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Q&A with CIPCUG Session 188

Lisa Toth    I have a Surface Pro 7.  Every time I boot up some of my settings have changed. For example, I am using a second display instead  the Surface screen.  I have told it in settings that display 2 should be the only one. I have saved the setting but every time I reboot or turn on the computer both displays are on.

Tony Pizza   Why do posts disappear on Facebook?

Lisa Toth   In Outlook, whenever I roll over a picture in an email, it shows me the link attached to the picture.  I don’t want to see this. I am sure it is a setting but I have not found it.

News Item:   Walmart, CVS, Target, and Walgreens have announced that they will be volunteering a portion of their parking lots to be set up as drive-through Coronavirus testing sites.

News Item:   Google Creating a Nationwide Coronavirus Information Site, What We Know

News Item:   COVID-19 Testing Center Hit By Cyberattack

News Item:   Europol Dismantles SIM Swap Criminal Groups That Stole Millions

News Item:   Office 365 ATP To Block Email Domains That Fail Authentication

News Item:   Google Chrome Gets ‘Default to Guest’ Mode for Stateless Browsing

News Item:   Firefox 74 Released: Security Fixes, Improvements, and Fixes

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 183

Fred Krueger   Recently my Android phone did a software update and I noticed that it had 387 apps and programs to update. What is all this?

Bobby Taylor   What’s the difference between Linux and Windows?

Lisa Toth   Since Tuesday I keep finding my mouse right handed. I always have my mice left handed.

John Weigle   Is there a way in the VLC media player to slow the speed down?  I think I could get more words at a time when I transcribe.

Andy Toth   I am trying to copy OneDrive to a flash drive.  I did not have adequate space on the removable drive to copy three folders but there was plenty of room to copy the one at a time plus many more files.

I’ve been mis-reading the error message. The software folder on OneDrive is 15 GB, free space on removable drive is 58 GB. I get the message that I need another 10 GB on OneDrive to transfer the data, but all my data on OneDrive is only 27 GB.

News Item:   Carrier sales of phone-location data is illegal, FCC plans punishment

News Item:   DOJ sues US telecom providers for connecting Indian robocall scammers

News Item:   Blizzard now claims full copyright for player-made “custom game” mods

News Item:   Amazon’s Ring app shares loads of your personal info, report finds

News Item:   Dear Ashley Madison user. I know everything about you. Pay up or else.

News Item:   Coronavirus Phishing Attacks Are Actively Targeting the US

News Item:   Russia Threatens Facebook, Twitter With Fines, Demands User Data

News Item:   FBI Warns of Rise in Social Security Scams Spoofing Its Phone Number

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 182

Discussion at Meeting:  Can you broadcast via Bluetooth to two different headsets?

Fred Krueger   I was playing around with connections and got into airplane mode and I cannot

get out of it. What to do?

Lisa Toth   I was wondering about using the Avast password manager as a backup.

Fred Krueger   Can you use 1 monitor and connect 2 computers? Maybe not practical, but I was wondering if it can be done.

Lisa Toth   In the wake of the LastPass Outage, I checked out PassWord Safe. Near the bottom of the page on the left are 3 links: mirror #1, 2, 3.

News Item:   UN report officially fingers Saudi royal as Bezos hacker

News Item:   10% of All Macs Have Shlayered Malware

News Item:   FBI Warns Job Applicants of Scams Using Spoofed Company Sites

News Item:   The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It

News Item:   Section 230 Heating Up As A Campaign Issue

Transcending Trauma – What is Somato Emotional Repatterning?

On this week’s Transcending Trauma, Dr. Bunny Vreeland and Michael Roth, C.Ad, SRC., discuss some aspects of their unique and effective new program, designed to help people who have been affected by trauma.

Whether you’ve experienced loss of a loved one, an accident, a divorce, or any other traumatic experience that is affecting your daily life, this new mind/body program may help you.

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 216-6773, or e-mail

Contact Michael Roth at (805) 256-0372, or e-mail


Q&A with CIPCUG Session 178

Andy Toth  I copied merged all contacts into a .vcf file. After the update I was missing a number of contacts. I loaded the .vcf file and recovered most. The interesting thing is when I now add a new contact. It cannot be found in a contact search. There is a icon in the lower right corner of the search page says search other contacts. The contact is available and now I can use it but it can only be retrieved by searching ‘other contacts’. Where/What is ‘other contacts’? This happens after every phone update.

Andy Toth   I am trying to determine what software is used as the phone app on my Android phone. I have 68 apps installed, not by my doing. It was on this LG K20 phone out of the box. If my phone icon is not an installed app, what is it?

News Item:   Microsoft is giving up on Windows on the PC  and rolling out its Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).

News Item:   Mozilla Adds Additional DNS-Over-HTTPS Provider to Firefox

News Item:   Microsoft Outlook for the Web to Support Sending Email As Alias

News Item:   How to Run Classic and Chromium Microsoft Edge Side-by-Side

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 175

Lisa Toth   A lot of my files are on both OD and my computer.  On which do I delete the files? If I delete on my computer do they delete on OD

Fred Krueger   Opened up chrome today and everything was in Russian? Why can I not get audio from my USB 2.0 port.

News Item:  FTC Warns of Ongoing Scam Spreading Scary Terrorism Allegations

News Item:  China fires denial-of-service toward Hong Kong

News Item:  Can state law be published behind a paywall?

News Item:  Microsoft Starts Forced Feature Updates on Windows 10 1809

News Item:  Microsoft Enhances Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge 79

News Item:  Over 30,500 Online Piracy Sites Shut Down in Global Operation

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 170

Lisa Toth   I use Firefox for my web browser. I want to see the line at the top that includes ‘file’, ‘view’ etc.

Fred Krueger   Where can I find the Microsoft program or app that links your phone to a PC?

Lisa Toth   Microsoft introduced a new feature in email convert[ng incoming mail to a black background. I like that as I can see it better.  However, when I reply to an email sometimes I can see what I am typing (it is the white against black I am used to) and other times, my typing is a very light color. I have to strain to see it.  I tried using the button to that reverses back to the original background usually white.  The problem with that is, now my typing is white against white. I can’t see it at all.

In addition to that, I have no idea what the recipient sees.

News Item:   Google says goodbye to Flash, will stop indexing Flash content in search

News Item:   Chrome, Firefox to Hide Those Annoying Site Notification Prompts

News Item:   Malwarebytes 4.0 Released With New UI and Scanning Engine

News Item:   First Microsoft Edge Stable Release Candidate Now Available

News Item:   Mozilla fires back on DNS-over-https

Q&A with CIPCUG Session 169

Computer virus protection

Fred Krueger   Do password keepers work on all browsers or do you need to set it up on all browsers to work when you change browser?

Michael Megowan   Is javascript safe to be enabled in my browsers? If not, why not.

Lisa Toth   I Can’t open any TOE (newsletter)

Fred Krueger   You mentioned you were unhappy with PIA. What has gone wrong with PIA?

News Item:   X-37B Lands after 2 years

News Item:   American Cancer Society’s online store infected with credit card stealing malware

News Item:   NordVPN Breached

News Item:   Dark Web Site Taken Down without Breaking Encryption

News Item:   Google tightens Chrome cookie security

News Item:   Deepfakes threaten Democracy

LifeRhythms Radio: Episode 31 – The Power of Rest and ‘Sound’ Sleeping – Featured Guest: LifeRhythms

Peaceful Rest during Cosmic Transition, a personalized piece of music for those desiring better rest and wellbeing – designed by LifeRhythms (

Welcome to Episode 31 of LifeRhythms Radio!

Are you getting enough rest at night? Do you feel plagued by insomnia? In this day and age, there are many resources available for this large problem. The question is… are any of these solutions resonating with YOU? In this episode, Robert talks about the power and importance of having personalized music for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. You will hear “Peaceful Rest during a Cosmic Transition” – a piece of music that was originally designed for a healer and later became available for the masses so they can get better rest.

Your Life. Your Rhythm. This is the tagline of LifeRhythms – a powerful and innovative business founded by Robert Alexander and host / producer of LifeRhythms Radio. Because everyone lives their lives differently, Robert wanted to create a platform that offered support and music that is tailored specifically for his clients all over the world. And guess what? Those who have explored this option have benefitted tremendously! And… of course many of them are getting amazing rest… and more! Enjoy this special episode and as always – ‘stay tuned’ !

About LifeRhythms and Robert Alexander:

Robert Alexander is the founder and visionary behind LifeRhythms – a business that focuses on creating personalized pieces of music, private sessions and group immersions to help promote wellness, wellbeing and (individual and community) connectivity. As an Audio Alchemist, Robert creates personalized pieces of music for coaches, healers, yoginis, hypnotherapists, Reiki masters and other businesses for use in their offices and promotional media.

He also creates personalized audio products and offers private sessions (via phone, person and online) to help individuals with their relationship with anxiety, PTSD, addiction, depression, insomnia and other physical, mental and emotional conditions that affect everyday moods and wellbeing. Robert has also created personalized pieces of music for those who have been diagnosed with cancer, moving through major life transitions, experiencing menopause and desiring alternative solutions for wellbeing.

Robert is a transformational music artist and has music under the moniker “Evlov” is featured on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Pandora. His music is available worldwide and has albums available for sale in physical and digital formats.

To stream and/or purchase this transformational piece of music, visit the links below:


For more information about Robert Alexander, visit the links below:

Phone: 805-699-5298
LifeRhythms (Personalized Music & Private Support):
Evlov Music: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Mixcloud

Graphic Design:
Facebook (Personal):
Facebook (Professional):
Instagram: @inliferhythm

For more information about LifeRhythms Radio (guest spots, advertising sponsorships, partnerships, etc):
please contact Robert Alexander directly at
Also visit:, or call Robert directly at 805-699-5298.

Join the LifeRhythms Radio Community online:

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LifeRhythms Radio: Episode 30 – Surviving vs. Thriving – Featured Guest: Jason Boritz

Jason Boritz, Entrepreneur and Founder of Begnosis.

Welcome to Episode 30 of LifeRhythms Radio!

Are you ready to explore the power of the mind and our human ability to create inner transformation? Have you caught yourself between the lines of surviving and thriving? In this episode, Robert and special guest Jason Boritz connect on the powerful topic of Surviving vs. Thriving. Based in Los Angeles, Jason is an amazing entrepreneur and the founder of Begnosis. Jason will share more about his reasons for starting his company as well as his own journey with this weeks episode topic. You will hear his passion, enthusiasm and wisdom as he speaks and you will definitely feel motivated, empowered, inspired and comforted with the powerful what he shares. Jason will dive into the causes of depression, creating goals and reminders that will bring much ease to your human experience – whether you are surviving or thriving. Jason reminds us when you are creating, achieving and actualizing a goal, it’s all about keeping your focus on it and do not get let allow anyone and/or anything to get in the way of it. Indeed, this is definitely another LifeRhythms interview that you certainly cannot miss!

Also in this episode, you will hear a song from Evlov’s titled “Awaken the Flow”, as well as Jasons inspiration for choosing it. Jason also has two powerful offerings that are available for LifeRhythms Radio listeners! Yes! That’s YOU!! If you haven’t reached out to him already, please reach out and remember to redeem his special offers. Also remember to share with him that you heard his fantastic interview on LifeRhythms Radio and he will be more than happy to connect with you. If you haven’t heard his interview just yet, now is the time! Look for that little triangle at the bottom of the page and… press… play… now!

About Jason:

When Jason Bortiz found himself dealing with severe illness, seemingly overnight, he began to experience the faults in our current medical system. Jason had become infected with an acute form of Lyme Disease, turned chronic, and spent the next 5 years healing from illness and learning that the medical system was not equipped to deal with chronic conditions effectively. It was deep in this experience, that the idea of Begnosis was conceived. Begnosis, meaning ‘be knowledge’ in greek, is a health and wellness company, that is dedicated to preventing disease before it happens, and in helping those who are chronically ill, to heal. Jason conceptualized an algorithm, that would teach people of their current health state and of their specific disease susceptibility.

If people could have knowledge of their specific risks and disease susceptibility, and resources to address these risks or ailments, then a large need would be met, and ilness suffering could either be reduced or prevented. In current day, Jason is the lead in creating this health algorithm, that computes genetic data, lifestyle factors, and gut microbiome, to create a specific health assessment.

In addition to this health assessment, Begnosos will offer product and service resources for an individual to address their health needs. Begnosis currently offers a growing online disease database, to educate on various major diseases and will be opening a cannabis bar in West Hollywood in 2019.

Jason aims to be on the forefront in change of how the medical system deals with chronic disease, and also part of societal change in how individuals medicate in a public setting. His goals are to provide an efficient and revolutionary way to approach and manage disease. In all aspects of Begnosis, you can find resource to heal the body. It is because of Jason’s experience in illness, that he was able to create change in the way individuals deal with illness. He is an empowerer, seeking to shift disease management on a mass scale, with goals of future integration in the medical system.

For more information about Jason Boritz, visit the links below:


For more information about Robert Alexander, visit the links below:

Phone: 805-699-5298
LifeRhythms (Customized Music & Private Sessions):
Evlov Music: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Mixcloud

Graphic Design:
Facebook (Personal):
Facebook (Professional):
Instagram: @inliferhythm

For more information about LifeRhythms Radio (guest spots, advertising sponsorships, partnerships, etc):
please contact Robert Alexander directly at
Also visit:, or call Robert directly at 805-699-5298.

Join the LifeRhythms Radio Community online:

Instagram: @liferhythmsradioshow

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