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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 269

News Item:   YouTube bans vaccine nonsense, such as claims that vaccines alter genetic makeup

nePhoto by Braňo on UnsplashNews Item:   FCC Proposal Targets SIM Swapping, Port-Out Fraud

News Item:   FCC orders phone carriers to enforce unlawful robocall blocking

News Item:   California DMV gives Cruise and Waymo OK to charge for rides

News Item:   Epic Games Store, Discord, and Zoom all join Windows 11’s more flexible app store

News Item:   Russian authorities arrest cybersecurity giant Group-IB’s CEO on treason charges

News Item:   S.Korea broadband firm sues Netflix after traffic surge from ‘Squid Game’

News Item:   Tech giants brace for impact in India as new payments rule goes into effect

News Item:   Russia Threatens Retaliation After YouTube Deletes RT Germany Account


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 268

News Item:   Flying Microchips The Size Of A Sand Grain Could Be Used For Population Surveillance

News Item:   Tech firms’ nightmare: Vanishing green cards

News Item:   First RISC-V computer chip lands at the European Processor Initiative

News Item:   The Fed is evaluating whether to launch a digital currency and in what form, Powell says

News Item:   Researcher drops three iOS zero-days that Apple refused to fix

News Item:   Google Photos’ nude-friendly folders coming to all Android phones soon

News Item:   Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou to be released after agreement with U.S. in wire fraud case

News Item:   Today’s Students Don’t Understand the Basics of Computer Operations

News Item:   EU proposes mandatory USB-C on all devices, including iPhones


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 267

Sue Nethercott   I can paste the text from a web site into Word, and it will (mostly) preserve the formatting and links. A friend who uses Apple Pages can’t seem to work out how to do the same, and only gets the text. Surely it is possible. Any advice, please?

News Item:   You Can Scrap The Password For Your Microsoft Account And Sign In With An App

Courtesy of Apple Computers

News Item:   LAPD officers told to collect social media data on every civilian they stop

News Item:   Researchers Defeated Advanced Facial Recognition Tech Using Makeup

News Item:   Microsoft suggests those divisive Windows 11 system specs deliver a 99.8% crash-free experience

News Item:   Apple and Google cave to Putin’s censors, block Navalny app as election begins

News Item:   Ireland fails to enforce EU law against Big Tech

News Item:   U.S. to sanction crypto exchanges, wallets used by ransomware

News Item:   El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law Is a Farce

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 266

K Edward Lynch   Installing office 365 seems to provide word and excel 2010… are those the latest versions?

Courtesy of Microsoft

News Item:   Miscreants fling booby-trapped Office files at victims, no patch yet, says Microsoft

News Item:   Amazon Unveils First of Its Own Smart TVs, Will Bring TikTok to Fire TV in U.S. and Canada

News Item:   WhatsApp Will Finally Let Users Encrypt Their Chat Backups in the Cloud

News Item:   Apple won’t let Epic bring Fortnite back to South Korea’s App Store

News Item:   Apple pays hackers six figures to find bugs in its software. Then it sits on their findings.

News Item:   Facebook Users Liable for All Comments Under Their Posts, According to Australia High Court

News Item:   KrebsOnSecurity Hit By Huge New IoT Botnet “Meris”

News Item:   China’s regulators said to slow their approval of new online games, as Beijing’s campaign against gaming addiction heats up

News Item: is launching an anti-Facebook encryption push.

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 265

K Edward Lynch   How do people make money mining bitcoin?

News Item:   GM suspends production at North American plants amid ongoing chip shortages


Courtesy of Unsplash

News Item:   Apple concedes to let apps like Netflix, Spotify, and Kindle link to the web to sign up

News Item:   The Red Warning Light on Richard Branson’s Space Flight

News Item:   China bans online gaming for minors except from 8 pm-9 pm Friday to Sunday

News Item:   TV streaming service Locast suspends service after court ruling

News Item:   Your iPhone will be able to store your driver’s license in these eight states

News Item:   Old PCs are getting booted out of the Windows 11 Insider Preview

News Item:   Only Humans, Not AI Machines, Can Get a US Patent, Judge Rules

News Item:   Windows 11 arrives on October 5, Android apps will come later

News Item:   This Room Could Wirelessly Charge All Your Devices

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 264

Sue Nethercott   Which are the best makes of keyboards and mice?

Logitech Keyboard

Lisa Toth   Why does Microsoft have the TPM requirement for Windows 11?

News Item:   TSMC hikes chip prices up to 20% amid supply shortage

News Item:   Survey results predict a surprisingly positive reception to Windows 11

News Item:   Apple will finally let devs tell users about non-App Store purchase options

News Item:   S.Korea parliament committee votes to curb Google, Apple commission dominance

News Item:   Samsung South Africa activates TV Block function to render all TV sets useless that were looted and stolen in July.

News Item:   Toyota pauses Paralympics self-driving buses after one hits visually impaired athlete

News Item:   Cuba to recognize — and regulate — cryptocurrencies

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 263

K. Edward Lynch What does this mean? “HTTP DDoS attacks reach unprecedented 17 million requests per second”.

News Item:   Why Those Anti-Covid Plastic Barriers Probably Don’t Help and May Make Things Worse

DDoS Attack

News Item:   Cisco won’t fix zero-day RCE vulnerability in end-of-life VPN routers

News Item:   How AI-powered tech landed man in jail with scant evidence

News Item:   FTC: Facebook was bad at business, so it “illegally bought or buried” competition

News Item:   iPhone owners plagued by ‘no service’ bug after iOS 14.7.1 upgrade

News Item:   Amazon Killed the Name Alexa

News Item:   Amazon plans to open its own department stores

News Item:   Toyota to cut global production by 40%

News Item:   China passes data protection law

News Item:   How did the Taliban take over Afghanistan so quickly

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 262

Judy Griffin Taylour   What do you think of windirstat?

Computer Management

Tony Pizza   I want to partition my C: disk to have a D: for data. I believe I have to shrink the C volume, then format the new unallocated space and give it a drive letter. Am I missing anything? Should I defrag first?

News Item:   Norton LifeLock to acquire security rival Avast

News Item:   Windows 11 is getting updated snipping tool, calculator, and mail apps

News Item:   Firefox 91 release adds new site-wide cookie-clearing action

News Item:   Nvidia reveals its CEO was computer generated in keynote speech

News Item:   Activist raided by police after downloading London property firm’s ‘confidential’ meeting minutes from Google Search

News Item:   AT&T delays 500,000 fiber-to-the-home builds due to severe fiber shortage

News Item:   Cryptomining botnet alters CPU settings to boost mining performance

News Item:   House lawmakers join Senate in targeting app stores

News Item:   Russian space officials try to blame NASA astronaut for Soyuz air leak in 2018

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 261

K Edward Lynch   What’s up with windows 365?

News Item:   Actively exploited bug bypasses authentication on millions of routers

Windows 365

News Item:   Microsoft is merging its OneNote apps for Windows

News Item:   Microsoft wonders if disabling just-in-time compilation of JavaScript improves browser security

News Item:   America enlists Big Tech to help it develop and execute cyber security plans

News Item:   Apple to scan iPhones for child sex abuse images

News Item:   Governments wants AI ‘nudifying’ tool banned

News Item:   Russia tells UN it wants vast expansion of cybercrime offenses, plus network backdoors, online censorship

News Item:   Huawei to America: You’re not taking cyber-security seriously until you let China vouch for us

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 260

Ray Escobedo   Is there a way to get rid of those messages and ads that appear on the bottom right side of the screen when you open windows 10?

Sue Nethercott   Sometimes after my new computer has gone to sleep, when I wake it up it ignores the speakers and I just get quiet tinny sound. I can’t see any obvious setting having changed, and unplugging then plugging the speakers back in makes no difference. I’ve had to restart the computer to get sound back. Any idea why it happens, and is there an easier way to fix it?

News Item:   Your old Kindle e-reader will lose internet connectivity later this year

News Item:   VPN servers seized by Ukrainian authorities weren’t encrypted

News Item:   Amazon hit with $887 million fine by European privacy watchdog

News Item:   Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Will Start Making 2nm Chips

News Item:   Windows 11 now has its first beta release

News Item:   Here’s 30 servers Russian intelligence uses to fling malware at the West

News Item:   China Orders 25 Tech Giants To Fix Raft of Problems


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