Timothy Gay, Theta Healer & Musician

Welcome to Episode 22 of LifeRhythms Radio!

In this episode, Robert interviews Theta Healer and Musician, Timothy Gay and they openly discuss  “Allowing Yourself to Be Seen” – a conversation that many of you listeners will easily identify with.

Timothy Gay is a Theta Healer, Musician and an extraordinary creative based out of Reno, Nevada. As he speaks about his chosen topic, Timothy truthfully reveals his personal and professional experiences about his own visibility. You will hear about his past, present and future and how Theta healing has been a huge catalyst in his life to create the changes that have been most desirable to move forward. You will definitely feel Tims passion, energy and vulnerability as he shares his wisdom, experiences and insight on his own visibility. You will also witness his passion and desire to continue to reach and assist others with The Invite Transition, his Theta healing business. By being willing to dive into your past and embrace your current circumstances, it is absolutely possible to create a present and future reality that is most desirable for your own greater good.

Also in this episode, you will hear a song from Rare Standard (Tim’s audio project) titled “It’s Been Too Long”, as well as his inspiration for choosing it. Lastly, Tim has an amazing offering that is exclusive to LifeRhythms Radio listeners (yes! YOU!!) and you will be very happy that you reached out to him and accepted his generous offering! Lastly, if you haven’t already reached out to him, please reach out to him and share that you heard his amazing interview on LifeRhythms Radio. If you haven’t heard his interview just yet, what are you waiting for? Look for that little triangle at the bottom of the page and… press… play… now!

About Tim:

Timothy Gay is a Musician and Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner®. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Timothy’s natural gift was music which he excelled with as a vocalist and saxophonist. He has studied and performed with Detroit legends including late great trumpet player, Marcus Belgrave. In 2010 he formed the modern jazz band Rare Standard, which he performed with at the 2013 edition of TEDxDetroit.

Timothy struggled with suicidal depression from a young age as a result of being heavily teased and bullied in school. Being a seeker, Timothy researched many holistic tools from meditation to energy work but always found himself going in and out of depression. In 2013, he received a last minute invite to meet a ThetaHealing® practitioner and was immediately touched by how in depth the modality worked in a short amount of time and decided to work with her. Through a couple sessions, she helped Timothy to heal from his suicidal depression and from that moment, Timothy decided to learn ThetaHealing® to further help himself and others from similar emotional and other traumatic challenges. That year he founded The Infinite Transition to help guide people through the many challenging moments of their life’s journey and to help them heal, thrive, and live their organic truth.

Currently based in Reno, Nevada, Timothy uses his gifts of music and ThetaHealing® to live his own truth and to help others do the same. As an empath, he works with others like him and beyond to heal from old limiting beliefs and trauma and to reconnect to their truth. Timothy believes that we are all infinite beings and that infinite-ness is where we come from and what is used to propel us forward through life with our gifts.

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