Bryan Hayes is an international commodity broker whose commodity is people.

Welcome to Episode 28 of LifeRhythms Radio!

In this episode, Robert and special guest Bryan Hayes connect vulnerably, openly and deeply about the Feast of Happiness. Bryan Hayes is an international commodity broker whose commodity is people. Have you considered using happiness as a resource for healing? Have you thought about the power of happiness and what it can do to change your life? Look no further! Through storytelling and through suggestion, you will find how powerful happiness truly is. You will hear Bryans passion, intention and enthusiasm when it comes to serving others and creating a difference in humanity. Indeed, this is definitely another interview that you cannot miss!

Also in this episode, you will hear a song from Evlov’s collection titled “Coming Through to the Other Side”, as well as Bryan’s inspiration for choosing this powerful track. Lastly, Bryan has two incredible offerings that are available just for YOU! If you haven’t reached out to him already, please do so and share that you heard his amazing interview on LifeRhythms Radio. If you haven’t heard his interview just yet, now is the time! Look for that little triangle at the bottom of the page and… press… play… now!

About Bryan:

Bryan Hayes’ gift to the world is his unique perspective.

He is here to simply enjoy not only this life, but this moment, because everything that is – is here in this moment.   Bryan’s focus is love, which is simply absence of fear, and seeing everything and everyone as being in aligned order

For about 3 years, he has worked as a professional actor including over 50 some local and regional commercials. He is an avid amateur photographer, offer customized guided meditations, past life regression, and an avid student of sacred tantric studies.  In the professional world, Bryan is an international commodities broker as well as serve large commercial property owners by increasing their cash flow, and not only do the same for car dealerships but also increase their net profit as well.

Bryan’s published writing includes:

“It Begins Within” from Chicken Soup For the Soul – Stories For a Better World and contributing to the “Living Green” section of the website

Below is a writing sample from a recent “Bryanism” he wrote during the last weekend in September, 2018:

What if…

Today is exciting NOT because it is Friday?

Today we make a difference in someone’s life NOT out of anything gained in return or because they are seemingly worthy of our love?

Today we smile the second we open our eyes NOT for any particular reason at all?

Today we open our hearts and minds NOT to impress anyone or to conform to anyone else’s expectations?

Today we do NOT talk negatively about anything or anyone just for one day?

Today we break one habitual pattern NOT out of fear but rather out of love for self and others?

Today we touch someone whether it be a touching voice of encouragement, a hug, a helping hand, or to simply listen to someone embracing their vulnerability and NOT need to save them but rather to meet them where they are at without judgment or preconceived notions?

Today we encourage diversity of thought, opinion and faith and NOT think everyone must believe the same as we do?

Today we create something new NOT because we have to but because we want to?

Today we cut the cord of just one entity that is no longer serving our higher good NOT out of anger or frustration but rather out of authentic love, compassion and kindness?

Today we follow our own bliss and NOT follow the crowd when that crowd is not going in the direction of our joy, peace, or happiness.

Today we allow ourselves to fall in love NOT necessarily with another beloved but rather to embrace the beloved within?

Today we let to go of expectations of others NOT because we lower our standards and boundaries but rather we increase our level of awareness that everyone is doing the best they can just as we are doing the best we can in this moment?

Today we give thanks and NOT take this day for granted?

Today, I share this with you because no matter where you are in the world and no matter what you are or doing (or not doing),  you my friend, do matter NOT for any reason other than we are all connected, and are all in this together.

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