Dr. Bunny And I Discuss In The 8th Interview –  How Important It Is To Love Yourself.

Dyanne_8_borderI mentioned that I must not love myself if I let my weight get so out of hand.

Dr. Bunny did not agree with me blaming myself, since this struggle happened long before I could really make that decision for myself.

I had told her that I was looking through old pictures in preparation for my father’s 75th birthday last week, and I had found pictures where I was much thinner, but I was still chunky in the legs and middle.

I told her that at this point I could not visualize myself being smaller, and if I couldn’t imagine it, how would I achieve my goal of a healthy weight?

I let her know that when she told me in hypnotherapy that my legs will be ‘long and slender’ that I could not see that image or feel it.

(Note from Dr. Bunny: What I actually said in Hypnotherapy was: “Picture and imagine your legs becoming more and more slender.”)

My thought process is to automatically self-sabotage. I told her that I had been in pain and had many issues that have caused me not to feel good for at least 12 years, which could be a contributing factor to my lack of desire to exercise and eliminate weight.

We discussed how this is all changing now with the hypnotherapy and chiropractic care that I am receiving.

I told her how I met my Chiropractor and his wife at my first open house for a home that I was selling.

I kept his card for approximately 6 months before making an appointment. I was extremely impressed with him from our first meeting, and I knew that I wanted to see if he could help me, but he was over 45 miles away.

After my first appointment one day, I was so impressed that I have been seeing this Chiropractor two times per week for about 3 months. I feel better than ever.

He will be a guest on the show, soon, to discuss my condition and educate listeners on how to take care of themselves.

Be sure to listening, next week (Interview #9) to meet Dr. Brian Ross.

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