Bram the pirate

The second installment – we always do this.   We tell ourselves, 17 minutes. That’s it!  And every time, the discussions get too interesting to stop mid-turn.  So here is part 2 with Bram who discusses the meaning of life and where a scientist can comment and can’t really comment in such matters.  Ideally, it’s no one’s place to say either way; Science and Spirituality cannot replace each other, and at best, can help each other.  This statement alone has yielded some heated discussions.  But the fact remains, caution is necessary when Science speaks of spirituality and when Spirituality speaks if Science.


I find no real reason that they remain mutually exclusive but this is only my opinion (Jes).

Along with that also comes Bram and Jes and Jen discussing the recurring theme of reaching across disciplines to better understand the universe (good luck to us all)

enjoytse 🙂