Adam Fielding, Music Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Sound Designer and Noisemaker

Welcome to Episode 20 of LifeRhythms Radio!

In this episode, Robert interviews Adam Fielding, as they discuss the topic “Safe Space” – a conversation that many of you incredible listeners will automatically resonate with.

Adam Fielding is one of the most amazing and talented ambient music producers in the 21st Century. Based in the UK, Adam is a music producer, singer, songwriter, sound designer and noisemaker. Adam was kind enough to discuss the power of creating mental, emotional and physical “safe space”. You will hear his stories and experiences about the power of environments and how they can affect ones mental, emotional and creative wellbeing. I have a sense that you will truly identify with his stories. Many creatives, empaths and those sensitive to environments will definitely resonate. From listening to Adams interview, you will find that it’s not the space that makes the creative person – It’s what the creative chooses to do in that space. If you feel uncomfortable working in the space that you are in, it is a great idea to address what is taking place in your environment. At the end of the day, who are you choosing to surround yourself with to increase your creativity, productivity and greater wellbeing? What environments are we choosing to participate in to we be our best and to produce our best work. Are we dodging our true impulses when it comes to our environments? Do we resonate with our physical work environments? Wherever you are, know that you deserve to feel the way that you want to feel.

Also in this episode, you will hear a song from Adam’s album “Mesmera” (which was currently unreleased at the time of his interview) titled “From A Forgotten Past”, as well as his inspiration for choosing it. Lastly, Adam has an incredible offering that is exclusive to LifeRhythms Radio listeners (yes! YOU!!) and you will be very happy that you reached out to him and accepted his generous offer! Lastly, if you haven’t reached out to him already, please reach out to Adam and tell him that you heard his amazing interview on LifeRhythms Radio. If you haven’t heard his interview just yet, what are you waiting for? Press play now! Yes! At the bottom of the screen! Press… play… now!

About Adam:

Adam Fielding is a UK based electronic musician specialising in blending rich soundscapes with strong melodies to create music that is both diverse and accessible, while retaining a strong emotional undercurrent. 2008 saw the release of his debut album “Distant Activity”, in which Adam combined elements of atmospheric electronica with dance, shoegaze and symphonic sensibilities to create a unique musical experience.

Adam first started writing music at a young age in the mid-90s using a combination of an Atari STe and Protracker – free software released for the sole purpose of creating music on home computers. Although originally being more interested in computer programming than music, this dabbling with music would later go from being a mere hobby to becoming a passion for all things musical.

Although Adam’s earlier tracks were geared more towards industrial and VGM styles while taking an interest in metal and post-hardcore music, his style would later evolve to encompass a wide variety of sub-genres including dance, ambient, synthpop, downtempo, breaks and neo-classical styles while retaining his unique production style and melodic focus. While studying as a music production student at the University of Huddersfield, Adam began to experiment with incorporating vocals and guitar elements into his music proper, with the former becoming a key element in many of his songs.

Adam has also used his writing and production skills in other projects, including sound design and freelance composition projects for various companies as well as having his music licensed by various firms and individuals. Adam has also worked on various collaborations and remixes with other like-minded musicians.

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