“The locals of Medellín, Colombia, joke that when God created the world, one of the angels asked him why he was putting so many natural wonders in one place. God replied, “It will even out. Wait till you see the character of the people I’m going to put there.” Self-effacement aside, among the people of Colombia there is a curious mixture of pride and bafflement, sorrow and theatricality, regret and resignation about their unusually bloody history—a history from which the country has not yet emerged. Violence and beauty intertwine in Colombia in complicated ways, just as the folk saying implies; that much I have learned during the many trips I have made there to conduct research and genetic testing on a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease.”


Kenneth Kosik

-Ken Kosik (Kosik’s piece titled “The Fortune Teller”)

Ken started out in the humanities, and migrated to the hard sciences, a story not unlike mine, and in the process of doing so has brought interesting perspective and light in the work he has done with Alzheimer’s disease.  He resides at UCSB as Harriman Professor of Neuroscience and here is a link to all of his adventures because I can’t do it fair justice;

Kosik’s Profile at UCSB

UCSB Tau gene Pathology studies and new technology that helps

I had a fascinating interview with him and completely forgot about introductions because I just like to jump right in, but here is today’s awesome episode as Science By Number continues exploring the brain.