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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 259

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News Item:   Colonial Pipeline Sued by Customers Affected by Its Ransomware Incident

News Item:   Kaseya obtains REvil decryptor, starts customer data recovery operations

News Item:   AI firm DeepMind puts database of the building blocks of life online

News Item:   Fake Windows 11 installers now used to infect you with malware

News Item:   Intel’s Mobileye begins testing autonomous vehicles in New York City

News Item:   Mastercard to Test USDC for Payments as Stablecoin Scrutiny Intensifies

News Item:   You Can Blame a Typo for Locking You Out of Your Chromebook

News Item:   Bill would suspend Section 230 protections when social networks boost anti-vax conspiracies

News Item:   China Compromised U.S. Pipelines in Decade-Old Cyberattack, U.S. Says

News Item:   Forget ringing doorbells, Amazon wants the ‘key’ to your apartment building

News Item:   The YouTubers who blew the whistle on an anti-vax plot


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 258

Photo by C Dustin on Unsplash

Tony Pizza   Will ransom ware attacks spread to cloud backups? If so, how can it be prevented?

Tony Pizza   Why don’t you like to hibernate your system? I do, and when power was out this morning, when it came back I was back to where I was. All browser tabs still open.

K Edward Lynch   What is “detonating”?

Craig Ladd   How you and the would feel about Google wanting to copy all published books from all over world?

News Item:   Facebook catches Iranian spies catfishing US military targets

News Item:   US govt offers $10 million reward for tips on nation-state hackers

News Item:   REvil: Ransomware gang websites disappear from internet

News Item:   Microsoft Defender for Identity now detects PrintNightmare attacks

News Item:   Microsoft’s own Linux: CBL-Mariner

News Item:   How the U.S. became the world’s new bitcoin mining hub

News Item:   Censorship circumvention tool helps 1.4 million Cubans get internet access

News Item:   China Taking Control of Zero-Day Exploits




Q&A with CIPCUG Session 257

K Edward Lynch   What do you do with PowerShell?

News Item:   Apple founder Steve Wozniak backs right-to-repair movement

Toby’s PowerShell

News Item:   Taiwan’s Foxconn discussing electric vehicle plant in Wisconsin

News Item:   The Movie Business Is Dead

News Item:   Amazon’s Crackdown on Chinese Sellers

News Item:   New York City’s New Biometrics Privacy Law

News Item:   Epic Games v. Apple: Fortnite maker wins appeal in Australia

News Item:   Biden signs new order cracking down on Big Tech

News Item:   Moderna starts human trials of an mRNA-based flu shot

News Item:   What Is an eSIM Card?

News Item:   India’s plan to end spam texts was a colossal failure

News Item:   Tech giants balk at Australian infrastructure bill




Q&A with CIPCUG Session 256

Curt Davison   I got an email from (supposedly) myself.  The sender’s name was:  Kim Hung <>.  I was wondering how someone could use my email address to send things out using my email account?

K Edward Lynch   Anybody know if this is legit?  “This content isn’t available right now.  When this happens, it’s usually beca

Photo by Mikita Yo on Unsplash

use the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it’s been deleted.”

News Item:   IBM’s 18-month company-wide email system migration has been a disaster

News Item:   Apple’s Spending on Google Cloud Storage On Track to Soar 50% This Year

News Item:   EU’s Vestager warns Apple against using privacy, security to limit competition

News Item:   Judge suspends Florida’s social media law for violating First Amendment

News Item:   130 nations agree to support U.S. proposal for global minimum tax on corporations

News Item:   Putin signs law forcing foreign social media giants to open Russian offices

News Item:   New UK internet law raises free speech concerns

News Item:   America world’s sole cyber superpower, ten years ahead of China, says Brit think tank


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 255

Tony Pizza   I ran the Win 11 app to see if any of my PCs will run it. All 3 failed, one because of ARM processor, others

Windows 11 logo

Windows 11 from Microsoft

lacking TPM. A friend who has a newer computer, I7 and lots of ram, also failed.

News Item:   Western Digital My Book Live users wake up to find their data deleted

News Item:   AWS has acquired encrypted messaging service Wickr

News Item:   Adventures in Contacting the Russian FSB

News Item:   Facebook Researchers Say They Can Detect Deepfakes And Where They Came From

News Item:   Google open-sources Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) toolkit

News Item:   US seizes 33 Iranian state-run media sites accused of election disinformation

News Item:   Windows 11 available at Christmas


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 254

K Edward Lynch   Why does a blockchaim wallet need a domain?

Lisa Toth   How can I clean up lastpass.  it is a mess.  Often if I change a password it creates a new page instead of updating

Photo by Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash

the one already in lastpass.

News Item:   Make way for Windows 11.  Windows 10 end-of-life is October 2025

News Item:   Google’s adtech business set to face formal EU probe by year-end

News Item:   Apple Pre-Installed Apps Would Be Banned Under Antitrust Package

News Item:   Police bust ransomware gang in Ukraine

News Item:   Phishing sites reached all-time high in January 2021

News Item:   The global chip shortage is creating a new problem: More fake components

News Item:   Nielsen Now Knows When You Are Streaming

News Item:   Oxford University Press to end centuries of tradition by closing its printing arm

News Item:   Software Is Eating the Carh

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 253

Roger Houston   Is it safe to download and install 21H1?  All of my PC’s show the update is available. I don’t want to be an early test site.

Fred Krueger   How do I log into my Netgear router, an ac1900, model c7000. I am getting a message that I can

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

not do this because I am using IPv6.

News Item:   Apple admits why its own Files app was ranked first when users searched for Dropbox

News Item:   Chinese ride-hailing company Didi Chuxing files for US IPO

News Item:   New York Senate Passes Landmark Right to Repair Bill

News Item:   Google, Facebook, Chaos Computer Club join forces to oppose German state spyware

News Item:   Ohio AG wants Google declared a public utility

News Item:   McDonald’s AI drive-thru bot accused of breaking biometrics privacy law

News Item:   Some people can’t get FCC subsidy because “Street” isn’t the same as “St.”

News Item:   Drug Rings’ Favorite New Encrypted Platform Had One Flaw

News Item:   Is Bitcoin More Traceable Than Cash?

News Item:   Lawmakers start bipartisan antitrust reforms that could reshape Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 252

Tony Pizza   Will ransom ware attacks spread to cloud backups? If so, how can it be prevented?

News Item:   Apple, Mozilla, Google, Microsoft form group to standardize browser plug-ins

Photo by Michael Geiger on Unsplash

News Item:   Carriers agree to start sharing vertical location data for 911 calls

News Item:   Ransomware will now get priority treatment at the Justice Department

News Item:   Here’s why TSMC and Intel keep building foundries in the Arizona desert

News Item:   Overseas Bank Helped Recover IRS Stimulus Checks To Non-Americans.

News Item:   The G-7 Nations Agree To Make Big Tech Companies Pay Their Fair Share Of Taxes

News Item:   Facebook suspends Trump accounts for two years

News Item:   Hackers Breached Colonial Pipeline Using Compromised Password

News Item:   KC startup Stealth Data helps companies unlock users behind anonymous web traffic

News Item:   Amazon’s Cost Saving Routing Algorithm


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 251

K Edward Lynch:   Is it worth upgrading to a mesh routing system over adding an access point?

Photo by Maik Wi on Unsplash

Sue Nethercott:   Are there any decent browsers apart from Firefox which are not based on Microsoft’s?

News Item:   Amazon to buy MGM for $8 billion in major boost to Prime Video library

News Item:   New USB-C Type 2.1 standard offers up to 240 W power delivery

News Item:   Linux GUI in Windows 10 Insider build

News Item:   Charter charges more money for slower Internet on streets with no competition

News Item:   Twitter Decries India Intimidation, Will Press for Changes

News Item:   Irish cyber-attack: Hackers bail out Irish health service for free

News Item:   The FBI will feed hacked passwords directly into Have I BeenPwned

News Item:   Ransomware gangs’ slow decryptors prompt victims to seek alternatives

News Item:   U.K. police expecting to bust pot farm stumble onto cryptocurrency mine instead

News Item:   Hard cheese: Stilton snap shared via EncroChat leads to drug dealer’s downfall


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 250

Art Work

Lisa Toth:   What are non-fungible tokens?

Art Work

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

News Item:   Verizon forces users onto pricier plans to get $50-per-month gov’t subsidy

News Item:   U.S. Treasury calls for stricter cryptocurrency compliance with IRS

News Item:   American insurance giant CNA reportedly pays $40m to ransomware crooks

News Item:   Cloudflare launches campaign to ‘end the madness’ of CAPTCHAs

News Item:   TSMC is considering a 3 nm foundry in Arizona

News Item:   Taiwan’s TSMC claims breakthrough on 1nm chips

News Item:   Windows 10 20H2 now in broad deployment, available to everyone

News Item:   Try This One Weird Trick Russian Hackers Hate


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