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Hello from Dyanne~

I think Dr. Ross is so smart and he has helped me so much with my health~

Dr. Ross In His Own Words:

I have previously touched upon how important the body is and how important the health of the body is.  Treating the body well by providing the proper nutrients which become the building blocks that the body can utilize to rebuilding replacement cells and tissue.

Chiropractic has a wide range of applications for the improvement of overall health.  The integrity of the spine is paramount.  The curves in the neck, the curve in the mid and low back are extremely important to maintain as well as taking care of the discs between the vertebrae.

Overall the nerves that exit from the spinal cord will run every cell tissue and organ in the body.  For example, the nerves that exit from mid-back area help to run the liver, stomach, pancreas and kidneys.  It is important to make sure that the nervous system is connected to the body and the brain can read the signal from the body and send signals to run the body properly.

It is important to look at how you do things with your body.  Shoes are really important.   The positional sensors are most abundant in your ankles.  You don’t want to put too much pressure on the ankles because it can interfere with the brain knowing where the body is positioned.    High heel shoes tend to interfere with the ankles by putting them in a different position and can cut off that information to the brain.  Also it puts extra weight pressure on the foot which can over time cause bunions to form.  Good footwear is really important for overall comfort and health.

I am going to share with you a couple of patient stories that I have encountered in practice.  I do not claim to treat any particular condition or illness however I have been involved in treating several people with difficult situations that did reverse.

Christine came to my office with a lot of low back pain, hip and pelvic pain.  She wore very high heel shoes.  Her job was not the best for her as she was on her feet in these high heels most of the day.  I took x-rays and was able to see that her hip was out of balance.   One side was clearly higher than the other.  This put a lot of pressure on the lower back which was causing a lot of pain.  As a coincidence, Christine and her husband were trying to have a baby.  She had been to various fertility doctors and unfortunately they were disappointed.

Christine finished her care plan with me.  Her hips became level and her low back was moving normally and she went back to her job.  I received a phone call a couple of months later and she said “guess what?   I am pregnant”.  I congratulated her and her husband.  She asked me if I thought it was possible that the treatment could have helped with her pregnancy.  I explained to her that there is really no way I could take credit for her conception however the only thing I could really say is that if the hips are balanced that might make it easier for her to get pregnant.  She went on to have a very healthy baby girl.

I had another patient that had constant headaches for 8 years.  Her name was Sylvia.  Sylvia came in and she had upper back, neck and shoulder pain.  She had severe headaches.  I took x-rays and gave her a complete exam.  I determined that her neck was very straight and had lost its natural curve.  I put together a treatment plan for Sylvia and was in the process of treating her.  One morning after I had seen her the night before my phone rang first thing in the morning and it was Sylvia.  Normally when you get a call from a patient first thing in the morning after an office visit you question “what could be going on?”  Sylvia stated that she woke up and there was no more headache.  She was so excited she had to call me to let me know.  We followed the rest of the treatment plan and Sylvia is currently headache free.

Chiropractic can help in many situations. It also allows you to have full genetic expression meaning that the nervous system and the brain are connected and body is running at it’s optimum potential.  The cells are running as Mother Nature meant them to be.  By being out of pain one naturally looks healthier and refreshed due to the fact that the pain is gone.

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