Robert Alexander, Audio Alchemist, and Founder of LifeRhythms.

Welcome to Episode 11 of LifeRhythms Radio!

In this episode, Robert takes on both roles as host and guest and passionately speaks about “The Power of Personalized Music, Support and Healing”  – a topic that will open up a great deal of intrigue, resonation and empowerment for those who listen. Robert dives deep into the evolution of  LifeRhythms (his business), personalized support and the powerful effects of customized music and the healing that comes from support and personally tailored music. Robert will also talk about his process with Customized Affirmations, a unique LifeRhythms product and service that offers personal transformation and personalized support that provides incredible mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing for people who reside all over the world! If you resonate with music, self-discovery and innovative ways to help heal the mind, body and spirit, you will definitely resonate with this powerful episode of LifeRhythms Radio.

Also in this episode, you will hear Robert’s song selection from Evlov’s library titled “Wellness – Music to Recover From An Illness”, (written in 528 hz). Definitely be in touch with him after listening to the interview and he will be more than happy to connect with you. Robert is gifting the LifeRhythms Radio Community with a special offer from his business. Don’t forget to redeem his offer! You will be very happy that you did!

About Robert Alexander:

Robert Alexander is the founder and visionary behind LifeRhythms – a business that focuses on creating custom music and various services to help promote wellness, wellbeing and (individual and community) connectivity. As an Audio Alchemist, Robert creates custom soundscapes for coaches, healers, yoginis, hypnotherapists, Reiki masters and other practitioners for use in their offices and promotional media.

He also creates customized products and services to help individuals with their relationship with anxiety, PTSD, addiction, depression, insomnia and other physical, mental and emotional ailments that affect everyday moods and wellbeing – many of which are diagnosed with cancer, moving through major life transitions, experiencing menopause and desiring alternative solutions for wellbeing.

Robert is a transformational music artist and has music under the moniker “Evlov” is featured on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Pandora. His music is available worldwide and has albums available for sale in physical and digital formats.

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