Hi, it’s Dyanne and I’d like to continue with another show with my friend and Chiropractor, Dr. Brian Ross from Calabasas, CA.

Here’s Dr. Ross in his own words:  

DVK-Dr. Brian #2 show_borderThere are three causes of a fixation or a bone that has moved out of its normal position. That fixation can be virtually anywhere in the body.  It doesn’t have to be the back or neck or lower back.  It could be a shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee or even ankle and foot.

The first cause of a bone moving out of its normal position is stress.  Stress  may be coming from home, work, and school or even driving down the freeway in heavy traffic.  The stress hormone is called Cortisol which  tightens up the blood vessels in the body and causes an increase in blood pressure.

The blood pressure increase is to prepare the body for “fight or flight”.  Muscles become very tense and the tension can easily pull one or more bones out of its original position and can cause uneven alignment of the body.

The second cause of a misalignment is physical. For example cleaning out your garage, carrying heavy packages, bending or twisting   Also exercising too vigorously or performing exercises the wrong way.

The third cause is chemical.  Eating foods that have MSG like in Chinese food or processed foods that have a lot of chemical additives and preservatives.  These chemicals can cause muscles to contract especially if the body is out of alignment.  Chemicals can cause muscle spasms which can move a bone out of its correct position.  Chemicals can also trigger pain and inflammation.  The good news is that by getting your alignment checked on a regular basis by a chiropractor you can avoid the above conditions.

Whenever there is an injury to the body, the physiology of the repair of the body is always the same. This is represented by the “Three Phases of Care”.

Three Phases of Care:

The first phase of care is when you realize that you have been injured in some way.

The second phase of care is when the structure starts to come back  (bones that have moved out of position and start to realign with chiropractic care. This may involve the neck, back, shoulder, knees, ankle feet etc.) Bones will start to move back into their original position.  Ligaments normally hold the bones together also start to come back to normal position.

The third phase of care is the strengthening of ligaments and they start to hold the bones.  Muscles will then come back to their normal position.  Once you’ve gone through the strengthening phase your body will feel more powerful and will give you the most miles per gallon. The ability to optimize the bodies ability to function at a higher level.  The body has now repaired itself.

Postural correction:  When the neck goes forward from either an accident or working on the computer too many hours it reverses the curvature of the neck.  When the neck is straightened it is termed a reversal of the neck curve. This puts a lot of pressure on the upper back and you may wind up getting a Dowagers hump on the upper back. Postural correction can reverse this condition.

Structure leads to function.  One of the tools to reverse that situation would be a good foam cervical pillow such as a Tempur-pedic.  In order to use the pillow properly you have to set the foam up.  You have to roll the pillow three times in one direction and then three times in the other direction and the foam is ready for you to sleep on.  Your body heat will activate the foam.

Nutrition:  When you are going through a postural correction you need to support the body with proper nutrition.  Most commercial vitamins are synthetic.  The supplementation that I provide is a nutraceutical.  Medical foods that the body utilizes 100%.   With proper nutrition the body can manufacture all the cells that it needs to build replacement tissue.

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