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SNAP and Stress with Dr. Bunny and Jes



Prepping for a Stress Session

Less Stress for Success

In our current society, people are increasingly experiencing too much stress, or what could be called ‘negative’ stress.  This is the type of stress that can make you feel overwhelmed and jittery.  Stress is a well-known trigger for depression and it can also affect your physical health.

There are a limitless number of triggers for stress, however the following are generally accepted as being in the top dozen:  any sort of loss, from bereavement, divorce and separation to a child leaving home; long-term illness and disability; marriage; moving house; a new job; holidays and work.



The symptoms of negative stress are well known to us, and include:

1. Increased irritability

2. Heightened sensitivity to criticism

3. Signs of tension, such as nail-biting

4. Difficulty getting to sleep and early morning waking

5. Drinking and smoking more

6. Indigestion

7. Loss of concentration

There is a Diagnostic Stress Questionnaire available for download along with the score sheet here:

Stress Diagnostic Self-Test

Stress Diagnostic


Please also visit Dr.  Bunny Vreeland’s website for information on Stress Management 

along with the free audio stress reduction  session!

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Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at

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SNAP! A Tour of Dr. Bunny’s Camarillo Office

Snapshot - 1

Dr. Bunny showing the headset

Welcome to the second installment of SNAP with Dr. Bunny giving  me, (Jes), a tour of her office and the intricate details that go into making a good hypnotherapy session.  I was floored by the soundboard, since in the past, others have tried hypnotherapy simply by staring at me and saying “you feel tired, right?”

Dr. Bunny shows me and explains the instruments, and the measurements she goes through to insure maximum comfort level and I was very impressed!  Enjoy the tour and the podcast that introduces my small inspection of Dr. Bunny’s Hypnotherapy “lab”.

Welcome to Snap

Snap is a show about unhypnotizing hypnotherapy.  A lot of misconceptions cloud the hypnotherapy area of practice and so far very little exists in the way of a medium, or media even, to clearly and simply explain what the process of hypnotherapy involves and what it doesn’t.  Dr.   Bunny unknowingly hired a physics student to help with web tech work for Mercury Broadcasting. And that physics student is me, Jes Scott.  Since my involvement with Mercury Broadcasting my own curiosity about hypnotherapy from a scientific perspective urged me to ask Dr. Bunny a lot of questions about what she does, I had so many she realized she could make it into a show. Hence, Snap was born.

Here is Dr. Bunny’s website and a free session on relaxation;

Dr Bunny Vreeland’s Hypnotherapy Business Site

The FREE Stress-Free Reduction session available at your leisure to download and get a sense of the Dr.s groove.

As a physics student I’m taking the opportunity to get an in-depth look for myself at hypnotherapy to discover what its all about and as the show progresses I’ll be be taking a tour of where the healing happens, as well as looking at the technical processes involved in hypnotherapy.    What I really want most out of coming to understand hypnotherapy and going through the process, is to see where hard science and soft science can meet.


Snap’s Major Priorities:

Dispell common misconceptions associated with hypnotherapy.

Show people it works from a behind the scenes approach.

Walk the audience along with the process of what hypnotherapy is like and its effects.

Dr. Bunny

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