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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 87

Microsoft team uses Blockchain

Fred Krueger   how do I join your podcast

Toby Scott   Just received a recorded call at work: “If you don’t hit 1 now to speak to a representative, Google will report that your business is permanently closed.”

News Item:   Microsoft February Patch Tuesday Fixes 50 Security Issues

News Item:   Microsoft: We’re developing blockchain ID system starting with our Authenticator app

News Item:   Rapid Ransomware Being Spread Using Fake IRS Malspam

News Item:   Olympic Destroyer Data-Wiping Malware Is More Complex Than Previously Thought

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 86

Facebook Watch gaining traction

John Norbutas   I am looking for alternative methods for password protecting pdf files. I have an older version of Adobe Acrobat on an older computer. Anything newer and cheaper?

Tony Pizza   Just got one of those pop-up scarewares warning me my computer was hosed. Since clicking anywhere in an attempt to close it might do something bad, I used ALT-F4 to close the window and browser.

Judy Taylour   My HP laptop goes to a black screen in less than 5 minutes — especially today when I had to sit here and forward the e-mail with the links to more than 50 people who registered after 6am ET. It seems I would just turn my back and I’d have to wiggle my mouse and click again on Sign in.

News Item:  Facebook Watch is growing more rapidly than YouTube

News Item:  Chrome has a bug that allows a malicious website to freeze your browser.  Sites are using it to pop up a “You have a virus” warning with a phone number to call.  Since the browser is frozen the victim is more likely to be taken in and call.

News Item   World Police Take Down “Infraud” Carding Operation

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 85

Microsoft Office 2019

News Item:   Starting March 1st 2018, Windows Defender and other Microsoft products will begin to remove programs that display coercive behavior designed to pressure a user into purchasing their software. 

News Item:   Bitcoin price drops to $6,250, Dow Jones drops 1,175 to 24,345 on 2/5/18

News Item:   Microsoft Office 2019 Will Work on Windows 10 Exclusively

News Item:   Windows 10 Overtakes Windows 7 to Become Most Popular Windows Version

News Item:   Microsoft is about to kill off its Windows 10 S — sort of

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 84

Lisa Toth   I took my phone to the store I bought it from. After re-setting the SDcard manually and trying to re-set it digitally, they decided the card may be bad. They said I may be able to get the pictures off with my computer.  Visit for program

News Item:  Car hacking is real and dangerous

News Item:  New tech helps insurance company monitor your driving

News Item:  Meltdown & Spectre Update


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 83

the EU GDPR overhaul for 2018

News Item:   Intel asks customers to halt patching for chip bug, citing flaw         

News Item:   Hacker Might Have Stolen the Healthcare Data for Half of Norway’s Population

News Item:   The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

News Item:   APCUG’s 2018 Winter Virtual Technology Conference

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 82

Data Loss Prevention tips

We are on vacation this week, so we have pre-recorded this show.  As we can’t talk about current news, we have decided to talk about security — an always current topic.

  1. How can I secure my online accounts?
  2. 2-factor authentication
  3. Long passwords
  4. Use names rather than email addresses wherever possible
  5. Good security questions
  6. How do I keep track of passwords?
  7. Cloud:  LastPass or Roboforms
  8. Print out passwords and put in safe deposit box
  9. How should I backup my data?
  10. You need 3 copies of your data:  your computer, a local backup device and cloud
  11. If you delete the data off your computer but still want it safe, you need to add another device to the list
  12. Local backups are:
  13.           A second hard drive in a desktop computer that is dedicated for backup
  14.           A USB device you can plug into the computer

                          iii.          A NAS device

  1. Use the cloud that fits into your daily use.  If you are a Mac user, use the Apple iCloud; a Google Docs user, use Google Drive; a Microsoft Office user, use Microsoft OneDrive.  Alternatively, you can use a dedicated could backup service like Carbonite or Mozy.
  2. The local backup should be an image backup, while the cloud should be data only.

 And Final Comments

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 81

new WPA3 wireless

Lisa Toth   Several of my Last Pass sites don’t automatically sign in anymore. It seems to be the financial institutions. When I copy the info from Last Pass and paste it into the sign in dialog box, I can log in ok. Have you experienced this?

Lisa Toth   I just received this note: I cannot find out if it is real. Anyone get something like this?  “A password request was initiated on your behalf by our system at Marketing and Blah Blah.  Your password is: [jumbled text]”

News Item:   WPA3 standard announced.  Devices coming later this year

News Item:   Virtually all Processors Made in the Last Decade Might Have a Massive Security Flaw

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 80

IRS looking to online tax returns

Lisa Toth   Where is the best (or maybe only) place to buy Office 365.

Roger Houston   I have had a slightly different problem. Twice in 3.6 years, my Samsung GS5 had lost the directory in my installed micro SD card. The card could not be read by any PC either. I changed to another card with the same result. Recently I had to reformat it in order to see it. I lost any info on the card. I do not remember if I dropped the cellphone, causing an intermittent electrical connection?????

Lisa Toth   Because of my vision problems I have my computer set up so most everything is bigger than usual. Sometimes, I can’t get to the “post” or “submit” button in Facebook. Trying to make the page smaller so I can scroll down doesn’t work, trying to drag the page smaller doesn’t work. I end up copying the link from the url cell, and pasting it in FB etc.  Any work around you know of?

Craig Ladd   uBlock Origin has been discussed before, is there another add-on that is equally good ?

Lisa Toth  I saw a message that said: micro SD unexpectedly dismounted. I can’t figure out a way other than to take the phone apart to get it re-mounted.

News Item:  The IRS Data Verification Modernization Act of 2017, recently introduced in Congress by Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), would set up an application programming interface (API) at the IRS.

News Item:  Flaws in Sonos and Bose Smart Speakers Let Hackers Play Pranks on Users

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 79

iphone battery fix

Roger Houston   Does Onedrive photos and docs still reside somewhere on my PC? And secondly, I WANT to store or move ALL of my docs to Onedrive so I can see/modify them from another computer, is this a good idea? I know they are in the cloud also. But are all my items synced or just stored?

Roger Houston   Same for G-photos [or Sony photos]. are they synced [deleted in the cloud if I delete them on my PC], or are they just copied and remain there forever? I am not sure if this is the better way to back up my photos [with a 5MB limit per]

Lisa Toth   Since the last update of Firefox my TinyUrl add on has been disabled. Any options?

K Edward Lynch   Are there any affordable software products that actually recover lost data when a HD goes dark???

Andy Toth   I enjoyed the presentation on preparing your data for a total disaster. Office 365 looks promising.  My biggest concern is the licensing for nonprofits.  If we have to lease Office 365, we can’t afford $100+ a month. I guess we should start the move to Libre Office.

Lisa Toth   Tell us more about the fall creators update. What’s broken what’s better.

News Item:  Drivesavers fights data loss from Southern California fires with free data recovery

News Item:  Apple reduces speed of iPhones as batteries wear out, report suggests

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 78

Blockchain workings

Lisa Toth  In Whole foods market, you can order something from and have it delivered to Whole foods. They have a bank of lockers you can have stuff delivered to as long as one is available.

Lisa Toth   Trying to get pics from my LG K20 phone. When we first got it, it could see the pics on my micro sd card. Now it seems only to see the pics I’ve taken since I got the phone.  Plus, I can’t figure out how to download them to my computer. 

Lisa Toth  “The Australian Securities Exchange will soon become the world’s first stock market to implement blockchain technology.”  What is blockchain?

News Item   Twitter will now let you publish an entire tweetstorm all at once

News Item   Mozilla Angers Firefox Users After Force-Installing Mr. Robot Promo Add-On

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