Lauren Swigert

Lauren Swigert

  Many people believe that finding the perfect home only happens in dreams or that its almost impossible to achieve. However, Lauren believes not only is it possible but there is even a protocol process to finding your dream home that is easy to follow!
  The most important thing to remember is that when purchasing a new home, with it comes the neighborhood, the shops, the people, and the atmosphere.  In order to achieve that ideal home, there are some tasks the buyer can do narrow down the selection so the realtor has a better idea of what the buyer is looking for. The most important being a non-negotiables list.  This list contains everything that the buyer absolutely will not negotiate in when purchasing the home.  It could be that the home has to be in a certain district, or the home cannot have stairs, or the home cannot be near, or must be near a park.  Any items that the buyer deems “not subject to change” goes on that list.
  This task alone helps immensely for everyone involved and even makes the experience of house shopping fun since the realtor already knows what to filter out before showing you new homes.
Another critical tool is that when the buyer tours the homes, to take notes because often buyers don’t see what they realized was a non-negotiable until they actually visited the home.  Ideally, to make this pleasant and efficient process for everyone, the buyer helps largely by being explicit to the realtor in what they want and what they don’t want.
  A final trick that almost everyone misses is to drive the neighborhood during different hours of the day, and different days of the week.  Act as if you are going to be living there, scope out the shopping centers, find the schools, the gas stations, the parking situations, the evening noise level of the neighbors,  all of this factors in to buying that ideal home.
So, yes! It can be done, and if the buyer invests a little effort, getting that perfect home becomes an enjoyable process for the buyer and the realtor.


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