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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 67

more on equifax

Kathy Van Slyke   Does anyone know if is a legitimate site? Ads for them have appeared on various sites and some of their prices are low enough to be suspicious.

Lisa Toth   I have a Pinterest button, the last pass button and the ublock origin button in the upper right space next to the search cell in Firefox. Can’t remember what it is called. Can I put a one note button there too?

Lisa Toth   I no longer have the button on the task bar that has the three one note options for adding.  I haven’t been able to get things into One Note except by using the print function and choosing OneNote.

Message for Andy Toth, the latest Opera now imports Edge Favorites.

News Item:   Google warns that govt is demanding more of your private data than ever

News Item:   You published an article about the Equifax breach and what to do about it.  Where can users read it and what are the highlights?

Q&A with CIPCUG Session No.66

Janet van Duinwyk   Three weeks ago my HP 8710 printer was happily printing my reports and then it abruptly stopped.  I tried rebooting but that didn’t help.  2 days ago I turned on my computer and my printer started spitting out reports.  What happened and how do I fix it if it happens again?

Andy Toth   When my windows phone’s battery gets critically low, the phone beeps periodically. I turn the phone off but it turns itself on after a period of time to inform me the battery is critically low.

John Weigle   In Firefox, Chrome and Opera, clicking on a mailto link takes me to a Google search page rather than opening my email program (Thunderbird).  How do I select my default program for email?

Andy Toth   I downloaded and installed opera. I’ve been using edge browser. How do I get opera to install my edge favorites?

Lisa Toth   In Facebook, sometimes when a person shares something the post does not have a share button. Why is that?

Lisa Toth   When I sent something to OneNote I am offered options as to where to put it. However, once I click on a folder, I have to choose a page in the folder. Am I missing how to add a page to place the new info?

Lisa Toth   Sometimes The material I want to add to one note is several pages long. If I want to move those pages to another one note page can I select all of the pages I want to move?

News Item:  Open or create your personal my Social Security account

Q&A Session 65

This July 21, 2012, photo shows Equifax Inc., offices in Atlanta. Credit monitoring company Equifax says a breach exposed social security numbers and other data from about 143 million Americans. The Atlanta-based company said Thursday, Sept. 7, 2017, that “criminals” exploited a U.S. website application to access files between mid-May and July of this year. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart)

Lisa Toth   I have found a site called unit converter. It has a wealth of conversion charts for all kinds of measurements.  I’d like to create a way to have quick access to this site.

Bill Hinds   Is there a way to get LastPass for an iPad for free? It looks like I have to buy the premium version for $24.

News Item:   Google deletes Android backups if you don’t use your phone for two months

News Item:   Apple announced 3 new phones, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

News Item:   The Equifax breech was possible because they didn’t install updates to Apache Struts web-application software. The whole thing was completely avoidable by proper maintenance.

Q&A session 64

Jerry Crocker   The NextRadio app lets you experience live and local FM radio on your smartphone without logging into your

Amazon’s Alexa

data feed. Get a real-time view of what’s playing on-air, plus live FM feeds directly to your phone.

News Item:  Alexa, Cortana, Google, Siri user? Watch out for these inaudible command attacks

News Item:  Malware Author Uses Same Skype ID to Run IoT Botnet and Apply for Jobs

News Item:  U.S. House of Representatives passes new bipartisan self-driving car bill


News Item:  Equifax reveals hack that likely exposed data of 143 million customers

Q &A: Session 63

China demands source code

Craig Ladd   Android, tablet still won’t let me do original posts, only comments on posts – but can do original posts on FB app

John Weigle   I just had a frustrating experience trying to print a PDF. Using Acrobat Reader, page 2 could not be printed. I turned the HP printer off and back on, as it said to do, but the page still kept coming out blank. I wasted several sheets of paper before thinking of trying it with a different program, Foxit Reader, and page 2 printed. Any ideas why?

Tony Pizza   Can Echo access Pandora?

News Item:  We need to nationalise Google, Facebook and Amazon.

News Item:  Chinese Agency Linked to Cyber-Espionage Operations Will Review Source Code of Foreign Firms.

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 62

Amazon buys Whole Foods

Lisa Toth:   I’m having problems replying to emails. Sometimes the receiver actually got the message but they get it multiple times and I get multiple “message returned” messages.  I am using Windows Live on my windows 10 laptop.

Rosalie Sherbrooke:   Is anyone else having a problem with LastPass today? It will not load in Chrome and when I got it to work in Edge and ‘launched’ one of my sites, it just took me there, without logging me in. Their icons, on the right of the login/password bars, were not there.

News Item:  Before you use an ATM machine, turn on bluetooth on your phone.  If you see a long computer name trying to connect, don’t use the machine.

News Item:   Why a dumb phone is a smart phone

News Item:  What is behind the Amazon / Whole Food merger and the Google / Walmart tie-up?

Q&A with CIPCUG No. 61

Google Extensions

John Weigle   I’m finding myself surrounded with cables. What are your thoughts on wireless keyboards and mice for a cluttered condo?

Tony Pizza   At one of the meetings Toby suggested what download sites to use, and not use. I checked my notes, and they are inscrutable. Possibly CNET was ok? What about FossHub?

Roger Houston   Question #1 for Office 365. Will Office 365, Outlook be able to download and install my Contacts and Calendar from iCloud?  I am ready to consider buying Office 365 Home for syncing across platforms [without iCloud] and for the 1TB x 5 cloud it offers.

Roger Houston   Question #2: Are there any other reliable and easy to use solutions or apps, without breaking the bank?

Bill Hinds   How do I close a briefcase in Windows 10? The briefcases are left over from Windows XP.

Lisa Toth   What do you think about pushbullet?

News Item:   Eight Chrome Extensions Hijacked to Deliver Malicious Code to 4.8 Million Users

Q&A with CIPCUG No. 60

do you have the right password?

Paddy Ruzella   How do I remove My Way from Google Chrome? Step by step info. needed. Thanks

Sue Nethercott   I’ve a friend in Oklahoma who, every now and then, keeps getting “page cannot be displayed” for nearly every site although she seems to have a connection. She can get to google, but that is probably cached. She often gets kicked off at roughly the same time each day.

Craig Ladd   Android smartphone, for some reason Firefox is slower than Chrome – you discussed about it being quicker

News Item:  On the heels of a multitude of security patches last Tuesday, Adobe has issued security patches to both Flash and Acrobat Reader.

News Item:   Many or most color laser printers print secret microdots that can be seen under magnification.  The codes tell the date of printing and the MAC address of the printer.

News Item:   Bill Burr, the author of an influential guide to computer passwords says he now regrets several of the tips he gave.

Q&A with CIPCUG session 59

Swedish Technology Concept - Flag of Sweden in Binary Code - 3D Illustration

Swedish Technology Concept – Flag of Sweden in Binary Code – 3D Illustration

Lisa Toth:   Another question: Also a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned the updates my 2 in 1 needs and that I had deleted 4 I did not think I needed.  Is there a way to find out what they were and get the updates back?

Lisa Toth:   I have files I have downloaded and am not able to open them without right clicking on the file name in my download folder.  Most of the time when I download something it is not a program or app.

News Item:   International police had infiltrated the dark web Hansa network before they shut it down. Now Dutch police are reusing the same login credentials elsewhere to confiscate assets. How does a criminal hacker use same username and password elsewhere? We try to tell users not to do this, but one would assume the hackers would know better.

News Item:   20,000 account records stolen from health insurance provider Anthem

News Item:   Sweden managed to upload all their transportation data  to the cloud, without password protection and without encryption. You can get names, photos, addresses, phone numbers for every member of the military, even secret units. You can get the same information on anyone under investigation for crimes, anyone on witness protection, anyone with a car — virtually everything about nearly everyone in Sweden is an open book

Q&A With CIPCUG, Session 58


Sandra Gelso:   If I use Boingo overseas is it more secure than an airport lounge or hotel wifi?

John Weigle:   CoffeCup’s HTML editor wouldn’t let me open itself or reinstall it because, my administrator had blocked the program.  I just checked and found out that right clicking on the shortcut and selecting run as administrator worked.

Sue Nethercott:  If somebody is having trouble reaching several sites, but not all, and others elsewhere are not having the same problem, what’s the best site for checking if there are any temporary bottlenecks in an area?

John Weigle News Item:  Scammers are calling people and saying the IRS has a refund for them but needs their full name, Social Security number and other details so it can send you the check.

Toby Scott News Item:   Some interesting things coming in the Windows 10 Fall update.

News Item:   Microsoft commits to eliminating Flash support in Windows by 2020

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