On this week’s edition of Farm Talk with Paul Ward, Mary Elaine and Brett Baker join Paul to discuss The Patriot Advantage Personal Assistants, a service Paul uses and finds extremely helpful with his business.

Mary Elaine and Brett are the founders of The Patriot Advantage Personal Assistants, and they share the story of how they got started in the business, and what makes their virtual assistant company truly unique.

The Patriot Advantage can help with Business & Personal Administrative Services, Marketing Services, Lifestyle Concierge Services, Private Travel Management, Customer Support & Client Relationship Management. They also know that each person and business is unique, therefore all services are flexible and customized for you.

Tune in to learn more!

Signs you need the help of The Patriot Advantage Personal Assistants:

  • You desire more time to pursue your passions, focus on your goals, or simply relax.

  • You’re overwhelmed with your current workload but struggle with how and who to delegate tasks.

  • You spend hours in your inbox and you’re missing important calls, emails, and follow-ups.

  • You’re having trouble keeping organized, on task, and on-schedule.

A letter from Mary Elaine and Brett Baker:

Dear friend,

Our hope is that you are on this page not just to learn more about Patriot Advantage, but also and more importantly about who we are as individuals. We’re all familiar with the reality of modern life where the technology that makes us so interconnected also makes us feel isolated. Artificial intelligence is enabling machines to perform more and more complicated tasks, and consumers want goods and services at the speed of lightning, conveniences that come at a higher price than what’s on the tag.

We intended from the inception of PA to make sure we never let keeping up with this fast-spinning world take precedence over the importance of establishing close and valued relationships. To put it simply, we believe that values and people matter. We spend an average of a third of our lifetime working. Arguably, entrepreneurs spend more than that. Considering so much of our life is spent at work, we believe that time spent making personal connections will drive success – and give it meaning – every bit as much as getting the job done efficiently and well.

What we have achieved at PA, and strive to maintain, is an experience that combines the convenience of remote work with a culture that fosters empathy, respect, and a true investment in each other. Emotional intelligence, a true servant’s heart, and a genuine desire to see others succeed in life is something AI will never be able to touch.

What keeps us motivated each day are the stories of the relationships being built – stories of the hard work, skill, and attention that our team members give selflessly to make each entrepreneur feel cared for and valued in our hands, and stories of military spouses supporting their families and each other while investing in their entrepreneurs’ success.

We think matching people who know what it means to serve with people who know what it means to create doesn’t just make for better business, it makes for better lives. Will you join us on our journey? Our hope is that you will.

In service,

Mary Elaine and Brett

Contact The Patriot Advantage Personal Assistants

Also visit: https://www.thepatriotadvantage.com/

About Paul:

For the past 17+ years I have specialized in selling country estates and ranches throughout Ventura County CA. This niche stems from my childhood, working long summer days on my grandparent’s citrus and avocado ranch near Santa Paula, just east of Ventura.

I love these types of properties, and it is my desire to help families, individuals and investors from all walks of life achieve their dream of owning a ranch or country estate.

The Paul Ward Home & Ranch Selling Team is committed to the specific needs of every client we serve.

We understand that trust is built over time, not instantly.

Providing our clients with the tools they need to make an informed and conscientious decision is an integral component of our mission.  We act as trusted advisors while you, the client, are the ultimate decision-maker.

You can contact us at (805) 479-5004 or e-mail: Paul@homeandranchsellingteam.com

Also visit: https://somisrealestate.com , http://vclifestyles.com , and http://homeandranchsellingteam.com