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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 80

IRS looking to online tax returns

Lisa Toth   Where is the best (or maybe only) place to buy Office 365.

Roger Houston   I have had a slightly different problem. Twice in 3.6 years, my Samsung GS5 had lost the directory in my installed micro SD card. The card could not be read by any PC either. I changed to another card with the same result. Recently I had to reformat it in order to see it. I lost any info on the card. I do not remember if I dropped the cellphone, causing an intermittent electrical connection?????

Lisa Toth   Because of my vision problems I have my computer set up so most everything is bigger than usual. Sometimes, I can’t get to the “post” or “submit” button in Facebook. Trying to make the page smaller so I can scroll down doesn’t work, trying to drag the page smaller doesn’t work. I end up copying the link from the url cell, and pasting it in FB etc.  Any work around you know of?

Craig Ladd   uBlock Origin has been discussed before, is there another add-on that is equally good ?

Lisa Toth  I saw a message that said: micro SD unexpectedly dismounted. I can’t figure out a way other than to take the phone apart to get it re-mounted.

News Item:  The IRS Data Verification Modernization Act of 2017, recently introduced in Congress by Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), would set up an application programming interface (API) at the IRS.

News Item:  Flaws in Sonos and Bose Smart Speakers Let Hackers Play Pranks on Users

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 79

iphone battery fix

Roger Houston   Does Onedrive photos and docs still reside somewhere on my PC? And secondly, I WANT to store or move ALL of my docs to Onedrive so I can see/modify them from another computer, is this a good idea? I know they are in the cloud also. But are all my items synced or just stored?

Roger Houston   Same for G-photos [or Sony photos]. are they synced [deleted in the cloud if I delete them on my PC], or are they just copied and remain there forever? I am not sure if this is the better way to back up my photos [with a 5MB limit per]

Lisa Toth   Since the last update of Firefox my TinyUrl add on has been disabled. Any options?

K Edward Lynch   Are there any affordable software products that actually recover lost data when a HD goes dark???

Andy Toth   I enjoyed the presentation on preparing your data for a total disaster. Office 365 looks promising.  My biggest concern is the licensing for nonprofits.  If we have to lease Office 365, we can’t afford $100+ a month. I guess we should start the move to Libre Office.

Lisa Toth   Tell us more about the fall creators update. What’s broken what’s better.

News Item:  Drivesavers fights data loss from Southern California fires with free data recovery

News Item:  Apple reduces speed of iPhones as batteries wear out, report suggests

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 78

Blockchain workings

Lisa Toth  In Whole foods market, you can order something from and have it delivered to Whole foods. They have a bank of lockers you can have stuff delivered to as long as one is available.

Lisa Toth   Trying to get pics from my LG K20 phone. When we first got it, it could see the pics on my micro sd card. Now it seems only to see the pics I’ve taken since I got the phone.  Plus, I can’t figure out how to download them to my computer. 

Lisa Toth  “The Australian Securities Exchange will soon become the world’s first stock market to implement blockchain technology.”  What is blockchain?

News Item   Twitter will now let you publish an entire tweetstorm all at once

News Item   Mozilla Angers Firefox Users After Force-Installing Mr. Robot Promo Add-On

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 77

                        the Bitcoin rate

Jerry Schrum   Can I run the paid version of Malwarebytes (which has full-time malware protection) at the same time I have my Norton antivirus program on?

Lisa Toth   What is an RSS feed? How do I find them and then how do I get them to listen to?

Lisa Toth   What is a podcast? How do I find them and listen.

Tony Pizza With all the millions of Win 10 security updates and semiannual version updates from Microsoft for free (so far), how do they pay for them?

Craig Ladd   Is there any advantage with NVMe SSDs other than speed?

Lisa Toth   Does anyone know anything about the Honey Chrome add-in?

News Item:   Keylogger Found in HP Notebook Keyboard Driver

News Item:   Bitcoin price fluctuates madly

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 76

Compuserve forums closing

Lisa Toth   I used to use Thunderbird, switched to Windows live; liked it but now I find it is not supported anymore.  My windows 10 Toshiba laptop has “mail” (outlook?)  I like the idea of having the program include calendar and such. Should I go back to Thunderbird?

Lisa Toth   My experience makes me think my contacts are not on my computer. What is actually happening.

Andy Toth   I used to have no issue with connecting my phone to my computer via USB. Downloading my pictures uploading music no problem. I’ve tried a dozen times or more in the last three days and my phone is no longer recognized.

Lisa Toth   I wanted to change my email address. It still doesn’t work for the old address and that is where my contacts were. When I looked at Mail/outlook, there are my contacts! How do I move them to my new account?

News Item:   AOL is ending CompuServe forums on December 15.

News Item:   What’s Quad9 DNS?

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 75

Google Tracking locations

Tony Pizza   After making a disk image, Win 10 wants to make a repair disk, which I did. It also made a recovery usb. Are both needed? If so, what for?

Lisa Toth   Since I became “past president” I’ve been inundated with spam sent to its email address. I took some time today to unsubscribe to as many as I could. At some point in the future I may set up folders for the email I care about but that is going to be a lot of folders.  Did APCUG sell my address?

John Weigle   I have a small external hard drive that I have used for backups, but it no longer shows up on my desktop when I plug it in. I tried plugging it into my laptop, and it shows up with a drive letter and shows the contents when I open it. Any ideas about what I can do to make it work on the desktop? If I remember right, I did try it in an alternate USB plug.

Lisa Toth   I can’t figure out how to make folders and rules in windows live. Does anyone know how? I have windows 10 on my toshiba laptop

Craig Ladd   puzzling: writing original post in FB not possible, FB app let’s me do that, blue tooth keyboard does, latest version FireFox does, but using Chrome does not.

News Item:  FBI Gave Heads-Up To Fraction Of Russian Hackers’ US Targets

News Item:  Google admits tracking users’ location even when setting disabled

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 74

Lisa Toth   Some time ago I asked what “snap” is.

Roger Houston   I have mixed results installing Win-10 v-1709. Laptop installed perfectly. Faster desktop will NOT install!!! It seems like it is just doing a normal Reboot/Restart. Three times I used the fix errors in Window install. I selected to fix minor ones that were found, however, I still got normal restarts and no v-1709. No warnings to not turn off system during update. No auto restarts either.

Lisa Toth   I’ve been inundated with spam. I took some time today to unsubscribe to as many as I could. At some point in the future I may set up folders for the email I care about but that is going to be a lot of folders.

News Item:  Dark Web Shops Are Leaking IPs Left and Right

News Item:  Co-ordinated groups of Twitter bots pushing pro-Russian propaganda have developed an odd but occasionally effective strategy – retweeting messages that the bot-makers disagree with and flooding their enemies with followers.

Q&A with CIPCUG: Session 73

Lisa Toth   What is a mobi file. I downloaded an ebook I had purchased. It came to file explorer in 3 formats, IE, pdf and .mobi I

know what to do with the pdf I have a place for ebooks in pdf.  What do I do with IE and .mobi?  How would I use them?

Sue Nethercott   When going to my website, I get sometimes “401 – Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.” errors. For example, I get a 401 if I put in the www, but I don’t if I go without it.  What can I fix on my web site to avoid the errors?

Ray Escobedo   I have a new 64 bit Windows 7 computer. I need to transfer my Windows Live Mail emails and the program from my old 32 bit Windows 7 computer to the new computer. I can’t find a Live Mail or Windows Live Essentials program on Google that will download. At the very least, I need to move my emails to the new computer. Hope you can help.

Lisa Toth   I am seriously thinking about the LG K20 phone. Any comments?

Lisa Toth   Can you talk about twinui? An organization I am a member of sent me a file. When I clicked the download button I saw the arrow in the right of my screen indicating the file was downloading. When I went to my downloads folder, it was not there.  Actually it said it was opening it via twinui. When I could not find the twinui file, I tried to save it. Cannot find the file. What am I missing?

News Item:   Try the Vivaldi browser

News Item:  Google says hackers steal almost 250,000 web logins each week

Q&A with CIPCUG: Session 72

Roger Houston   Can I edit contacts in Outlook 2016 and have it sync across all my devices?  I recently installed Office 365 on both of my Win 10 PC’s. Each PC has two users, the same ones. Each user has a separate MS account. I need to sync/share a Contact list with my wife and then also see and share the Contacts on the laptop. Outlook 2016 is the master Contact handler, not Google or any email service. The same is true for the Calendar. These need to be synchronized, but maybe with different permissions. We do not have Microsoft type email and do not want it [unless absolutely necessary]; we both have individual Gmail imap email accounts that handle sharing email between devices.

Sue Nethercott   My web site host has suggested that if I don’t need Windows, I transfer my web site to Linux “as this will give you far more configurability over the server environment as well as a more stable website and a more verbose error message should anything go wrong”.  Is there any reason why I would need Windows?  What are the pros and cons?

Lisa Toth   Why is it that many times when I click on a link the link sends me to one page that redirects me to the site I wanted to go to?  I didn’t know this was happening until I installed ublock origin.

Lisa Toth   I have a vision problem. I wish there were a button on my browser somewhere, that I could click a couple of times to enlarge print on a page. It is a nuisance to have to do the control and + to accomplish this. Are there any add ons you know of?

Tony Pizza   I updated to Win 10 version 1709. I made a recovery usb, a system repair disk, and a disk image when I did the 1703 update. I will update the disk image. Is it necessary to update the recovery usb drive and the repair cd?

Tony Pizza   I did the 1709 update on a 2nd PC. Started Thursday evening. After 2 unsuccessful tries, I quit.  Friday morning I tried again. Checking on the progress was like watching paint dry, but after lengthy downloading, and preparing to install, and installing, about 3 hours, it was ready for a restart. After about another half hour of disk churning and warnings to not turn off the computer, I finally had 1709 installed. I hope to have my 3rd Win 10 updated before 1803 comes out.

News Item:  Microsoft quietly announces end of last free Windows 10 upgrade offer

Q&A with CIPCUG: Session 71

Kaspersky and the NSA

Jerry Schrum:   Does being on the “Dark Web” mean the New York Times is free to readers? and if yes, is it “legal” (whatever that means in today’s world)?

Lisa Toth:   Why is there occasionally a green letter in text on a web page?

Tony Pizza:   I was lax and opened this message from Skype, clicked on a “Notification” link, and got an ominous threat. With no further clicking, turned off power, then started up, ran a Defender scan, apparently the PC is OK. I neglected my own advice to always check where the link goes to.

Lisa Toth:   When I am on a page that I want to participate in and need a password, LastPass gives me the new pw and then asks me if I want to save the site. Other times it doesn’t and I have no idea what the pw was. I have to manually enter the site>  Why?

Lisa Toth:   Some of the sites I have saved in LastPass automatically log in and take me to the home page. Others I have to click at the user name then it is entered and then at the password to be logged in.

News Item:   Millennials Twice More Likely to Fall for Phishing Scams Compared to the Elderly

News Item:   Kaspersky Gives Its Side of the Story on How the NSA Lost Some Its Hacking Tools

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