This Is The Fifth Interview With Dr. Bunny – Before my Third Hypnotherapy Session ~ 

dyanne-photo_5_borderWe discuss how I am transforming my mind. It is true that your thoughts are powerful and, when you think about something, you can change it.

I am happier now than I can ever remember.

I am eating very clean and almost no carbohydrates, religiously, with the exception of fruits and vegetables, since my body does not process sugar correctly.

I am making my own food and hardly eating out.

I always had a feeling of being overwhelmed and that is no longer the case. I have told the tennis players in my neighborhood that I will soon be joining them when the weather permits.

Dr. Bunny and I discuss past romantic relationships and how being fat always became an issue to men for me. (Here is a photo of me and one of my boyfriends from years ago.)

Dr. Bunny says that I have attracted this, and it has become my reality. Changing this mindset will affect my ability to transform myself on this journey to a healthy weight.

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