Dyanne_1_2_20_17_border2Hi, my name is Dyanne Van Der Kamp and I am first generation American born of Cuban parents, in California, in 1968.

I have achieved many accomplishments in my life such as graduating with a Master’s in Business Administration. I have had successful careers in banking, local government, federal government and, now, real estate.

I am passionate about life and sharing my knowledge and experience with others.

I am married to my soul mate, John, and I  share a beautiful home with John and our two canine kids for over 14 years.

Although I  have been blessed in all these successes, I  have struggled with my weight and do not feel healthy.

Now, I am honored to share my journey to my goal to a healthy weight and I invite you to join me in my journey.

Embarking On My Journey To A Healthy Weight 

In my first interview with Dr. Bunny Vreeland, we discussed my lifelong struggle with food and being at a healthy weight.

I explained that I have never been a yo-yo dieter, and only recall being on a diet, once, when I reached 199 lbs.

After learning to eat properly, I had reached 160 lbs within 3 months without exercise, by simply eating well balanced portions.

 Then, the Northridge earthquake struck and I lost my momentum and have never been at a healthy weight, since.

I lived in my family home very close to the epicenter. We slept in the car in the driveway for a couple days during the aftershocks because it was too scary to go in the house.

I feel that I have so many stories about my weight in my head that makes it nearly impossible for me to get rid of this problem, including the birth story that I shared. I was born 5 lbs 1/4 oz when I was born. My mother said that I didn’t want to eat and it scared her, how small I was.

She asked the pediatrician for assistance to fattening me up, and I believe she told me that he responded that she would regret it.

I have finally kicked the sugar habit that I had as a child and some of my adult life.  I eat healthier than I ever have, and I still haven’t been able to change my weight.  Join me on my journey with this new approach in meeting my goal of a healthy weight with Hypnotherapy.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Dyanne @ Cell: 805-717-9316

Email: Dyannevdk@gmail.com