CONWAY_patrice_borderThis week Cheryl Conway interviews Patrice Greenhouse, a clinical, medical aesthetician at Hair Free Forever.   

Cheryl and Patrice truly enjoy working together to enhance the benefits to their clients with the combined services of Thermolysis and Skin Care.

Hair Free Forever is dedicated to their clients and their clients’ quest for healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle.

About Patrice:

Patrice was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York!  Her roots are Russian Jewish and Sicilian Catholic.  After graduation from high school she went on to pursue a career in Dentistry as a RDA.  Realizing her passion for caring and giving, she progressed on to Cosmetology.  As the previous owner of three businesses in the beauty industry, she decided on Medical Aesthetics after learning from a French Dermatologist, Dr. Fam, who piqued her love for skin care and helping others.

As a licensed Medical Aesthetician and Cosmetologist for over 20 years, Patrice knows how to care for skin.  Previously owning the highly-regarded skincare business located in Ventura, Patrice stresses both professional and home care to keep skin looking and feeling its best.  With her creative diligent direction, Patrice is now collaborating with Hair Free Forever.

Since 1981 she has offered the highest level of consumer satisfaction and skin care standards for her clientele.  Each guest is treated with respect to his/her individual skin care concerns and the ultimate goal of finding the treatments that are right for their skin.  With her expertise in anti-aging, acne and product education, Patrice devises a personal therapy program for her clients with medical grade products and her state-of-the-art treatments.

Patrice’s mission is to continue to give her clients an enjoyable experience during treatments with the calming serenity of scent and sound, so that when you leave you are completely relaxed and satisfied.  Come in for a complementary consultation so you can begin and start to experience the therapies and treatments which will balance and enhance your mind, body and soul.  You will look as good as you feel.

Her passion for skin care and commitment to her clients’ needs has resulted in a professional nurturing service where you receive customize treatments that provide visible results based on your goals.

Patrice also cares for her clients by creating a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere with her wonderful sense of design and use of organic essential oils.

Patrice specializes in the following modalities:

  • Chemical peeling
  • PCA Peels
  • Ultrasonic
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Microcurrent
  • Oxygenating
  • Dermaplaning (exfoliates and takes hair off the skin’s surface)
  • led lights

Listen to this great new show for exciting details about the services Patrice offers at Hair Free Forever.

About Cheryl Conway:

Cheryl Conway has been using the Thermolysis procedure for permanent hair removal for 20 years. She studied and practiced in Philadelphia, working with The University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital. After relocating to Beverly Hills in 1997, she specialized in Eyebrow Design. With this expertise she will analyze and execute proper corrections to achieve the perfect shape for each individual patient.

Cheryl is also an Expert Consultant for the California State Board of Cosmetology and has her Teaching Credential in Vocational Education, Designated Subjects. She pioneered the creation of California first apprenticeship program for Permanent Hair Removal. She established the program with the help of the Division of Apprenticeship Standards and the Department of Education to teach students the highly specialized procedure of Thermolysis for permanent hair removal.

Thermolysis offers patients an FDA approved medically proven, safe and effective procedure for the permanent removal of unwanted hair. While some patients seek our services for purely cosmetic reasons, we receive many referrals from Dermatologists to treat cases of folliculitis, Endocrinologists for conditions that cause symptoms of hirsutism, and Cosmetic Surgeons for reconstructive surgery cases.

As a member of the American Electrology Association and the Electrologist Association of California she finds continuing education an essential part of practicing Permanent Hair Removal as an Allied Health Field.

Hair Free Forever is located at 4601 Telephone Rd #111, Ventura, CA 93033

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