upset, and at the very worst, it has lead to suicide.

Tune in as the Windham family shares personal stories of bullying, how they feel about it, and the importance of parental influence.  A great interview with a wonderful family!

Bullying Statistics (from the National Bullying Prevention Center):

  • More than one out of every five (20.8%) students report being bullied (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016).
  • The federal government began collecting data on school bullying in 2005, when the prevalence of bullying was around 28 percent (U.S. Department of Education, 2015).
  • Rates of bullying vary across studies (from 9% to 98%). A meta-analysis of 80 studies analyzing bullying involvement rates (for both bullying others and being bullied) for 12-18 year old students reported a mean prevalence rate of 35% for traditional bullying involvement and 15% for cyberbullying involvement (Modecki, Minchin, Harbaugh, Guerra, & Runions, 2014).
  • 33% of students who reported being bullied at school indicated that they were bullied at least once or twice a month during the school year (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016).
  • Of those students who reported being bullied, 13% were made fun of, called names, or insulted; 12% were the subject of rumors; 5% were pushed, shoved, tripped, or spit on; and 5% were excluded from activities on purpose (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016).
  • A slightly higher portion of female than of male students report being bullied at school (23% vs. 19%). In contrast, a higher percentage of male than of female students report being physically bullied (6% vs. 4%) and threatened with harm (5% vs. 3%; (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016).
  • Bullied students reported that bullying occurred in the following places: the hallway or stairwell at school (42%), inside the classroom (34%), in the cafeteria (22%), outside on school grounds (19%), on the school bus (10%), and in the bathroom or locker room (9%) (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016).
  • 43% of bullied students report notifying an adult at school about the incident. Students who report higher rates of bullying victimization are more likely to report the bullying (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016).

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Ask Dr. Bunny. What is BNI and how can it help my business? Ray Gonzales and Linda McCarthy, guests.

Ray Gonzales and Linda McCarthy join Dr. Bunny to discuss the history and future of BNI, Business Network International.  Linda is the former executive director of BNI with her late husband, the wonderful Shawn McCarthy.  Ray is the new Executive Director of BNI.  Dr. Bunny was a member of BNI for about 15 years and knows first-hand how much BNI can help your business.

Ray, Linda and Dr. Bunny share some great stories about BNI, tell us what BNI is all about, and let you know how BNI can help YOU with your business!  This is a fabulous interview, full of fun and lots of info.  Tune in – you don’t want to miss it!


BNI (Business Network International) Ventura County’s purpose is to help businesses, large and small, grow their business and make more money!

BNI is the world’s largest business networking and referral organization and its culture, which is built upon the philosophy of Givers Gain®, is unique. This is a culture of caring about giving business, professional development and building consistent, proactive and reciprocal business relationships. BNI helps members develop a structured, positive, and professional referral marketing program which provides them opportunities to:

Contact Ray Gonzales at (805) 850-0157 or (805) 377-4777 or E-mail:

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Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. Are you in debt? Alex Viecco, guest.

Alex Viecco, Debt Specialist and Co-founder of New Era Debt Solutions, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss debt, and your options that will help you get out of debt.  Alex shares the five options to getting out of debt and tells us the positive and negative to each option.

If you’re in debt and worry is consuming your life, this is an interview you need to hear!

About Alex Viecco:

My experience extends from several years in Banking and Financial Services. After consulting with hundreds of families I quickly realized that Debt is a topic few will discuss but most have an issue with. This is a dirty little secret for many people but the truth is, people should not be ashamed about debt. People should become proactive at eradicating it from their life so they can achieve all their goals.
My personal goal is to help educate America on this topic and allow them to further educate their children.
I want to be a leading example for people and the Debt Settlement Industry to ensure that this option will remain available for those who need it.

Specialties: I am a debt expert and have been helping people become debt free since 1999. Our company is an Industry leader and we have been settling record amounts of debt, our experience and reputation is unmatched.

About New Era Debt Solutions:

New Era is a debt settlement company that helps people dramatically reduce their debt obligation and become debt-free. Since 1999, we have settled over $250,000,000 in debt for our clients.

With headquarters in Camarillo, California, New Era employs debt relief specialists, financial experts, attorneys and support personnel. We work with clients nationwide.

New Era is a pioneer in the debt settlement industry and has delivered over 20 years of unparalleled service by putting our clients and their needs first. We are proud of our reputation for truth and transparency, and for the rave reviews we continue to receive from our clients.

Contact Alex Viecco at (888) 639-4050, ext. 104, or (805) 901-9299

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Ask Dr. Bunny. Insurance Happiness? Craig Miller, guest.

Insurance Broker, Craig Miller, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss “Insurance Happiness” – and why that is not an oxymoron!

Craig helps individuals, as well as employers, with insurance of all kinds.  For Craig, Insurance Happiness really comes down to how he treats his clients. There’s a lot to know when it comes to insurance, and it can be quite confusing to most people.  Craig helps his clients understand their insurance and makes the process of understanding much easier!

Craig shares some really great info on all types of insurance and this is an interview you don’t want to miss!

About Insurance Happiness:

Our team consists of people who have many years experience with Group benefits and employee wellness. Our Wellness team includes wellness coaches, counselors, nurses and doctors.

Our loyalty is to our Client period.

We believe Employers need us. We know Employers are looking for a way to offset the costs associated with the ACA, the health care law. We do have solutions for reducing exposure and widening the margins.

We DO NOT intend or want to replace your current health insurance policy, agent or carrier.

We are uniquely equipped to help Employers deal with the consequences of sky rocketing health care and insurance costs. We are experts on the products available in the market place and how to coordinate programs and policies that can improve margins.

Submit a Mini-Census and we will send you a Free Analysis that shows how much profit we can add to your margins and what kinds of benefits your employees should expect.

Contact Craig Miller at or call (818) 639-1219

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:
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Ask Dr. Bunny. Follow the Feeling? Lisa West, guest.

Dr. Bunny sits down with author and Licensed physical therapist, Lisa West to discuss Lisa’s incredible book, ‘Follow the Feeling – A roadmap to Emotional Freedom’.

‘Follow the Feeling’ is a practical guide, full of simple techniques to lead you out of your pain by settling your nervous system and learning to recognize your body’s instinctual wisdom.

Chronic pain, illness, anxiety and stress are reaching epidemic proportions. Lisa offers Meditations, as well as suggestions, and tried and true ways to ‘re-wire’ your body and your brain, so that you can have instant access to your own internal feedback system – and take back your own innate power to heal!

Buy Follow The Feeling on Amazon at:

About Lisa West:

I have spent most of my adult life exploring and learning many different ways to address physical, energetic and emotional pain. My largest interest lies in the relationship between the physical & energetic bodies and how the mind, body & spirit intertwine. And I enjoy writing about what I find.

I grew up in the Midwest and received my bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from Saint Louis University in 1995. I began to practice yoga shortly after that, and began teaching yoga in 2000. My physical therapy and bodywork career has been focused on orthopedic injuries with special interest and attention to the fascial system, the spine and chronic pain.

I have taken a multitude of continuing education courses in various forms of manual therapy, including John Barnes Myofascial Release, Upledger Craniosacral Therapy and Certification in Lymphedema treatment along with many techniques in Joint Mobilization, Muscle Energy Techniques and Soft Tissue Mobilization. I currently live in Ventura, California.

In my free time I love reading, being in nature, spending time with my favorite people and my cats, and learning as much as I can about this wild and magical place we live in and our amazing bodies that carry us through it!

Contact Lisa West at


Ask Dr. Bunny. Overcoming opioid addiction and reclaiming your life? Dr. Randy Nordyke, guest.

Dr. Randy Nordyke

Dr. Randy Nordyke joins Dr. Bunny to discuss pain, opioids, addiction, and getting your life back.  Dr. Nordyke shares a very personal story about having knee replacement, surviving 9 blood clots, becoming addicted to opioids, his journey to overcoming opioid addiction and reclaiming his life.

Tune in as Dr. Nordyke tells us about the scariest night of his life, and the lesson he learned from this whole experience.  We’ll also learn about what Dr. Nordyke is doing to help others avoid opioid addiction.


About Dr. Randy Nordyke:

Dr. Randy Nordyke is an experienced medical professional who has enjoyed a 30-year career working as a doctor, entrepreneur, product innovator, and mentor. After spending several years as a professional motocross racer, a number of injuries forced Dr. Nordyke to retire from the sport and pursue occupation elsewhere. Dealing with his injuries opened his eyes to how incredibly rewarding a career in medicine would be. He followed this interest and found practicing medicine to be incredibly fulfilling, enjoying especially treating difficult or unusual cases. In a way, practicing medicine gives Dr. Randy Nordyke the same kind of thrill and excitement that had first drawn him to motocross years before.

Dr. Randy Nordyke is most proud of his surgical procedure that treats nail fungus. Due to health or environmental reasons, the finger- and toenails of some individuals become distorted and disfigured, causing undue embarrassment and shame in physical appearance. Dr. Nordyke developed a procedure that can take even the worst-looking nails and restore them to their original glory and help them look normal again. Although nail fungus is certainly a minor concern in the scope of practicing medicine, it can inhibit people’s lives in many ways. Now, these patients — with the help of Dr. Randy Nordyke — have regained the confidence to wear open-toed shoes in public and visit the beach with family and friends without fear. His technique proved to be a truly life-changing procedure that gave back many great aspects of people’s lives.

Furthermore, within his work in medicine, Dr. Randy Nordyke has greatly enjoyed his entrepreneurial pursuits as well, developing life-changing products and procedures, including his Wound Honey. Dr. Nordyke’s Wound Honey is a product that was and is now being sold all across the globe. Wound Honey provides a safe and sanitary option for minor cuts and wounds that has proven extremely beneficial in helping people who do not have the ability or the resources to seek medical attention to treat their injuries.

Now, Dr. Nordyke has developed what he feels is his best product to date; INSPIRIT CBD Crème. This cannabinoid-based creme is a breakthrough Pain Crème that has no negative side effects, yet is highly effective in reducing pain and inflammation for people who chronically suffer from joint or inflammatory pain. This product can, in many cases replace, or at least reduce, the need for over the counter pain medications, for which more and more negative side-effects are being discovered all the time.

Rob 20 Foundation:

Dr. Randy Nordyke is committed to making serious changes within the United States’ pharmaceutical industry, specifically reducing the number of opiate prescriptions. Although the United States makes up only 5% of the world’s population, it’s citizens consume 99% of all Vicodin and 86% of all pain medication combined. While there has been legislation introduced to reduce the number of prescriptions, and there is evidence that it has reduced these numbers ever so slightly, greater awareness needs to be made.

In an effort to address this growing problem, Dr. Randy Nordyke has worked to establish the Rob 20 Foundation, which stands for Reduce Opiates by 20%. This non-profit will work to create an awareness campaign through online channels and speaking events with physician groups so that they can educate the public on this “epidemic of opiates.” The foundation will also provide resources for patients and physicians who are abusing drugs and/or alcohol.

Dr. Nordyke states that every physician understands that there is an epidemic with opiates in America, but what they do not understand is that every single doctor that over-prescribes is part of the problem. Rob 20 Foundation hopes to change that perspective, by making every doctor accountable to help make a positive change with this American epidemic.

Contact Dr. Randy Nordyke at

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Ask Dr. Bunny. A journalist and Fulbright scholar? Charles Crumpley, guest.

Charles Crumpley

Charles Crumpley, publisher, editor and columnist at the San Fernando Valley Business Journal, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss his career in journalism, as well as being a Fulbright Scholar.

Charles is a very interesting person and shares some wonderful stories about his time being a journalist in Japan. We’ll also learn about Charles’ incredible history in journalism, and the journey that brought him to being publisher, editor and columnist at the San Fernando Valley Business Journal.

Charles shares his views on the future of the traditional newspaper in print, digital news, and what, ideally, he would love to see happen, if he had a ‘magic wand’.

Tune in for a fascinating interview!

About Charles Crumpley:

Charles weighs in each week with his opinion – his “Comment” – about local business. While he pats the heads of those who make prescient or brave decisions, he’s not afraid to kick the shins of businesses that make dunderheaded moves or governments that interfere with free markets. It can be newsy, it can be opinionated, or it can be funny, but the Comment column is always about business in Los Angeles County.

Charles Crumpley has been a reporter, writer or editor for 30 years, mostly with daily newspapers. He was born and raised in Kansas City, MO, and worked for years for the Kansas City Star, mainly as a senior financial writer. He was the editor of the business news section for two daily newspapers, including the New Orleans Times-Picayune. He has won four national journalism awards and studied Japanese banking and business practices in Tokyo as a senior Fulbright scholar. He has been editor of the Los Angeles Business Journal since January 2006.

The History of the Fulbright Program (from Wikipedia):

In 1945, Senator J. William Fulbright proposed a bill to use the proceeds from selling surplus U.S. government war property to fund international exchange between the U.S. and other countries. With the crucial timing of the aftermath of the Second World War and with the pressing establishment of the United Nations, the Fulbright Program was an attempt to promote peace and understanding through educational exchange. The bill devised a plan to forgo the debts foreign countries amassed during the war and in return for funding an international educational program. It was through the belief that this program would be an essential vehicle to promote peace and mutual understanding between individuals, institutions and future leaders wherever they may be.

On August 1, 1946, President Harry S. Truman signed the bill into law, and Congress created the Fulbright Program in what became the largest education exchange program in history.

Since it began, the program has operated on a bi-national basis; each country active in the Fulbright Program has entered into an agreement with the U.S. government. The first countries to sign agreements were China in 1947 and Burma, the Philippines, and Greece in 1948.

Contact Charles Crumpley via the San Fernando Valley Business Journal website:

Interested in subscribing to the San Fernando Valley Business Journal?  Click here:

Ask Dr. Bunny. What is Elevated Resources? Bruce Ferguson, guest.

Bruce Ferguson

Bruce Ferguson, COO and co-founder of Elevated Resources, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss Elevated Resources, a contingent workforce management firm.

Elevated Resources works with companies who hire temporary workers.  Most companies have full time employees, but they also hire temporary workers, and that’s where Elevated Resources can be of assistance.  Imagine trying to handle the ins and outs of hundreds of temporary employees at any given time – you would definitely need a professional company to keep things organized. Bruce explains the fascinating process of this specialized service.

Bruce also explains the “gig economy” that many millennials favor – for instance, working a temporary job for 6 months, then traveling for 2 months, then picking up another temporary job.  This is why more and more businesses are moving to a higher mix of contingent workers versus full time workers.

We’ll also hear a very sweet story of how Bruce met his wife, got married for the first time at age 51, and is now the proud father of triplets!

This is a great interview you don’t want to miss!

About Elevated Resources:

Elevated Resources is a premier, global talent acquisition & management service provider dedicated to helping middle-market companies build talent-driven organizations through identifying, hiring and retaining exemplary talent. Founded in 2007, Elevated Resources is a rapidly growing, Inc. 500 Company.

We lead the industry by integrating best-practice processes and flexibly scalable resources and world class technology tools into the Talent Acquisition & Management functions of our clients. Our approach supports the efforts of our client to transform their human resources activities into value-added channels for branding their companies as the career progression choice in their industry.

Elevated Resources’s consultative approach is aimed at designing, implementing and operating our proven talent acquisition programs by seamlessly integrating our people, systems, experience and technology with each client’s existing talent acquisition and contingent talent management functions.

Contact Bruce Ferguson by e-mail:

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