Love and Math - E. Frenkel

Love and Math – E. Frenkel

Science By Number engages in probably one of the most unique interviews thus far with Mathematician, Edward Frenkel.  The backstory was that I, Jes, wanted to ask more unique questions since I gathered he had been interviewed once or twice before in his career’s life.  Half an hour before the scheduled Skype interview, I stumbled upon an incredible story.  It was Frenkel speaking about his college entrance exam in which he was denied acceptance despite the 4 hours he spent answering ridiculously hard math questions.  I urge to PLEASE listen to “The Test” from here, you HAVE to, its not a story you will hear often in your life.  The podcast begins with questions on childhood trauma, rising above adversities, and how love of math saved him and fuels his desire to be so open about his experiences.

This is part 1 of 3.  I could not find anything I didn’t want to share, we usually just do 2.  Not this time.

This is one of the more sobering interviews, and I am incredibly grateful to be on the receiving end of such an exchange.