dr_joh_photo4_border2After much research and training, Dr. Johannes Ramirez has acquired Spectra Laser Technology!
THE RESULTS for his patients have been tremendously successful!  

Laser technology has advanced in a big way!  Spectra Laser makes skin healthier and more beautiful – it doesn’t hurt the skin, there is no pain, and works with many skin types – from light to dark.

Spectra Laser helps with all kinds of skin issues from teens to maturity!

Spectra Laser Benefits:
  • Removes skin damage from the sun.  (We all have skin damage of some degree  – especially in Southern California.)
  • Helps reduce wrinkles.
  • Removes and reverses acne, acne scarring.
  • Removes spots associated with aging, hormones, pregnancy.
  • Reverses scarring. 

Results are seen immediately and improve over 2-3 days.

It will improve your skin and does NOT cause skin damage.  That is why it is called the Hollywood Facial.

Listen to Dr. Ramirez’s new show for a case study of a 40-year-old man who now looks like a 21-year-old after one treatment that removed age spots and wrinkles!

Dr. Ramirez Describes The Process: 
  • A carbon-based solution is applied – (activated charcoal).
  • The solution is warmed up with laser. (“exploded”)
  • The carbon-based solution binds to the skin’s superficial layers. 
  • Laser light is applied and removes 20 microns of skin.

The process lasts from 15 to 20 minutes and doesn’t burn.  There is a slight stinging sensation.   The laser has adjustments and Dr. Ramirez will adjust it according to your type of skin, and the amount of sun damage you have.

You will enjoy a gentle massage for the duration of the treatment.

Dr. Ramirez, highly trained in the procedure, makes an assessment beforehand and always does a test to see how the patient’s skin reacts.  If there is a good response, then he proceeds with the treatment.   When used properly, the procedure is safe.

Spectra Laser can be done in combination with other treatments that Dr. Ramirez provides like Botox, stem cells, and microneedling.

You may need more than 1 session and touch-ups can be done, as well.

Dr. Ramirez calls this procedure “Rejuvenation without scars!”

Listen to Dr. Ramirez’s informative new show for a case study on a patient in her 60’s that experienced wonderful
results including reduction of scarring and melasma.

Contact Dr. Ramirez at (805) 485-8515.

650 Hobson Way, Suite 201, Oxnard CA

Website:  https://www.johannesramirezmd.com/

About Dr. Ramirez

Dr. Johannes Ramirez is a leading provider of obstetrics and gynaecology. He specializes in female reproductive health issues,
weight loss, and gynecological health issues as well as testosterone replacement treatment for men and women.

Dr. Ramirez has a Master’s in Physiology and Neurobiology and over 20 publications in print.  He has been a practicing OB/GYN
for 28 years and has the unique experience and qualifications which blend together to provide a cohesive approach to patient care.
He stays abreast of the latest developments in women’s health issues and renews his certification with the American College
of OB/GYN board annually.

The practice is committed to staying up-to-date with new developments in obstetrics and gynaecology and informing patients through consultation and regular educational seminars.  Dr. Ramirez can help with a variety of issues.  Dr. Ramirez and his staff are also dedicated to helping their patients lose weight in a way that takes into account their own personal needs and medical profile.

A physician-supervised medical weight loss program is the safest method for weight loss and maintenance.  The practice offers strategies and nutritional plans available only to medical doctors and provide results that no other program can duplicate.  The practice’s weight loss plans not only result in patients feeling better about their appearance but put them on the road to better health as well.

When not with his patients, Dr. Ramirez enjoys spending his free time with his wife and three children, kite surfing, and golfing. He is also a private pilot with over 500 hours flight time.Whatever a patient’s needs or concerns, call Women’s Care Center today for a free consultation. To accommodate the busy schedules of today’s patients, the practice also supports email and tele-medicine visits.