Allanah Hunt, Heart Centred Virtual Business Coach and founder of Power & Freedom

Welcome to Episode 6 of LifeRhythms Radio!

In this episode, Robert interviews Allanah Hunt, a remarkable Heart Centered Virtual Business Coach and founder of Power & Freedom. In this powerful international interview, Robert and Allanah will be discussing the topic of “Inspiration and Solo-Preneurship”. Through a touching and relatable story, Allanah shares an insightful perspective about the modern day solo-preneur. Also in this episode, Allanah offers the LifeRhythms Radio Community valuable insight, wisdom and motivation and by sharing about the magic of inspiration by taking action with intuition and connectivity.

Lastly, you will hear Allanah’s chosen song selection (Prosperity Song) and the inspiration behind it. Please remember to be in touch with her after listening to the interview and tell her that you heard her interview on LifeRhythms Radio. She will be more than happy to connect with you and offer you something special that is truly unique to each of you!

About Allanah Hunt:

Allanah Hunt is an author, founder of Power & Freedom and a strategist and coach for heart centred virtual entrepreneurs. As an inherently creative person, Allanah worked for many years as a designer and project manager. She moved from her birthplace in Auckland, New Zealand to Cambridge, England eight years ago after she lost her design business in the Global Financial Crisis. With much of her family still based in New Zealand, Allanah set out to build a flexible and sustainable life for herself.

She spent over 3 years investing in and educating herself about how the world of online business worked and has not only built her own personal development brand but now brings her existing skills, together with her 3 year learning journey, to empower and coach healers, hypnotherapists, coaches, artists and other personal development specialists to build virtual businesses that reach people in all corners of the world.

Allanah has clients in many countries and time zones including United States, Europe, Australia and UK and travels regularly between her current home in England and her family in New Zealand. The flexibility she has created in her life and business mean that she is always accessible to her clients and can work wherever she happens to be.

She also works to demystify the sometimes challenging technical aspects of running a virtual business through her growing library of training videos and resources. Her aim is to provide a complete service for her clients where they can not only discover strategies and systems to streamline their businesses but also to learn exactly how to put those strategies and systems into place.

As a writer, Allanah works closely with her clients to help them clarify their message and provide a communication framework to reach those they want to help. She is passionate about helping people help people to heal their lives and find the power and freedom they seek.

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