Lee Smolin at Blackboard

Lee Smolin at Blackboard

“The theoretical physicist Lee Smolin is interested in the problem of quantum gravity of reconciling quantum theory with Einstein’s gravitational theory, the theory of general relativity, to produce a correct picture of space-time.  He also thinks about creating what he calls a theory of the whole universe, which would explain its evolution, and he has invented a method by which natural selection might operate on the cosmic scale.” – Lee Smolin, Stuart A. Kauffman ; The full article with Smolin on Edge.org)

Science By Number has Smolin walk us through the problem with Time, to Evolving Universes, to issues with the multiverse approach, to Space Dynamics…and this is just the first 10 minutes.

Smolin heads Perimeter Institute and is often noted as being the kind of hippie rebel of theoretical Physics.  This Time, Smolin has really gone out of the norm in his approach to fix time by considering a fundamental real evolving thing.  (I don’t even know if I got that right. I’ll have to listen to these things some day!)

We have some links that may help and this is a 2 part deal, though not consecutively, because we would like to mix things up a bit slightly.  I suppose in that sense we’ve already been influenced by Smolin after such a brief encounter.  We really enjoyed listening to Smolin lead us through is thinking trails as he described HOW he went about trying to resolve Time, The Landscape Problem, and his continuous work at Perimeter Institute.

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