47651_1457152267831457_321225293_nDon’t ask me how we got Ethan but we got Ethan, and wow did he do a bang up job, naturally, of course.  You can’t go wrong with Ethan.  Perhaps the most awesomest (it’s a word now) thing about Ethan is his die hard resolve to take science discussions out of the small room of academia and into the hot hands of the general public (Hey, we live here, we are a part of this cosmic fabric, we want to know how it works too!)  This is exactly where my vision for Science By Number and Ethan’s goals meet,  I wanted a show that breaks it down without dumbing it down, that presents critically and respectfully as many complex levels of physics, cosmology, astronomy, astrophysics, etc…as we could fit into 20 minutes and illuminate any and all who are curious,m and ideally get even more people curious, about this universe!  Don’t ask me about the other universe, let’s sort this one out first.

Ethan Siegel has the best blog I’ve ever read on uber hard material called Starts With A Bang,  he is writer for Forbes, here is the facebook page for it even!  And straight out of it are some achievements this guy collected with this blog:

“2010 Physics blog of the year from the Institute of Physics;

Charm Quark writing award winner from 3 Quarks Daily.”

So I am really just spit happy that he signed up to chatting with 2 girls from the physics arena on two pet peeve issues I’ve long wanted clear explaining to:

Dark matter vs Dark Energy and Expansion vs Inflation.

There is so much stuff on this just from Ethan’s blog I HIGHLY recommend visiting and searching for key words like Dark Matter, Dark Energy, etc.  Thank you again Ethan for Part 1 of the 2 part AWESOME talk and  STAY TUNED for next week as Ethan discusses how all this factors in to how scientists determine a model of the early universe.