The Sixth Interview With Dr. Bunny – Before my Fourth Hypnotherapy Session ~

Cheetos_borderWe discuss how frustrated I am that progress is so slow after one month of dedicated effort on my part.

I remind myself that I am on a journey, so I need to enjoy it and not to just focus on the destination.

We discuss eating healthy salads and how Dr. Bunny makes her own salad dressing.  I joke with Dr. Bunny and mention that I eat salad just for the dressing.

She does not think it is funny.  She truly believes that eating healthy, whole foods is extremely important and wants me to understand that, so I can be successful.

Then, I confess that I eat 3 to 4 small bags of Cheetos per week from the vending machine at work, which are 310 calories per bag.

Dr. Bunny is appalled because Cheetos do not have any nutritional value whatsoever, and the calories equate to eating a small meal. I let her know that I account for those empty calories by not eating something else later, but Dr. Bunny still suggests that I need a healthy replacement for this crunchy, stress-relieving treat.

“Why Cheetos”, you ask, as my go to?  Because I am a stress eater, and I have told myself that the crunchiness and saltiness are comforting at those moments.

At work, I have gotten into this bad habit because something always happens to trigger this stress eating or at this point, it has just become habitual.

Dr. Bunny asks those who are listening to stay tuned to hear what healthy alternative replaces my addiction to Cheetos.

Here is the comparison between a vending machine sized bag of Cheetos, and a vending machine sized bag of Snyder’s Pretzels:

Here are the photos for calories of each:












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