Hi, it’s Dyanne and I’d like to introduce you to my friend and Chiropractor, Dr. Brian Ross from Calabasas to talk with you about how he’s been helping me. 

Here’s Dr. Ross in his own words:

DRROSS1_border2My story is from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (25 years ago)  I was in another job and  part of my job was to take measurements on buildings and  verifying the type of construction used in the building.   My job required that I take photos of the buildings.

I was using an older style camera with a view finder and was backing out into the street to fit the building inside the viewfinder and suddenly a car hit me and flipped me over the car onto the pavement and the driver took off.  I was taken to the hospital.

I had lost the feeling in my legs and the orthopedic came over to talk to me and he said I do not know I’m going to give you some medication and I’m going to have a neurologist also evaluate you.  Next  the neurologist saw me and he also said he did not know. The hospital sent me home with lots of medications on Workers Compensation and little hope.

I stayed down for 6 weeks.  So the next question was “what do I do now”?

My friends came over and dragged me kicking and screaming to a chiropractor.   The chiropractor explained that she might get back 80% of my feeling but couldn’t guarantee 100%   I said  “I am  yours”.  Nine months later all the feeling returned to my legs.

The chiropractor said, “You should do this”.

I knew I wanted to be able to give the same gift to others.   I returned back to school (at night) and completed pre-med curriculum and gained admittance to chiropractic school.  It took 10 years in total to become a chiropractor.  They say chiropractic is not a profession that you choose sometimes it chooses you.  I am different than most other chiropractors that are out there today.  The scariest day in my life was when the orthopedic and the neurologist both said “I don’t know”.  I will never forget that and it is served me well when I complete a history and consultation with a patient.  I know what it is like to be the patient.

I take no shortcuts I always spend at least 1 hour carrying out a complete physical exam on every patient.  I usually request a set of x-rays in order to see what is going on with the body structure.   I will find out what is going on with and will complete a full diagnosis along with a treatment plan to resolve the problem.

It is important to treat the body holistically.  I treat the whole body from the feet to the head on every visit.  This opens up the nervous system.  This allows the brain to reconnect with the bodies nervous system.  If the nervous system is relaying information to the body then the body can heal from the inside out.  Another interesting fact is  the nervous system runs the immune system.  If you have an open nervous system you will have an optimal immune system.  I always tell my patients that when they have an open nervous system “Your Power Is On!”

Dr. Brian Ross

Healing Compass

24007 Ventura Blvd. Suite 102

Calabasas, CA  91302

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