Lisi’s got the ball on this

We had such a huge interview with Garrett Lisi that it had to come in two parts.  In part two, Garrett talks about his Institute, the Pacific Science Institute (PSI) that houses researchers for free in one of the best places this planet has to offer in terms of view, atmosphere, and serenity. Jenny christened it as a co-ed  Monastery for physicists, I seconded.

Besides telling us about Pacific Science Institute,  we also got to dive into the gritty parts of the why the system for physics students, or any branch in education for that matter, is so broken. With Fees and books and housing and cheap loans and scarce jobs it has become a nightmare to get that top education from that top school knowing there is little guarantee that a job will be available just to get out of debt. Garrett shares his experience, as odd as they are,
they have also opened the idea that students of tomorrow don’t have to do the things students of yesterday did.

By having the Arxiv, having the professionals be open to sharing instruction on a wider outreach,
the hopes for making virtual universities with digital texts and online discussions seem more solid
as more data gets shared. And of course, as per Lisi, the robots are all going to take over our jobs anyways.