Meet Cheryl Conway, Owner of Hairfree Forever, filling in for Dr. B. in the month of July.
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cheryl-show_borderWhat is it like to be free of unwanted hair forever?  It is FREEDOM! –  it is a RELIEF!  It is relief from having to tweeze, shave, thread and even laser, (which is painful, time consuming and limiting!)

Cheryl employs a methodology to remove hair called Thermolysis.  Thermolysis uses an alternating electrical current.  When it touches moisture in hair follicle, it makes heat and cauterizes the hair follicle.  Once treated, the follicle hair is gone forever.

At Hairfree Forever, They don’t use needles, they use probes which are flexible that makes sure the current goes into the root!

Some patients feel discomfort and others feel nothing.  With the first treatment and consultation, patients have a chance to find out their sensitivity level.  Pain and discomfort are manageable. Some people even fall asleep on the table!

Thermolysis is the only permanent hair removal method approved by the FDA.  It also works on all different hair types and works with all skin types.  This procedure works on small amounts of hair and large amounts of hair.

Women and girls suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)  have unusual facial hair growth and can be helped tremendously!  Hairfree Forever also works with men.  Men often have hair removed from their nostrils, ears, eyebrows, neck, and back.

Cheryl trains new techs and employs 4 techs and 3 estheticians who work on skin care.  Healthy skin is another priority for Hairfree Forever.

Cheryl is excited to be talking to YOU!  Get ready for more info about Hairfree Forever!  Her specialty is eyebrows… so stay tuned for the rest of July for more about eyebrows!

Consultations are complimentary with a 15 minutes hair removal appointment.  Consultations are comprehensive!

Listen to Cheryl’s show and tune in next week for more about thermolysis and how it can help you or someone you love.

Address: 4601 Telephone Road, Suite 111, Ventura 

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