Lauren_banner_croppedLauren Swigert answers frequently asked questions for her listeners.  It’s common for people who go from open house to open house to get overwhelmed without being able to decide which is the right fit.  The first thing Lauren Swigert stresses is to get a realtor, even if you know exactly what you want, there are a lot of things involved in the process of the transaction that the realtor helps mediate smoothly.  The realtor may also be able to introduce alternatives that weren’t previously considered.  Most important they help keep the client protected throughout the whole process, and give them the best experience they can get in searching for a home.

The next most important task is getting the list of non-negotiables and prioritizing the items on the list!  Sometimes you can’t get everything that you want…  Lauren Swigert talks about compromising and stresses that as a buyer, learning what is most important to you for your home helps everyone involved by leaps and bounds.  Organize your list so you have a solid idea of what you are willing to compromise on if its impossible for all of the demands to be met.

As a bottom line it really comes down to the buyer doing all of his homework which includes non-negotiables, prioritizing non-negotiables, driving the neighborhood at different days and times, checking out the local stores and businesses, and getting and idea of the atmosphere of the neighborhood and what it would be like to live there.  If all of this can be done, the process becomes more enjoyable and runs more smoothly for everyone.

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