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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 213

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Discussion:  Passwords and security

News Item:  Google rolls out Secure DNS support to Chrome for Android

News Item:  Attackers abuse Google DNS over HTTPS to download malware

News Item:  Microsoft to finally kill Adobe Flash support by January 2021

News Item:  Windows 10 2004 now blocked on devices with LTE cellular modems

News Item:  Amazon Drivers Say Smartphones-In-Trees Scheme Has Been Thwarted

News Item:  Amazon deletes 20,000 reviews after evidence of profits for posts

News Item:  A hacker gained control over Tesla’s the entire fleet

News Item:  Facebook threatens to block news-sharing in Australia

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 211

K Edward Lynch   Is cryptocurrency the future of the financial industry or just another tech scam?

News Item:  Virtual AlphaDogfight Trials Finals

News Item:  US govt warns remote workers of ongoing vishing campaign

News Item:  Google Has a Plan to Disrupt the College Degree

News Item:  Microsoft enables TLS 1.3 by default in latest Windows 10 builds

News Item:  License plate tracking for police set to go nationwide

News Item:  Why Facebook Can’t Quash Conspiracy Theories

News Item:  Recent Rivals to Facebook

News Item:  Data Is the New Oil

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 210

Roger Houston   I have a problem with too many Document folders. Besides the OneDrive Doc folder, I still have TWO other Doc folders that are not the same!!! One is “This PC\Documents”. The other is “This PC\OS(C:)\Users\rogem_000\Documents” or changed

later to “—\Documents This PC”.  I thought that This PC\Docs and User\rogem_000\Docs were the same. Apparently NOT. Why??

Lisa Toth   Some time ago you answered a question I had about the beeps and boops my phone makes. So now if I get one of those and it is not a message or missed call I swipe down from the top to see what it might be.  So…. my question is: is there possibly a setting to stop the ‘alerts’? Or, do I need to go to the website of each one and find out how to opt out of alerts?

Tony Pizza   Is it true that if you format a Win 10 HDD, and install a fresh copy of Win 10, the activation code is still good with Microsoft?

Lisa Toth   I have the Surface Pro 7. I also have a second display that I use exclusively when in our office. Haven’t been using the surface display.  I have a vision problem and set things up so I can easily use the computer.  My problem is, I can’t use the surface pro

when it is not hooked up to the second computer because if I change the settings directly on the surface, it messes up my second display.

News Item:  Emotet malware strikes U.S. businesses with COVID-19 spam

News Item:  Rite Aid deployed facial recognition systems in hundreds of U.S. stores

News Item:  Boeing 747s receive critical software updates over 3.5″ floppy disks

News Item:  California court rules Amazon is liable for injuries from defective products

News Item:  Retailers launch coalition to fight counterfeits on Amazon

News Item:  A simple telephony honeypot received 1.5 million robocalls across 11 months

News Item:  Charter can charge online video sites for network connections, court rules

News Item:  Buying TikTok is going to be difficult

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 209

Announcement:  Death of John Weigle

Ray Escobedo   How can I block pop up ads that appear on right bottom side of windows 10 computer. They seem to be from chrome google

Ray Escobedo   My Samsung laser started printing pages in landscape instead of portrait in spite of correct instructions in the settings on Window 10 computer.

Lisa Toth   I read a page called the daily spruce.  Today the page had a list of things to do 10 minuets at a time to organize.  Organize your social media in one place. Move your Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Linkedin, and Instagram account streams to Hootsuite.  What is Hootsuite?  What do you know about it?

Andy Toth   It appears that OneDrive is consuming my computer drive. There are two types of notations in the status column next to a folder or a file, a cloud or a check mark. I appears that the check mark is consuming space on the drive even though my documents folder is only 200mb and does not have a …\Documents\OneDrive folder. I noticed this consumption after I uploaded a large portion of  my music library to the cloud and all those folders/files were checked. I only have 20GB remaining on the drive. Everything I uploaded from this computer is checked or synced. I do not have ‘always keep on this computer’ checked for any folders file. Is there some way to uncheck/unsync folders and files so they are only in the cloud.  I want to keep everything but a few hundred MB of files in the cloud.

News Item:  China is now blocking all encrypted HTTPS traffic that uses TLS 1.3 and ESNI

News Item:  ‘Drone Swarm’ Invaded Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant Last September — Twice

News Item:   Robocall Legal Advocate Leaks Customer Data

News Item:  Facebook has joined Microsoft in condemning Apple’s App Store policies, after the company was forced to remove the games feature from its Facebook Gaming app, which launches today on iOS.

News Item:  The California DMV Is Making $50M a Year Selling Drivers’ Personal Information

News Item:  Microsoft now lets you run Android apps in Windows 10

News Item:  A trio of Office 365 business customers have sued Microsoft for outrageous privacy violations

News Item:  Microsoft adds Windows 10 DNS over HTTPS settings section



Q&A with CIPCUG Session 208

Lisa Toth   I have a Family tree subscription.  I used to have an subscription but they are very expensive.  Some years ago a speaker talked about Gramps.  I really have a hard time spending time on these because I get sucked in and hours later I realize I have been at the computer following one lead after another.  I found this article. I’m just wondering what your opinion about these apps is.

Tony Pizza   Windows defender reported an unwanted program, “Win32/drivertoolkit.” I told Defender to remove it. It declared it blocked. It says it’s in c:\$recycle.bin, but nothing’s there. ADWcleaner didn’t find anything.  It keeps showing me the shield with the warning exclamation. Is there a way to reinstall Defender, which might make the warning stop, or should I ignore it?

News Item:  Zoom passwords hacked

News Item:  TikTok’s Chinese owner offers to forego stake to clinch U.S. deal

News Item:   Samsung Electronics to halt production at its last computer factory in China

News Item:  Apple removes thousands of game apps from China store

News Item:  Arm Accuses China Venture Ex-CEO of Blocking its Business

News Item:  Facebook puts global block on Brazil’s Bolsonaro supporters

News Item:  US government sites abused to redirect users to porn sites

News Item:  Microsoft now detects CCleaner as a Potentially Unwanted Application

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 207

Roger Houston   On Saturday I tried to join with headphones since wife was sleeping. PC Bluetooth connected to headphone, but no sound; external speakers were loud with NO volume control, no mute either. After exiting meeting, YouTube video worked perfectly with headphones. Returning to meeting, same audio problem. Dumbfounded. Any explanations??

Kenneth H Smith   Listening to you yesterday, is it time to get away from email? Is gmail an OK choice? What decent free choices do we have?

News Item:  Microsoft Edge now blocks abusive notifications to reduce web spam

News Item:  Remove unwanted Windows 10 apps with Bloatbox

News Item:  New ‘Meow’ attack has deleted almost 4,000 unsecured databases

News Item:  Apple begins assembling iPhone 11 in India

News Item:  5 severe D-Link router vulnerabilities disclosed

News Item:  Trump and Biden attack social media on social media

News Item:  Yahoo News Suspended Its Comment Section

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 206


Michael Megowan   My brother lives in a condo where his new Ring doorbell which is 1 story down cannot connect to his router.  He got one range extender that didn’t work and is returning it.  He also has a garage door controller that is Wi-Fi enabled and is two stories down from his router and at the opposite end of his unit.  What type/brand of range extender will solve his connectivity problems?

Lisa Toth   There are several rebate and coupon apps available.  I’m reluctant to download any of them.  Just got one from Capitol One, we have a credit card through them.  They are calling their app ‘wikibuy’.  It is a coupon finder.  Any reservations about these programs?

Fred Krueger   I go to an online ordering site approximately every 14 days and just recently I am unable to get to the company’s webpage.  This happens in the search bar and the address bar.  After a restart and was able to go the website.  I tried this again just prior to sending this question and the same thing, had to do a restart.  I am curious as to why this may be happening.

Andy Toth   I can find appropriate video cards but they are PCI  Express 2.0. How can I determine the PCI Express version on the desktop computer?

News Item:  Superspreading events propel coronavirus pandemic

News Item:  Seven ‘no log’ VPN providers accused of leaking user logs onto the internet

News Item:  Mozilla rolls out VPN

News Item:  Inside surveillance software tracking child porn offenders across the globe catches 12,000

News Item:  Federal agencies told to patch wormable Windows DNS bug in 24 hours

News Item:  Russian hackers target COVID-19 vaccine research with custom malware

News Item:  Scammers hacked Twitter and hijacked accounts using admin tool

News Item:  FCC: Phone carriers that profit from robocalls could have all calls blocked

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 205

K Edward Lynch   found a VHS video capture software that works  like a charm:  OBS Studio with the Razzle Dazzle USB adapter.

Tony Pizza   I had to install Java to run an app PDFsam, to merge a bunch of PDFs. At one time, the advice was to uncheck “Suppress sponsor offers when installing or updating Java.”  In the current advanced settings in the Java console, I didn’t see that setting.  Is Java safe to have on the computer, or should I remove it when I don’t need to merge PDFs anymore?

Sue Nethercott   If Spotify, Waze or various apps weren’t working on iPhone for you Friday, it’s not you.  Facebook’s sdk upgrade broke iOS.

News Item:  Use Windows 10’s Storage Sense to free up Disk Space

News Item:  How to protect your Verizon number from SIM swapping attacks

News Item:  Traffic Analysis of Home Security Cameras

News Item:  EncroChat Hacked by Police

News Item:  TikTok pulls out of Hong Kong while US ponders TikTok ban

News Item:  The F-16’s Replacement Won’t Have a Pilot at All

News Item:  TomTom charged for infotainment on a car sold last year

News Item:  US Senate panel OK’s backdoors-by-the-backdoor EARN IT Act

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 204

Lisa Toth:  Is there a way to sort rules in Outlook? Also what is the difference between rules and move?

Tony Pizza: Two questions related to Kim Kommando’s column:
1. She says for privacy and safety, you can use The Onion Router or Tor, for short, She says it’s hard to set up, but says there’s a (unnamed) browser that makes it easy to use. Is it worth it?
2. She recommends using Quad9 maintained by IBM and The Global Cyber Alliance as a DNS service. She says it instantly checks any site you wish to visit against IBM XForce’s threat intelligence database of more than 40 billion analyzed webpages and images. Is it better than the ones you have mentioned?

Bob G and Toby disagree on Ccleaner

News Item: Disinformation on COVID-19 produced by state-backed media outlets in Russia, China, Turkey and Iran is being shared more widely on social media than stories from more reliable news sources.

News Item: Malwarebytes AdwCleaner now removes malware from the command line

News Item: Stanford research provides a snapshot of a new working-from-home economy

News Item: Walmart is converting its parking lots into pop-up drive-in theaters for the summer

News Item: A Medical Device Maker Threatens iFixit Over Ventilator Repair Project

News Item: Windows 10 Previews DNS Over HTTPS

News Item: The Security Value of Inefficiency

News Item: Bank Card “Master Key” Stolen


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 203

Fred Krueger   I have  a Netgear C7000 modem/router, and I find that I cannot login to settings. After several attempts I went the Netgear support and the forums and several people mention that you cannot login to this router. It has to be accessed by the ISP.  I

cannot change any settings. Is this correct??

News Item:  IBM Differential Privacy Library: The single line of code that can protect your data

News Item:  On Facebook, she denounced a Starbucks worker who asked her to wear a mask.

News Item:  Charter seeks FCC OK to impose data caps and charge fees to video services

News Item:  Almost 17,000 Protesters Had No Idea A Tech Company Was Tracing Their Location

News Item:  Facebook starts tagging news from politicians that violates their standards

News Item:  Microsoft removes manual deferrals from Windows Update  ‘to prevent confusion’

News Item:  California COVID-19 Modeling Website, Open-Source Tools For ‘Citizen Scientists’

News Item:  Microsoft developed a Windows 10 File Recovery tool

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