Matt_uniform_borderIn his illuminating new show, Matt bridges the two worlds of military and civilian law.  He tells us about the similarities.  For example, the hard facts:  Criminal acts are recognized everywhere – some are rape, battery, murder.

Yet, he says “There are big distinctions between the military and civilian world and they don’t understand much about each other.”

For instance – unauthorized absences:  In civilian law, if one doesn’t show up for work, he or she gets fired.  Conversely, when a soldier or sailor doesn’t show up for work, they may spend years in jail depending on circumstances.

The Uniform Code of Military Justice is the law that governs active duty soldiers and sailors and it is a different experience representing a person in the military… there are different demands on military families.  Matt understands this.  His father was in the Coast Guard for many years and retired at the time Matt became an attorney with the Jag Corp (Judge Advocate General’s Corps).  Essentially, Matt has had a lifetime in the military.

He also understands that civilians have little contact with the military in everyday life.  The overlap is often difficult and contentious and military personnel have to deal with a world that doesn’t understand them.

This life and job experience gives Matt a unique set of skills and an advantage over typical attorneys in helping people in Ventura, Santa Barbara and L.A.  Counties.  With his knowledge and experience, Matt can effectively be a bridge of communication between the two courts.  Bromund Law has that expertise to offer military families with someone in active duty.

In his illuminating new show, Matt cites the Lautenberg Amendment as a striking example of disconnect between the civilian and military worlds.  Written by Frank Lautenberg, the law makes it illegal for a person convicted of domestic violence to carry a firearm.  This works well in civilian law but creates big problems for military families.  If a soldier is not allowed to carry a firearm, he or she will eventually be processed out of the military!  This loss of work and income creates great hardship for the family and has led to a reluctance of military families to report domestic violence.  In an attempt to work around this amendment, the Marine Corps now defines their weapons as something other than firearms!

When Matt goes into a courtroom in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles, he knows more than the typical attorney and the courts know that! 

Listen to Matt Bromund’s fascinating new show to learn more about military and civilian law, its history, and how the Bromund Law Group is helping forge a path of understanding  between the military and civilian worlds in Ventura County.

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