Welcome to this week’s Farm Talk with Paul Ward.
Today, Paul talks about buying and selling with unpermitted structures. He related an experience he had with a former seller who had an incredible property – a beautiful Spanish Style home on 5 acres with a beautiful view, tennis court, swimming pool, guest house and all the bells and whistles. Also included were 16 garages and a guest house. That’s correct – 16 garages! However, it turned out that 8 of the garages and the guest house were constructed without building permits.
What would you do if you wanted to buy or sell the property?
Important questions you should ask:
1. If you already have property and are considering building or expanding, should you pull permits of not?
2. If you have fallen in love with the property that you are thinking about buying, should you buy that property it has unpermItted  structures?
WHAT it was surprising to learn that that the law about permit use did not ‘kick in’ until 1946. Anything that was constructed before that time is considered ‘grandfathered’ in.
Now, Paul has been asked to sell another property, which was built to code, without permits.
How is Paul going to handle it?
What is he going to tell his potential buyers?
What would YOU do in this situation?
Tune in and learn more!

About Paul:

For the past 17+ years I have specialized in selling country estates and ranches throughout Ventura County CA. This niche stems from my childhood, working long summer days on my grandparent’s citrus and avocado ranch near Santa Paula, just east of Ventura.

I love these types of properties, and it is my desire to help families, individuals and investors from all walks of life achieve their dream of owning a ranch or country estate.

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