cheryl_7_14_17borderThe tables are turned  in Cheryl Conway’s exciting new show!  She interviews Dr. Bunny after a half hour thermolysis treatment!

During the treatment Cheryl  removed a lot of white hair from Dr. Bunny’s lip and chin.  Dr. Bunny remarks how fast, easy, and painless the process was!   “You probably took 4,000 of them out of my face!” Success!

Highly trained, Cheryl moves quickly and with precision.  A flexible probe is used to reach the follicle.  It is cauterized and the hair is removed.  Thermolysis is very detailed work and the hairs can be very small.

The good news is the hair will NEVER grow back!

Cheryl makes sure things are safe and sterilized.  During the treatment, Cheryl wears, gloves, a mask and a special head-piece with a magnifier.  Everything is sterilized.  The probe is single use and the surgical tweezers she uses are specially sterilized as well.

Dr. Bunny is only slightly red after her treatment  – a little hydrocortisone cream was applied.  After a half hour the redness disappears!

Cheryl worked on Dr. Bunny’s eyebrows with thermolysis and makeup.  She applied mineral powder makeup finely matched to Dr. Bunny’s skin tone.  Cheryl talks about achieving balance for eyebrows and the whole face by carefully designed hair removal and makeup application.  The result is wonderful enhancing the color and shape of Dr. Bunny’s eyes, as well

Dr. Bunny asks about the white hair – Cheryl replies that a lot of things can cause excess hair growth including hormones, but no matter what causes the hair growth, the professionals at Hair Free  Forever can get rid of it – forever!

They make a lot of jokes about “killing hair” at Hair Free Forever – but the most important thing, Cheryl says, is healthy skin!

Hair Free Forever provides a life-changing experience!   Getting rid of hair overgrowth can free up your life.   Cheryl has clients who come to Hair Free Forever all the way from Los Angeles and Santa Barbara!

Listen to Cheryl’s new show for some more fascinating details on how Cheryl can help you or someone you know.

Cheryl trains new techs and employs 4 techs and 3 estheticians who work on skin care. Healthy skin is another priority for Hair Free Forever.

Consultations are complimentary with a 15 minutes hair removal appointment.  Consultations are comprehensive!

Listen to Cheryl’s show and tune in next week for more about thermolysis and how it can help you or someone you love.

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