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Dyanne Van Der Kamp: My Journey To A Healthy Weight – My 2nd week!

My 2nd Week:  After One Session Of Hypnotherapy, I Certainly Am Committed.

Every night listen to Dr. Bunny’s  hypnotherapy CD, as instructed, for a half hour before bed time.

I feel dyanne_2_2borderhappy, but I am scared.   I posted my ‘before’ picture on social media and the responses were overwhelming.

I am afraid at this point. What if I fail?  I have never been able to lose weight.  “Dr. Bunny has advised me not say, ‘lose’. She said when the subconscious hears that word (lose), it wants to go find it, again.  Maybe that is why I haven’t been successful, I have the wrong approach.”

I did kick the sugar habit long ago, and now I don’t like how sugar makes me feel when I eat it. It makes me thirsty and gives me a weird feeling in my mouth.

I was diagnosed with insulin resistance. That is one of the major reasons that I have had this weight problem my entire life and used to crave sugar. Is that a problem for anyone else?

Most people get told, these days, that they are pre-diabetic from their blood work.

My numbers do not show that, but a more extensive blood test did prove that my body does not process sugar properly.

I eat pretty clean and stay away from obvious carbohydrates such as cookies, cakes, muffins, rice, and bread, but that has not been enough for me.

Am I alone in this battle?

Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Dyanne @ Cell: 805-717-9316


You can reach Dr. Bunny @ 805-482-8111


You can order the 6 session, “Lose Weight And Keep It Off” CD Set that Dyanne is using @



Dyanne Van Der Kamp: Podcast No. 1 – The Beginning Of My Journey To A Healthy Weight

Dyanne_1_2_20_17_border2Hi, my name is Dyanne Van Der Kamp and I am first generation American born of Cuban parents, in California, in 1968.

I have achieved many accomplishments in my life such as graduating with a Master’s in Business Administration. I have had successful careers in banking, local government, federal government and, now, real estate.

I am passionate about life and sharing my knowledge and experience with others.

I am married to my soul mate, John, and I  share a beautiful home with John and our two canine kids for over 14 years.

Although I  have been blessed in all these successes, I  have struggled with my weight and do not feel healthy.

Now, I am honored to share my journey to my goal to a healthy weight and I invite you to join me in my journey.

Embarking On My Journey To A Healthy Weight 

In my first interview with Dr. Bunny Vreeland, we discussed my lifelong struggle with food and being at a healthy weight.

I explained that I have never been a yo-yo dieter, and only recall being on a diet, once, when I reached 199 lbs.

After learning to eat properly, I had reached 160 lbs within 3 months without exercise, by simply eating well balanced portions.

 Then, the Northridge earthquake struck and I lost my momentum and have never been at a healthy weight, since.

I lived in my family home very close to the epicenter. We slept in the car in the driveway for a couple days during the aftershocks because it was too scary to go in the house.

I feel that I have so many stories about my weight in my head that makes it nearly impossible for me to get rid of this problem, including the birth story that I shared. I was born 5 lbs 1/4 oz when I was born. My mother said that I didn’t want to eat and it scared her, how small I was.

She asked the pediatrician for assistance to fattening me up, and I believe she told me that he responded that she would regret it.

I have finally kicked the sugar habit that I had as a child and some of my adult life.  I eat healthier than I ever have, and I still haven’t been able to change my weight.  Join me on my journey with this new approach in meeting my goal of a healthy weight with Hypnotherapy.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Dyanne @ Cell: 805-717-9316


Dr. Bunny

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