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Matt’s show today is the first in a series of programs relating to comments of listeners like you!

More and more our world is becoming one governed by law.  What is necessary for something to be criminal?  What does it mean to comply with the law and what is it to commit a crime?

Mens rea is the intention to do something not good for society.

Today Matt focuses on the 2nd component of criminal law:  Actus reus. “Action or conduct that is a constituent element of a crime.”

What sort of acts form the basis of a criminal violation?

  • A thing we do that just affects ourselves.
  • A thing we do that affects people close around us.
  • Acts that affect the broader town we work in:  When you steal something, or deface something  – that affects society. Graffiti is an example of this act.
  • Acts that harm greater society’s ability to relate to each other.  Examples: Spreading lies about someone else or destroying a bridge.
  • Acts that harm a structure or system that is harmful for society as a whole:  Examples: Treason, assassination, terrorism.

Each category has a different history determining how much one can do without it being criminal.

Listen into Matt’s fascinating show and find out more details and the history on what determines a violation of the law and how that relates to you, your family, and your community.

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