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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 191

Lisa Toth   I have a new kindle. It doesn’t have usb ports. It does have a micro sd card. I would like to load a couple of PDF

eBooks to it that I did not get from amazon.  These books are currently on my Surface.  In the same vein, I have CD’s I’d like to play on my Surface but it does not have ports for CD or DVD.  Can I get an external player to plug into my hub? If so what do you recommend?

Fred Krueger    I have found that I need a separate login and password for 5g and 2g. Why is that?

Fred Krueger   I get a lot of advertising e-mails from a site called Flip sweet. I scrolled down to bottom of the page and see it is from a site in Bucharest, Romania. Do by any chance know anything about this site.

Harry Altman   I turn on my laptop and Microsoft Teams pop up. How do I delete Microsoft Teams pop up?

Tony Pizza   I used Zoom for a meeting. After the meeting, in my email I had one with an attached mp4 video (from a trusted source). When I opened with TWINUI, had sound, no video. Tried another mp4, same thing. Tried Windows Media Player, same thing. Opened Zoom, turned off video, closed Zoom, no change. Did a restart and all was well. Just a glitch, or is it to be expected? Have others seen this?

Fred Krueger   How do I keep my e-mail page from going to the bottom of the list when I delete 8 or 10 e-mails at once?

News Item:  Microsoft Edge is becoming a good browser

News Item:  WI-Fi 6E becomes official — the FCC will vote on rules this month

News Item:  IRS Warns of Surge in Economic Stimulus Payment Scams

News Item:  How to Use Windows 10 to Stay Focused While Working From Home

News Item:  Google knows if everyone is actually staying home or not

News Item:  DOJ Says Zoom-Bombing is Illegal, Could Lead to Jail Time

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 190

Lisa Toth   Will the next online meeting be via Webex?

Tony Pizza   Should you turn off wireless and bluetooth mice when not in use, or just leave them on?

News Item:  Zoom app tracks you

News Item:  FTC Warns VoIP Providers to Stop Facilitating Coronavirus Scams

News Item:  Phishing Attack Says You’re Exposed to Coronavirus, Spreads Malware

News Item:  Saudi spies tracked phones using flaws the FCC failed to fix for years

News Item:  Unpatched iOS Bug Blocks VPNs From Encrypting All Traffic


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 189

Lisa Toth   Two displays: display #2 is not fully filled. There is about 3″ of black space on each side.  Also there is a selection in display settings for “extend these displays”. What does that mean?

Lisa Toth   Some sites I like to visit are “unavailable right now.”  Anyone having that issue?

Fred Krueger   I did not know the purpose of the extra copies of the TOE were for spreading the word about DIPSUG until reading the article by Bob Dinsmore.

News Item:  IRS extends the tax deadline until July 15

News Item:  US Health and Human Services targeted by DDoS

News Item:  Online face mask sales scams, 400% uptick of coronavirus phishing reports

News Item:  Emergency Surveillance During COVID-19 Crisis

News Item:  Coronavirus makes Money Mule more money mules

News Item:  Apple Donates Millions of Masks to Healthcare Pros in America and Europe

News Item:  CDC Launches Coronavirus Self-Checker Chatbot With the Help of Microsoft

News Item:  ‘Netflix Party’: a New Chrome Extension Adds Chat Panes to Movies

News Item:  Check out for help with boredom

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 187

Andy Toth   I have a surface pro 7. It has a display defect and will be returned. How do I wipe my information from the hard drive and leave the OS intact?  Can I wipe the entire drive and reinstall the original OS?  Where do I find the original OS?

Gregory Wilson   I picked a complex password, but a hacker still got in. How do I prevent brute force RDP server hack?

Tony Pizza   Using amazon Echo, I often listen to a radio station in New York, CBS-FM. Sometimes I hear commercials for things in California, like Universal Studios, even the CHP, and others. Are they targeted to my IP address?

News Item:   T-Mobile Data Breach Exposes Customer’s Personal and Financial Info

News Item:   Carnival Cruise Line Operator Discloses Potential Data Breach

News Item:  Microsoft Reveals a New Design for the Windows 10 Start Menu

News Item:   Ransomware Attackers Use Your Cloud Backups Against You

News Item:   US anti-child-abuse EARN IT Act is a backdoor to end end-to-end encryption

News Item:   Microsoft, Google Offer Free Remote Work Tools Due to Coronavirus

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 186

Lisa Toth   Should I leave my computer on the charger since I use it a lot or is it better to unplug it when I am done or overnight.

Fred Krueger   Once a month I get a report from Google on every place I have been the previous month. Don’t know what too think of this.

Fred Krueger   I am looking at small laptops or tablets, and I am wondering if the Surface Pro LTE is worth the price over the Surface Pro without the LTE?

Fred Krueger   About cord cutting, The way I understand it so far is we still need the cord for internet but can do away with paying for almost every thing else. Is this somewhat correct or am I missing something?

Fred Krueger   At the club meeting there was some mention of the latest Windows update, I looked in update history and all I see are updates for malicious removal tool for January and February

News Item:   Google Cleans Play Store of Nearly 600 Apps for Ad Policy Violation

News Item:   WhatsApp Phishing URLs Skyrocket With Over 13,000% Surge

News Item:   Credit Card Skimmer Found on Nine Sites, Researchers Ignored

News Item:   Microsoft Defender ATP for Linux Now In Public Preview

News Item:   Norton LifeLock Phishing Scam Installs Remote Access Trojan

News Item:   Brave Browser Integrates Wayback Machine to View Deleted Web Pages

News Item:   Microsoft Wants to do Away with Windows 10 Local Accounts

News Item:   uBlock Origin 1.25 Now Blocks Cloaked First-Party Scripts, Firefox Only

News Item:   FCC Proposes to Fine Wireless Carriers $200M for Selling Customer Location Data

News Item:   Firefox Enables DNS over HTTPS by Default

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 185

Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo   While in Las Vegas some fast talking guy gave me a “free” screensaver. I agreed as mine had 3 cracks. I got suspicious because he asked if I did banking from my phone and he put his next to mine. He was startled when I said no don’t. Was I correct to be suspicious?

Lisa Toth   How do I pull down files from OneDrive?  How can I go to OneDrive and see what is there?  It seems there may be a lot of stuff that is not on my computer any more.

Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo   How can I protect my data in the future?

Tony Pizza   I thought I’d give Edge a try instead of Chrome. But it would sometimes close without warning, and once it hung up using massive resources so that the computer barely responded. Had to use task manager to close it.  How are Vivaldi and Opera? Or another browser?

News Item:   Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 KB4524244 Issues and Pulls the Update

News Item:   IRS Urges Taxpayers to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

News Item:   Sextortion Emails Sent to work email

News Item:   Google Play Protect Blocked 1.9 Billion Malware Installs in 2019

News Item:   Amex, Chase Fraud Protection Emails Used as Clever Phishing Lure

News Item:   Mac malware is growing faster than for Windows

News Item:   Firefox hopes to ‘eradicate’ TLS 1 & 1.1

News Item:   Frontier, nearing bankruptcy, faces scrutiny over weeks-long phone outages

News Item:   Facebook hires Reuters to fact-check posts, but politicians can still lie in ads


Lisa Toth   Was there an update on Tuesday?

Ray Escobedo   Toby what’s a good program for finding duplicate photos?

Jerry Crocker   Will Frye’s go out of business?

News Item:   Ventura County voters can use voting machines without fear of hacking

News Item:   Lock My PC Used By Tech Support Scammers, Dev Offers Free Recovery

News Item:   Windows 7 Users Suddenly Can’t Shut Down Their PCs

News Item:   Bug in Philips Smart Light Allows Hopping to Devices on the Network

News Item:   Virus for Tax Season With Malicious W-9 Forms

News Item:   File Transfer Protocol switched off by default in Chrome 80

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 183

Fred Krueger   Recently my Android phone did a software update and I noticed that it had 387 apps and programs to update. What is all this?

Bobby Taylor   What’s the difference between Linux and Windows?

Lisa Toth   Since Tuesday I keep finding my mouse right handed. I always have my mice left handed.

John Weigle   Is there a way in the VLC media player to slow the speed down?  I think I could get more words at a time when I transcribe.

Andy Toth   I am trying to copy OneDrive to a flash drive.  I did not have adequate space on the removable drive to copy three folders but there was plenty of room to copy the one at a time plus many more files.

I’ve been mis-reading the error message. The software folder on OneDrive is 15 GB, free space on removable drive is 58 GB. I get the message that I need another 10 GB on OneDrive to transfer the data, but all my data on OneDrive is only 27 GB.

News Item:   Carrier sales of phone-location data is illegal, FCC plans punishment

News Item:   DOJ sues US telecom providers for connecting Indian robocall scammers

News Item:   Blizzard now claims full copyright for player-made “custom game” mods

News Item:   Amazon’s Ring app shares loads of your personal info, report finds

News Item:   Dear Ashley Madison user. I know everything about you. Pay up or else.

News Item:   Coronavirus Phishing Attacks Are Actively Targeting the US

News Item:   Russia Threatens Facebook, Twitter With Fines, Demands User Data

News Item:   FBI Warns of Rise in Social Security Scams Spoofing Its Phone Number

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 181

News Item:   New trade deal staving off impending tech tariffs

News Item:   Breaking encryption under attack again in Florida shooter case

News Item:   Microsoft’s New Edge Browser Released

News Item:   NSA’s First Public Vulnerability Disclosure

News Item:   Microsoft Issues Mitigation for Actively Exploited IE Zero-Day

News Item:   Google Chrome Adds Protection for NSA’s Windows CryptoAPI Flaw

News Item:   FBI to Warn State Officials of Election Infrastructure Cyber Threats

News Item:   WeLeakInfo busted by multinational cop for data reselling


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 180

Lisa Toth   I have been using my new Microsoft Surface as a tablet and now and then a computer.  I noticed that sometimes in Outlook (office 365) the ribbon I used to see at the top with options like delete and reply etc. is sometimes on the right side of my incoming message and sometimes nonexistent.

News Item:   Windows 7 PC on January 15, 2020 Get Full-screen Warning

News Item:   Microsoft to add ‘Walkie Talkie’ voice calls, to Teams

News Item:   YouTube decides it’s easier to treat all watchers of kids’ content as kids

News Item:   Australia Bushfire Donors Affected by Credit Card Skimming Attack

News Item:   Google Chrome Will Support Windows 7 After End of Life

News Item:   Google Removed Over 1,700 Malware Infected Apps from Play Store

News Item:   Microsoft Phishing Scam Exploits Iran Cyberattack Scare

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