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Q&A With CIPCUG, Session 24

gooliganSue Nethercott My search is screwed. I was searching for a file in my directory, but the search never ended and now whenever I open a directory, it seems to be trying to search everything (goodness knows what for), and I am limited in what I can do.

Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo The difference between malware and viruses. Why the antivirus my not look for malware

Sue Nethercott How to change a website from defaulting to something else to defaulting to index.html, if you cannot find a .htaccess file doing the overruling. the config file looks ok.

Darrell  Peck  what can I do to correct the error message I get on a regular basis? “Your IMAP server closed the connection.”

Craig Ladd (article)  security researchers from Check Point Software Technologies have found this new malware family, that it calls Gooligan (probably inspired by hooligans) has comprised about 1 million accounts.

Sue Nethercott (article) Working out the card number, expiry date and security code of any Visa credit or debit card can take as little as six seconds and uses nothing more than guesswork, new research has shown.

Toby Scott (article)  Hidden code that tracked visitors to a child sex abuse image website has been discovered by its members.

Q&A With CIPCUG, Session 23

Tony Pizza At Saturday’s meeting Michael demonstrated getting a Perfect Paper Password with a bunch of random numbers.muniThis would be fine as long as you had the paper. What do you think of using an MD5 hash from one of the many hash sites?

Tony Pizza Also, what does it mean to crack the password? Doesn’t each possible solution have to be tried to see if it’s correct, and the bank or whatever site might lock the hacker out after a number of tries.

Sue Nethercott A chat I regularly visit uses Java, so I can’t get there with Chrome. The other day, I suddenly couldn’t get there with Firefox either, getting the message “This Chat Software requires Java”.

News Item:  San Francisco Transport System (Muni) was hacked by HDDCryptor (another Crypto virus). Hackers demanded $70,000 in bitcoin, but rather than pay Muni simply turned off the turnstiles, giving everyone free rides until they could regroup.

Craig Ladd  Posted an article that warned us to beware of Image Files spreading Ransomware on Facebook & LinkedIn

News Item:  Security contractors recently discovered preinstalled software in some Android phones that monitors where users go, whom they talk to and what they write in text messages.

Q&A With CIPCUG, Session 22

Sandra Gelso  Why does LastPass sometimes ask me if I want it to save my password and sometimes it doesn’t?atoth6e05c_z

Lisa Toth   I need to create a recovery point on my new laptop. Where do I find that option? Also shouldn’t I be creating new recovery points regularly?

Lisa Toth   I’m thinking of setting up a Gramps account. I have some info in and some at Family tree .com. I don’t have current accounts with either and I am not sure how to get the little bit of data I have collected over to Gramps.

Jerry Schrum   I changed my sign in for both Google & Yahoo to 2-step verification. Ever since, I have been unable to access my gmail or any other Google function via Firefox. Also, I am unable to access gmail or my Yahoo email account via Thunderbird.  I can access the Yahoo email via signing in to the Yahoo website. However, I rather prefer Firefox and Thunderbird (as mail client); is it possible to fix this issue, or are both programs simply incompatible with 2-step verification?

Lisa Toth  I have not added plug ins to my browser or any program. I am confused about how to decide what plug in to use, what they do, trusted places to get them.

Dc Peck   I would like to access my office computer from home. Both are Win7 Pro.

Jerry Crocker   When I open edge- How do I set the size of the window. I have a 27″ screen and don’t want edge to OPEN full screen or 1/4 screen…I never know what size will pop up

Lisa Toth  I want to get some card games and mahjong games for my new computer. Microsoft has a very lame selection. I liked the ones I had on my old computer but cannot find the disks and even if I could they probably don’t work now.   Is there a safe place to buy these types of games?

Sue Nethercott   Do these (wearable 3-D viewers) works for people who cannot see in stereo because they do not have two good eyes?

Craig Ladd  my friend Doug asks this: What is the back button for ?

Lisa Toth   Is Firefox the preferred browser? If there is another that is also good how do I get it? I’m not sure I want to use MS Edge.

Q&A with CIPCUG, Session No. 21

Jes started with a simple question about Microsoft and when the dust settled,microsoft4it was a full on Podcast all its own (it doesn’t take much to wind Toby up).  Microsoft is transitioning from a software and hardware company into one selling cloud services.  No longer do they want to sell you Windows or Office.  They want you to subscribe to Office 365 and pay annually.  There are no margins on hardware.  Established hardware companies like Dell and HP aren’t making much.  As innovations in phones slows down, there will be less and less separating the high and low ends of the market.  Margins are thinning out there as well.  Where you can make money is selling server space to businesses, along with other services that add value in a way that smaller competitors cannot match.

Toby goes on to compare the cloud businesses of Microsoft, Amazon S3, Rackspace and Google.  Some interesting comparisons — and Jes hadn’t even heard of Rackspace.

Q&A with CIPCUG Session No.20 and Password Securities


Bunny Vreeland  Passwords. You probably get password questions all the time. How many letters, numbers and signs do you need for security? How often should you change your password(s)? Tell us about how to store our passwords. You like LastPass, right? Why?

Sue Nethercott I have a form to fill in every day on my computer. Some of it is fairly repetitive, like “Monday”, Tuesday”, etc. It used to be that it would remember these things so that I would only need to type a letter or two and it would autofill the rest. Nowadays it will remember some but not others, so it is not a lot of use any more. There seems to be no rhyme or reason about what it will remember. It will remember new ones but not ones I have used every day for years. Switching to a new computer does not help, so it is not simply a cache on my machine becoming full. Any idea what is going on and how to fix it?

Lisa Toth  On my new laptop having multiple pages open in Firefox uses up a lot of my resources. Also, the battery runs down pretty quickly.  If I click on something, I have to wait for the laptop to “come alive” before whatever I have clicked on displays.

Tony Pizza  I sometimes use free wifi at places like McDonalds, just for things like reading news sites, nothing important. Today I was at a place with wifi, but the connection had WPS. I tried it and got connected, without entering or doing anything. Is this supposed to happen? I was using an Android cell phone.

Bunny Vreeland  What is the best/safest to keep your computer screen and computer keys clean? I have a friend who uses Handi-wipes for her entire computer. Is this safe?

John Weigle posted a link:  Another 40 million people bolt from Microsoft’s browsers as mass exodus continues

Andy Toth  I’ve had to go to EDGE. my IE11 was having all sorts of issues with forms on pages. I could not get into sites until I went to EDGE.

Bunny Vreeland  I recently heard that Adobe is working on a new piece of software that would act like a Photoshop for audio.  The standout feature is the ability to add words not originally found in the audio file. It can apparently generate new words using a speaker’s recorded voice. Is this legal?

For more info on LastPass, please visit their Blog, now! This is really an awesome thing their are doing here.

Get LastPass Everywhere: Multi-Device Access Is Now Free!

Q&A With CIPCUG, Session 19


Orv Beach   New code injection method exposes all versions of Windows to cyberattack by AtomBombing tables underlying all versions of Windows.  There is no fix.


Bunny Vreeland   Weak passwords are at the heart of the rise in cyber theft, causing 76% of data breaches. To mitigate this risk, businesses are adopting password management solutions. This is a comprehensive password management evaluation guide with recommended security, implementation and productivity requirements.


Doris Chaison   My friend does not have a router or modem at home. Is he using data every time he uses his cell phone; and how can he get wifi?


Tony Pizza   Can I delete the KBxxxxxx update installation files? There are many and take lots of space.


Bunny Vreeland    Received email that said:  Dear Customer, Please note that the Apple process of updating customers’ data has not been checked lately therefore accounts will be suspended for clients who did not provide us with full information of the account. 

In order to make a new database for the company and maintain the safety of our customers. 

Please login to your Apple ID from the link below and update all the data within 48 hours


Bill Wishon  Chrome tab backup?  Based on the SSD use problem discussed at today’s meeting, I went into Chrome and looked for the backup time for the tabs.


Bill Wishon   Change Chrome User Data location.  I ran explorer as administrator and navigated to C:\Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Application Data\Google\Chrome. Copied User Data folder. I had to type the full path into explorer to skip the access denied message.

  Then I created a directory at the target location (Drive F:\Google\Chrome) and copy the User Data folder there.

  Add the switch –user-data-dir=”F:\Google\Chrome\User Data”. Don’t forget to add quotes if you have any spaces.


Doris Chaison   How can i transfer my yahoo email to gmail without changing my email address.

Q&A With CIPCUG, Session 18

From Saturday’s meeting:  What do we know about the Denial ofweigle Service attack on Friday that took down Twitter, PayPal, Spotify, Amazon Web Services and other Internet providers for a short period of time?


Bill Wishon:   Why does router lose Wi-Fi password?   I have a Buffalo Nfinity High Power Air Station WHR-HP-G300N


Bill Wishon:  How to connect to strongest WiFi signal?  I have two routers in the house and want my phone or tablet to connect to the strongest signal when I move around the house


Michael Megowan:  At Saturday’s meeting we discussed the problem with Firefox and SSD drives.  How do I compute the length of time between saves?


Bill Wishon:  Based on the SSD use problem discussed at today’s meeting, I went into Chrome and looked for the backup time for the tabs.  Couldn’t find it, so  I did some research on how to relocate the Chrome data on Windows 7


Tony Pizza:  I asked last week about delaying the Anniversary Update, but your solution only works on Pro and Enterprise.  How can I delay the Anniversary Update with Windows 10 Home?

Q&A With CIPCUG, Session 17

Bill Hinds    How do I uninstall Wondershare and True Key completely? Botltoth1h say I can’t uninstall because they are running, but nothing is running except File Explorer (Windows 10).

Sue Nethercott  I’m using Chrome, and just recently when I right click a link to save a file, the window that pops up is full size, and will not let me shrink it, which is a nuisance if I want to copy something from the page I am looking at to use as a meaningful file name. How can I get it to behave again?

Andy Toth   I set up Yahoo phone authentication. I logged in and changed my password and logged out. I logged in again with my new password and set up the authentication and received a text message, entered the code and was logged in. I Logged out. The next time I logged in was from a reformatted/reinstalled device. The device was not recognized so I was asked if I wanted a text or phone message. I clicked text.  I’ve tried this a half dozen times or more and when I asked to resend I get it cannot be done at this time. I’ve been locked out of my account with no way to correct.

Bunny Vreeland   What is MiFi? How is it used?

Craig Ladd   Zoolz offers lifetime 1 TB of data storage for $39

K Edward Lynch if a wireless network connection is turned off, can a hacker bypass or activate the card to hack a computer?

Bunny Vreeland   Will you tell us about the latest with the Chrome 54 (youtube-flash-embed-rewriting-to-html5?)

Toby Scott  I posted a comment by computer columnist, Woody Leonhard, that it might be a good idea to postpone the Anniversary Update of Windows 10.

Q&A with CIPCUG: Session 16

We Had Several Comments on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ojesonphonen the Facebook page:  Is it fixed?

Andy Toth  HomeGroup Hell: A new computer has been added to the household. I’ve attempted to connect the three computers to a Homegroup three times with the same effect three times. I got two computers interconnected. When I connected the third, one of the other two got the message ” homegroup unavailable”.

Sue Nethercott How can you tell if your computer is being used for a DDoS attack?

K Edward Lynch how do hackers find and access computers???

Andy Toth  Intel is pretty good at developing processors. However, their video adaptors (far from cards) are very functionally limited. Why don’t they give up while they are ahead?

Sue Nethercott Which is best – Raspberry Pi or Arduino or something else?

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Q&A with CIPCUG: Session 15

K Edward Lynch  Transfer of ICANN … good or bad???tobyhandup2


Jerry Crocker Is anyone else having issues with Mozilla thunderbird ?


Lisa Toth  My computer is full of extraneous stuff that I would like to get rid of. Duplicate files and pics. Stuff that has no meaning to me today. Is there an easy way to clean up my computer? I know I could go through file by file and delete stuff but I am wondering if there is a faster way.


Craig Ladd maybe you can use PC Decrapifier


Andy Toth  I updated my machine to the 1607 version of Win10. Afterwards my battery monitor and other acer supplied SWn and folders were deleted (no longer in programs or startup) and not viewable in the installed programs or all programs listing. When I attempted to find my previouisly installed battery program, I was directed to the App Store.


Craig Ladd  been trying to get “NOTES” back on timeline on Facebook, having no success


On the Facebook Page there has been a lively discussion of software.  Here are some of the programs listed in articles posted and Toby’s comments:


Thunderbird / Lightning


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