Dyanne Van Der Kamp: My Journey To A Healthy Weight – My 4th Week!

My 4th Week:  The Underlying Causes or Reasons



Dr. Bunny and I discuss how I was ‘skinny’ for a minute.

I share with Dr. Bunny that I feel negative about being skinny because in the past, I considered myself to be conceited when I loved how I looked and felt when I was ‘skinny.’

I am remembering and talking about a lot of old memories and history that I kept pretty buried.

Also, I was molested by two older men.  I told Dr. Bunny that I was molested by two older ‘gentlemen.’

She told me that they were NOT gentlemen and we had a discussion about how I held that in my memory.

Being fat made me invisible and not prey to these predators or my feelings of being vain, but it also made me depressed. I no longer love myself because of how my extra weight makes me look and feel or the damage that it has done to my health.

I eat very clean. A doctor had introduced me to a book that was called “Wheat Belly”, and I learned to stay away from genetically modified foods (GMOs).

I think that if I can just change my mind with Dr. Bunny as I have done with my diet that I can be successful on my journey to healthy weight.

I think things are starting to ‘shift’.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

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