“Our society is engaged in a great national debate.”  Dr. Bunny and Dr. J agree.  A comparative time, the 60s, was full of many conflicts and divisions.

Dr. J was less than 10-years-old but he remembers the shifts of society in his lifetime.

The first shift, the Great Depression, he remembers through his grandmother and her experiences. Affected by that traumatic event, she always saved half of her income up until the time of her death.

The second shift was the 60’s – with the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X.

The third shift was during Ronald Reagan’s presidency.  He fought communism and with that down came the Berlin wall.

The fourth shift was during Barrack Obama’s presidency – the best candidate for the job, President Obama was the first president of color.

“The American experience is a unique experience in human governance.”  Now, Dr. Bunny and Dr. J look forward to the next step.  Both agree it is the presidency of a woman.  They hope and pray that “whoever is elected is elected because they are the best person for the job, not because they are “a man, or a woman, or purple or green but based on their ability to lead our country.”

“We should try not to be tribal.”  Dr. J says.

Merits should not be overlooked:  The kernel of the difference between capitalism and socialism is, respectively, a system based on “obtaining rewards based on merits or attaining rewards based on participation.”

Tune into Dr. J’s and Dr. Bunny’s lively, eye-opening conversation for more fascinating details and stories.

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