Dr. Dolores Fazzino, (Doctor of Nursing Practice), Nurse Practitioner, Medical Advisor, Author and Founder of Recovering Healthcare

Welcome to Episode 12 of LifeRhythms Radio!

In this episode, Robert interviews Dr. Dolores Fazzino, (Doctor of Nursing Practice), Nurse Practitioner, Medical Advisor, Author and Founder of Recovering Healthcare. In this informative interview, Robert and Dolores will be talking about “The Roles of Feminine and Masculine in the 21st Century” – an fascinating conversation that leave you thinking and feeling a bit differently about both genders roles in present day. With passion and enthusiasm, Dolores dives deep as she talks about modern day gender polarities, the benefits of listening to your mind and body, integrating the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual and what she is doing with Recovering Healthcare, her business. Whether if you are male or female, this will definitely be an episode of LifeRhythms Radio that you will find absolutely fascinating.

Also in this episode, you will hear Dolores’ song selection from the LifeRhythms collection titled “Peaceful Rest During Cosmic Transition”, (written in 528 hz) as well as her inspiration for choosing it. Definitely be in touch with Dolores after listening to the interview and tell her that you heard her powerful interview on LifeRhythms Radio. She will be more than happy to connect with you! Dolores also has a very special offering that she is offering to you guys and you will be very happy that you have reached out to her!

About Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP, RN:

With over 40 years of nursing experience and having assisted in approximately 9000 surgeries, Dr. Dolores Fazzino knows what works to create positive outcomes for patients undergoing surgery. Gifted since she was a child with intuitive abilities, she’s always been on the cutting edge in her career. Dr. Dolores Fazzino (Doctor of Nursing Practice), Nurse Practitioner, Medical Advisor, and Author, is a distinguished pioneer and visionary bridging the world of spirituality and wellness.

Her company Recovering Healthcare, Breathes new life into patient wellness through Education, Empowerment, Compassion, and Connection and creates programs where there are “gaps” in the healthcare system. Two such programs are the Concierge Surgical Coaching program® and authoring a resource book called “HELP! How do I get the most out of my Healthcare Experience?”.

Always a visionary, she founded the Concierge Surgical Coaching program® to offer enhanced preparations to patients prior to surgery employing complementary and alternative therapies for a successful surgical experience and faster return to health and wellness for the patient. This kind of preparation is now commonly accepted as an adjunct to traditional surgery preparation today.

Entrusted as a surgeon’s right hand on complex procedures, Dolores has worked in the specialties of neurosurgery, orthopedics, urology and gynecology using minimally invasive and robotic techniques as an assistant surgeon.

Dolores trained at the prestigious Yale New Haven Hospital, where she worked under the revolutionary Dr. Bernie Siegel, an international expert and surgeon in the field of cancer treatment and complementary, holistic medicine, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

She earned a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in 2008 from Case Western Reserve University, one of the top nursing programs in the nation. Again on the cutting edge, Dolores now takes us beyond the mind-body paradigm to include spirituality in health and wellness.

Her books “HELP! How do I get the most out of my healthcare experience” is a must have resource book to assist people to maneuver through the healthcare system, and Spiritual Wellness For Life share stories about those “Aha” moments that change your life forever, are available through her website www.RecoveringHealthcare.com/books

Dr. Fazzino resides and has a virtual practice in Encinitas, CA.


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