Me (Jes)

not me (Jen)

not me (Jen)

Today’s Science By Number, we, due to an interesting series of events on both of our behalfs with respect to being open-minded folk, have managed to attract lots of colorful ideas from lots of creative and interesting people.  In one of our many chat sessions, Jen realized how misconcepted some advanced amateurs and beginner science enthusiasts who were volunteering personal ‘Theories of Everything’, actually misunderstood or forgot some crucial foundational info on the ever critical scientific method.

 I on the other hand had learned to toss out the phrase “At best, we’re not even wrong” *look up for reaction, wait for any sign of recognition….waiiiiiit, bingo.* —  and used this to gauge which were long time blazing science warriors and which were new on the scene or not yet had their spirits broken in.

  Jen, being higher up on the totem pole as a PhD Candidate and current grad student in Kansas (I suspect she’s not in Oz anymore…) and being an adjunct professor at  Haskell Indian Nations University, I, little grasshopper Jes, soaked it all in, hopefully, like a sponge –

Enjoy Jen explain the more bizarre of phrases when she says “Jes, your not crazy, you’re not even wrong!”

Here is a link to the blog, Not Even Wrong,  which has a lot of great stuff in it, just don’t tell a string theorist you were there.

In the words of the Great Pauli –

Das ist nicht nur nicht richtig, es ist nicht einmal falsch!


Jes and Jen