Dr. Bunny is in for Dr. J today.  He is taking another pain management course in New York!  Dr. J and Dr. Bunny are doing everything they can to help people involved with the opioid crisis.

The following part of an article on opioid legislation was researched and written by Fran Kritz, veteran healthcare reporter.

Last week the Senate passed sweeping legislation to address the opioid epidemic, which President Trump says he will sign into law.

The bill, known as the Substance Use Disorder Prevention That Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment for Patients and Communities (SUPPORT) Act, tackles prevention, treatment, and recovery as well as enforcement. The issues addressed include the following:

  • It provides funding for research on nonaddictive painkillers.
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will be required to set rules that allow doctors to prescribe medication to treat addiction via telemedicine. That would expand help, especially to rural areas where it can be hard to access treatment for opioid use disorder.
  • It will fund early intervention for children who have been exposed to trauma. These children have been found to be at risk for opioid use disorder.

Addiction experts generally praised the bill. Kelly J. Clark, MD, the president of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, based in Rockville, Maryland, calls it “an important step in ensuring [that] individuals with substance use disorder are able to get the help they need.” Clark adds that “addressing the opioid overdose epidemic will require bold action, including a radical transformation of our treatment system into one that universally teaches, standardizes, and covers evidence-based addiction treatment.”

Listen to today’s show as Dr. Bunny sitting in for Dr. J who is in New York as she explores information on the opioid crisis and explains how she and Dr. J want to help. 

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When not with his patients, Dr. Ramirez Boden enjoys spending his free time with his wife and three children, kite surfing, and golfing. He is also a private pilot with over 500 hours flight time.

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