Physicist Ethan Siegel is among the guests at MidSouthCon33.

The Awesome Ethan

Once Again, I gotta let Ethan just explain it himself  – OH – this is Science By Number with Jes and Jen, right!

But, once again, gotta hand it to Ethan as he walks us through what modeling a universe entails, where it flourishes, where it doesn’t explain, what it can and can’t achieve and why different parts work to explain different areas of our early universe.  Ethan then shares his book, Beyond the Galaxy, which is something he wrote when he realized a cohesive, concise, non-mathematical book that would still reach in depth, pictures included , on our universe , star clusters, the expansion, and much, much more , did not infact exist for the Astronomy 101 class.  (It does now, and reaches far higher levels while still staying palpable to any 101 class student)


So, via encouragement of his students, Ethan wrote THAT book and you can go check it out:


and here is World SCientific link for those curious to buy from there  –

Here is Ethan’s Blog as always, a pleasure to read!  (I’m guiding you in through since its a picnic for me if you enjoy sesarching other blogs as well which, I find, the more perspectives, the more well rounded we all can be!

Here is via Forbes  (yea, he writes for Forbes!)

Enjoy your stay – and as always, science on!

-jes and jen (or j squared)