musserWelcome, George Musser, to the show, Science By Number.  We had an AMAZING chat and got some serious concepts pulled apart and hopefully somewhat reassembled.  George came out with a book called “Spooky Action at a Distance” which was what Einstein had christened the strange phenomenon of entanglement.  The idea behind entanglement is that although two particles are being correlated they both have to be seen as ONE thing, one system.  Which makes no sense classically.  But on a quantum level, if we separate two particles, 500 meters apart, and a scientist performs a measurement on, the other particle, instantly is affected by that measurement.  Hence, “Spooky” and “Distance.”   I would’ve opted for Freaky Action at Distance, but that would run the risk of the book getting filed under Adult entertainment…I digress.  The point is well, George explains it much better, you’ll have to listen to the podcast.  I DO recommend getting the book, since he is a contributing editor for Scientific American, rest assured his books are nothing short of brilliant, and I can say this because I read the Idiot’s Guide to String Theory!  And even understood some of it.  Jenny read Spooky Action At a Distance and she couldn’t stop talking about, and it takes a lot to impress Jenny…a lot.  So, below are TONS of links.  links on quantum entanglement, link to buy the book, links on links, wait, what?

I hope you enjoy our conversation with George Musser half as much as we did, and coming up next and near is Ethan Siegel on Inflation, Expansion, Accelerating universe, Big Bang, Dark matter, Dark Energy, etc etc…nothing too heavy.

Quantum Weirdness Now a Matter of Time


George Musser

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